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  1. Welcome to the Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas. The Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas is celebrating its five year anniversary in 2020! A fiber mill specializing in custom processing of high-end natural fibers, we process alpaca and other natural fibers into batts, roving, felted sheets, and core spun yarns. What We Do Th
  2. Will core spin alpaca into rug yarn & knit garments from your alpaca yarn. Sweitzers Fiber Mill. 9490 South Road, Seven Valleys, PA 17360 (717)586-8985 : www.sweitzersfibermill.com. info@sweitzersfibermill.com. Processes a lot of alpaca from breeders in the PA, MD area. Good reputation. The Arks Mill. 44 Alpenland Drive Cleveland, GA 30528 (706.
  3. Welcome to Crossed Arrows Alpacas & Fiber Mill. Shearing Day is April 26th & 27th. We can not wait to show our customers the amazing things we will be using the fiber for
  4. Our own production spinning mill of 100% Pure Luxury Alpaca We produce very meticulously our 100% alpaca knitting yarn for our shop or for the manufacture of our own limited edition fabrics. Thanks to its superior quality, we also supply several textile designers and private customers in different countries: Europe, China, South Africa, Qatar.
  5. We try to maintain a complete and current list of mills that accept alpaca fiber for processing. If you know of any changes we should make to the list - either to add a mill we have missed or to delete a mill that is no longer operating - please send us an email.. At the bottom of this page you'll also find a list of co-ops, fiber pools and custom fiber artists
  6. 100% alpaca or llama, or blends of these fibers with less than 15% wool added, add $5.50 per pound. The reason is alpaca and llama take about twice as long to card and pindraft as other fibers, unless at least 15% wool is added. Alpaca and llama with at least 15% wool added is charged as a regular exotic, $3 per pound added to spinning.
  7. Our mill is mainly specialized for alpaca fleece, but we contract processing another fleeces too: llama, camel, goat, sheep, rabbit, ect. We get through the cleaning of raw fleece and carving for the roving or batts with modern materials. On special request we could take it with traditional spinning wheels to keep the yarn's naturalness

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Willow Creek Fiber Mill is a family owned business located in Estes Park, Colorado. We provide custom processing of wool, alpaca, mohair, and exotic fibers. We provide washing, picking, carding, pin-drafting, and spinning services. We will help you turn your beautiful fibers into high-quality yarn, roving, batts, or cloud Welcome!Rach-Al-Paca Fiber Processing has been developed specifically to meet the unique qualities of fine fibers. We have designed the equipment to process your fleece with minimal damage and loss, and are able to return a superior quality roving or yarn.Though we began processing mostly alpaca, we have expanded our expertise to fine wools, mohair an New Era Fiber specializes in processing Suri and Huacaya alpaca fleece into luxurious, eco-friendly yarn and garments. The soft and light feeling of our products is the result of our commitment to carefully managing every step of our manufacturing process to ensure product excellence while keeping the environment in mind Our spinning mill For 6 years, we have been working on the most beautiful alpaca fleeces and obtain a high quality yarn thanks to our selection and processing technique. Our process, although assisted by machines, remains artisanal and each production is unique Worsted alpaca processing. two rivers mill is a small-scale worsted mill in Dorset, England, owned and run by Phil and Dani Allen.. We turn alpaca fleece into high quality yarns for hand and machine knitting and weaving

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Many of our alpaca yarns and alpaca rovings are made in our fiber mill from our own alpacas. There is an array of natural colors as well as a variety of hand dyed and hand painted yarns to choose from. We are suppliers for Schacht Spindle Company, Jacquard acid dyes, Bosch mixers and NutriMill grain mills East Anglia Alpaca Mill is using bespoke machinery designed specifically for alpaca fibre to enable specialist spinning whilst providing more cost-effective processing, superior quality end products and significantly less waste (our lowest loss to date has been 0.03%) proving that 'The proof is in the processing' The Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill is a boutique spinning mill operated by husband and wife team Nick and Isabel. The mill was established in 2015 to make use of the alpaca produced on our own farm with a subsequent expansion of our operations We mill natural fibers for customers all over the world. Our small batch processing is done with care and craftsmanship. We're universally referred to as a wool mill, but we specialize in wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, and angora natural fibers Hand spinning The oldest and most traditional method of turning alpaca fibre into yarn is hand spinning. Alpaca is a very attractive fibre to the hand spinner as unlike sheep's wool it is a dry fibre, containing minuscule amounts of lanolin and so can be spun straight from the fleece without the need to scour

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  1. We specialise in spinning alpaca fleece but we also process wool, especially from rare breeds, and other fibre-producing animals including llamas and angora rabbits. We can process any quantity from a single fleece upwards. We also blend and dye fleece, and for something extra-special, we can produce handwoven textiles from your fleece
  2. Columbia Custom Carding LLC is a fiber mill. We are located in Deer Island Oregon. We will process your raw fiber. We offer the following services for wool, alpaca, llama, angora and mohair fibers: Scouring, Tumbling, Picking/Opening, Carding Pin Drafting, Blending, Spinning, and Carded Batt
  3. Alpaca Woollen Mill . Nestled between rolling hills and fern lined valleys in a place where time stands still, Fibre Naturally is expertly weaving the past and present together. Our boutique alpaca woollen mill combines modern technology with new world alpaca fibre. Here, three generations of family work side by side to process luxurious alpaca.
  4. As the smallest large spinning mill, or possibly the largest small spinning mill in the world, we are uniquely able to provide a wide range of processing services and support to help our customers add value to their wool, mohair or alpaca. The pages you can access from here describe our history, team and values all of which are closely related.
  5. Since 2005 we have been growing our alpaca farm business. Since 2009 we have been processing alpaca fiber in our on site Fiber Mill Our current herd size is 60+ and is a mix of Huacaya and Suri Alpacas. We also have chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, a few Pygora and Fainting goats, 3 friendly horses, Great Pyr. livestock dogs not to forget Bo and Magie our friendly farm greaters
  6. Welcome to Clivewood alpacas shop. Here you will find beautiful hand woven and knitted products made from our own herd of alpacas. The yarn used from our alpacas is also spun on the farm so we can go from field to finished product with no extra miles added on

The Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas is set up to card for natural fibers specifically for hand-spinners and felt-makers. The mill has a boutique of fine products on-site. The boutique offers handmade fashions, as well as, designer-made pieces. Future plans include more production, as well as classes in spinning, felting, weaving and knitting Businesses that process alpaca fleece: Because many of our Association members have coloured animals, we have listed a large number of businesses that process Alpaca Fleece into different stages of the manufacturing process. North Island Spinning Mills. Design Spun, Napier. Being one of the larger processors they require volumes of 300 to 500.

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The Mill provides retail services, consignment opportunities, and a cozy space for knitters, spinners, and fiber-folks to gather. Please call first if you are driving a distance so we are sure to meet you. If the store doesn't appear open, be sure to come around to the side door to where we are milling Gray alpaca fiber roving for hand spinning, felting, crochet or knitting poppycreekfarm. From shop poppycreekfarm. 5 out of 5 stars (128) 128 reviews $ 22.00 FREE There are 392 alpaca mills for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.81 on average. The most common alpaca mills material is alpaca. The most popular color? You guessed it:. Three Points Fiber Mill Transforming fiber into custom yarns, rovings, batts, & felted fabrics Fiber Processing Specializing in alpaca, angora goat mohair and sheep's wool, our mill processes fiber and produces yarn, roving, batts, and felted fabrics for small farms across the country. Alpaca herd services We'd love to have the opportunity to share our Home Read More The mill mostly processes alpaca, but also processes other fibers including: wool, mohair, angora, and cashmere. The mill has been operating for 10 years and with time and experience we are better at producing an outstanding product

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Processing Alpaca Fiber & Spinning Alpaca Yarn in Pennsylvania. The next step for the alpaca fleece could be: sold to hand spinners, sent to the mini mill to be processed into yarn, roving, or batting. Or processed here at the ranch. Carding By creating an account on our website, you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an orders status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made

Olympic Yarn and Fiber Mill. Specializing in Alpaca and Alpaca blend Yarns. Olympic Yarn and Fiber. PO Box 708 1101 1st Street Cosmopolis, WA 9853 Wool 2 Yarn textile mill processes alpaca cashmere wool to yarn and knitwear. Australian fibre, made in Mornington Victoria yarns knitwear scarves garments. Free Shipping within Australia for orders over $50.00. Free Shipping for orders over AU$200 to UK, Europe, Canada, United States, Japan and New Zealand. Please select your currency to sho We are a mill, as well as a supply store for all your spinning, weaving, felting etc supplies. We carry LeClerc, and Ashford equipment, Brassard weaving supplies . AND of course our own line of roving and yarns from our alpacas and locally sourced wool and mohair. aandbfiberworks@gmail.co Spinning a single of alpaca and one of wool then plying the two together makes a nice woollen yarn. Wool can also be added to alpaca using handcarders or a drumcarder. Blending 10%-30% mohair will make a lofty yarn and give it a fuzzy look. Silk lightly carded into the alpaca will add sparkle in your yarn. Angora rabbit wool with alpaca makes.

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The mill produces 100-150 lbs of artisan quality natural-colored and dyed semi-worsted yarn daily using refurbished traditional milling machinery. Since its founding, Battenkill Fibers has grown to provide 15 full-time and part-time jobs and was recognized as Washington County Small Business of the Year in 2015 Most of the fibers we use — alpaca, mohair, wool, TENCEL®, and organic cotton — are grown in the United States. We make every effort to purchase directly from individual growers. Unlike most commercial mills, the Green Mountain Spinnery uses no chemicals to bleach, moth-proof or shrink-proof yarns Spring Harvest Fiber Mill, Amboy, Washington. 813 likes · 27 talking about this. Open by appointment only. No tours or retail available

Her mill does not use harsh chemicals to process the wool. 3-17-14 The lesser box with the silver Romney wool in it weighed 4 pounds, 8.2 ounces. It was a bit of a challenge to spin wool on the Louet after spinning alpaca with the traditional, because the wheel ratio and treadles are very different Welcome to Shenandoah Fiber & Mill! Our luxurious 100% alpaca yarns come from our own herd and are blended in our private mill nestled on 175 acres in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, our sanctuary and our home. We ensure that every yarn is linked to the alpaca that produced the fiber and we use only environmentally safe practices in our mill The spinning zone inserts the twist into the yarn and is a function of the bobbin speed in relation to the delivery speed from the drafting zone. The yarns are then plied and steam set. The final product of the mill is a cone of yarn or a skein, which is produced on a winding reel. To give folks an idea of preparing for processin UK Alpaca is a family business run by Chas Brooke and Rachel Hebditch from our farm in Devon. We have 100 pedigree alpacas on farm and buy fleece clips from over 120 other alpaca farms in the UK. The fleece is hand graded and classed by us on our farm before being sent for processing to our yarn specifications in and around the Yorkshire Area Let Us Spin and Weave for You ! We can help you get a higher yield from each clip by using your lesser quality wool to be spun into a bulky type yarn. 2nds (hip, shoulder, lower neck) & GOOD 3rds (apron, britch, upper leg) from alpaca/llama can be spun into our Core-Spun Yarns as another great product. We can change your Core-Spun Yarn into beautiful loom woven rugs, table runners, place.

A Spinning Peddler's Fiber Mill Alpaca is a renewable resource just like wool and is replenshed every year. The fiber is sheared off the animal like sheep once a year in the spring. Except for Suri fleeces which may be sheared every other year or every two years We will take your lower quality fiber and turn it into beautiful cotton core rug yarn, using the natural colors of alpaca and enhancing it with subtle or bright colors of hand dyed alpaca fiber and dyed bamboo fiber. This yarn can be woven or felted into beautiful rugs and household items Freelton Fibre Mill is located in West Flamborough between Hamilton and Guelph with its owner Ute Zell. Ute has over 40 years of knowledge in hand spinning and utilizes the excellent mini mill machinery, which is very multifunctional. This combination is capable of producing specialty yarn that you never would have dreamed of Spinning . Spinning yarn is the process by which fibers are drafted out (drawn out) from roving into a thinner diameter while twist is simultaneously applied. The amount of twist and how thin the fibers are stretched depends on the desired weight of the end product After 60 days the fiber will be property of Alpaca Pines LLC. Fiber will be shipped UPS ground paid by the customer. Any blending with fiber call for pricing. (815) - 292 - 3222 Fiber will be shipped on cones unless otherwise ordered for skeins. Washing / skein winding: $1.00 each Fiber Sheets: $10.00 each sheet plus processin

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C&M Acres Alpacas and Fiber Mill, Maxwell, Iowa. 983 likes · 108 talking about this · 145 were here. C&M Acres Alpacas and Alpaca Product Alpacas, Weaving, Knitting, Spinning. Welcome to North Brook Farm Alpacas! Established in 1997, North Brook Farm is a small alpaca farm, located in Central Massachusetts. Our focus is to bring you quality USA made alpaca garments and housewares, some hand made, others produced by our local co-op 1. Alpaca Yarn. The first and most obvious thing to do with fleece is to have it spun into soft, beautiful yarn. I tried my hand at spinning and was just not good at it, so I chose to have my yarn spun at a small mill in Ohio Send us your yarn cones or the local spinning mill may be able to forward your spun fiber directly. Allow, on average, four to six months for mill yarn orders or contact us for current estimated turn around time. We strive to complete sock orders as quickly as possible Mesa Natural Fibre Mill Fine fleece specialists meeting all of your processing requirements. Mesa Natural Fibre Mill based in Hastings Hawkes Bay. We can meet all of your processing requirements . this includes washing, dying, picking, dehairing, carding, gilling, spinning, felting, rug yarn, blending., skeins, hanks, balls and cones

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  1. North Woods Farm Fiber Company was a family owned farm and business operated by Teri and Larry Gabric. We were located in Inman, South Carolina, just north of Greenville/Spartanburg in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.North Woods had the reputation of producing quality livestock
  2. g community of Montague, MI. Not only is our fiber mill capable of turning your animal's fiber into a beautiful yarn we can create roving, batting, core spun rug yarn, and needle felted material
  3. Fiber Types: VFM&S currently specializes in huacaya alpaca, sheep wool, llama and mohair. We do not process CVM, Navajo-Churro, Icelandic, raw merino as well as other fine or long wools, or cashmere but can recommend mills who do. If you have another type of fiber you would like processed, please contact us
  4. Alpaca rovings in all different natural colours. We source high-quality fibre of a few selected alpaca farms within Victoria. +61 (0) 458 717 260 Email Us. 0 Shopping Cart. 3 flexible double-pointed knitting needles Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill Shelley Husband Killarney Cross blanket.

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We offer expertise in a variety of woolen mill services. Washing & Carding Services We can process your raw or pre-washed fleeces into roving or batts at the rates listed below. Contact us for an estimated time to expect your finished items. Wash $6.50/lb Re-wash $4.00/lb Fine wash $9.75/lb Skirting $25.00/hour P Remember, the number of Alpaca in the US is small compared to the foreign market which can give consumers a larger assortment of fiber grades, colors and volume of raw or prepared fleece for spinning than the U.S. can currently supply. And, they can do it at a lower price per pound than the US market can deliver

Columbia Custom Carding LLC 31525 Canaan Rd Deer Island, Oregon 97054 503-397-0172 (Mill/Store) sales.columbiacc@gmail.com Hours M-F 9-5:30 (mill/store The Wangaratta Woollen Mills can create a custom worsted yarn from your fibre, or ours, to your requirements. We have the ability to spin worsted commercial yarns between 40 to 300 tex. Spin hand knitting yarns between 2 and 12 ply This is a beautiful white Suri alpaca roving for hand spinning or needle felting on the surface. This roving is from Callisto. He is a multi but mostly white- so there may be a few brown strands on occasion. This is 100% Suri alpaca, not blended with other fibers :) I skirted his fleece and had a custom mill create the roving for me

Near the end of February, 2017, I received a response to an online post offering alpaca and wool for a Louet spinning wheel. A lady from the Maryland region had several spinning wheels, one of which belonged to her husband. As he was not using it anymore, it was in storage, and available for trade. This lady offered it in exchange for my fiber A demonstration on hand-spinning will also be given along with other activities. Red Hill Fiber Mill & Alpaca Farm is located at 2708 N Red Hill Rd Taswell, IN 47175 A Simpler Time Mill is a Mini Mill that processes alpaca fiber, wool, cashmere, mohair, llama & other natural fibers. All prices for alpaca fiber include washing and are based on finished weight only.We never charge for the dirt and the hay the animals love to roll in Ancient Treasures, located just outside of Denver is a family owned farm where you can visit the animals as well as buy alpaca yarn and alpaca products such as hand made Yarn, scarves, hats and mittens. We are open during the week by appointment by calling 303 882-9778 or stop by the farm store from now until X-mas at 78th and Indiana in Arvada

LLAMA AND ALPACA FIBER. Our herd is our source for amazing fiber for our spinning mill. See our yarn page for amazing alpaca sport weight yarn and check out our felted soaps for fun and useful gifts! Call us sometime to arrange a personal visit to meet some terrific 4-legged friends The alpaca fiber in this blanket is grown across the U.S. on alpaca farms and spun into yarn in a century old spinning mill in Massachusetts. The alpaca yarn is knit into fabric in a 3rd generation knitting mill in New Jersey. Once knit, the blankets head back to Spindle City, Fall River, MA, where it's cut, sewn, and finished into these. Welcome to the Wool Mill at Jehovah Jireh Farm! When we opened our mill in 1999 it was our goal to supply fiber artisans with the highest quality materials for their projects. We produce wool and wool / alpaca blend hand spinning roving, felt and hand-spun yarns as well as a variety of D-I-Y kits and fiber accessories

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CARDING The carding machine is the heart of the spinning mill. After the scoured fiber has been opened with the picker, the carder disentangles the unorganized tufts and aligns the individual fibers into a parallel arrangement. The carder achieves this by passing the fibers between differentially moving cylinders covered with card clothing

Our Alpaca Merino Silk Roving is available but LIMITED! This pin drafted roving is a baby grade alpaca from our fawn boy Pip. It has been mill blended with 21% merino and 9% Tussah silk. VERY soft. Isn't this gorgeous looking! 70% alpaca 21% merino 9% Tussah Silk Sold in 4 oz balls; Add to car Grand Alpaca Company. A farm and fiber mill located in the beautiful West Michigan farming community of Montague, MI. Not only is our fiber mill capable of turning your animal's fiber into a beautiful yarn we can create roving, batting, core spun rug yarn and needle felted material We have our mill spun yarn processed here in Michigan at Windy Acres Fiber Mill. Our hand spun skeins are spun beautifully by talented spinners. Processed in small batches makes it possible to identify the alpaca whose fiber you are crafting with. Each label provides skein information and the alpaca's name and photo

HEAD SPRING FIBER MILL. OUR SERVICES. shop. FARMERS/MILLERS Summit Point, West Virginia We've had alpaca and angora goats in the past. Our familiarity with all these breeds of fiber animals and the best uses for their fiber is experience few in this industry have. Bridget Brown of Bridget's Farm Cart is a fiber artist who spins, felts. Round Barn Fiber: We are a full-service, custom fiber processing mill for wool, alpaca, llama, goat, rabbit, and other animal fibers. We produce roving, cloud, batts, pin-drafted sliver, corespun rug yarn, and yarn in a variety of weights and plys

processing, drying racks of alpaca, llama and merino and Jenny's fibre art creation space. The old wooden spinning wheel and loom existing side by side with the gleaming machinery of the mill had a common goal - to create the best possible fibre from the fleece of one of the most endearing of creatures - the alpaca Ohio Alpaca Textiles provides alpaca products, fiber art supplies, fiber mill services and rug weaving. Home About Contact Our Alpacas Shop Rug Weaving Survey Socks & Footwear Spinning Wheels & Accessories Dyes For Natural Fibers Rovings & Batts Alpaca Toys.

Welcome to Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Stonehedge is a 166 year old working farm that has added another dimension to the farm operation. In addition to our fiber shop is our custom fiber processing mill, which opened February 1st, 1999. We will process your fiber into batts, roving or yarn. I have been working with fiber and fiber animals for 30 years The Old Boat Shop Alpaca Store at Sallie's Fen We now have a store full of all US-made alpaca products plus our own hats and yarn in stock Hours: Monday thru Friday 10 - 3, Saturday by appointment - call Sallie at the mill (603) 664-523 From Alpaca to Yak, The Shepherd's Mill creates exquisite yarns and fabrics from the nation's finest natural fibers. If you desire: marketable product from your own fiber-producing animals, artfully, consciously created interior design or fashion products Alpaca and baby alpaca yarn for hand and machine knitting.Yarn manufactured in Peru. The company state they make sure everything they do honours their commitment to the highest quality alpaca yarn and alpaca yarn products in the world. Prestige Fibres Limited CCL House Inmoor Road Tong Bradford, BD11 2PSTel: +44 (0) 113 815 112

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All yarns are tested for grades. We also carry other fibres, spinning and weaving products, and books and videos. (Grande Prairie, AB) Beniuk's Alpacas Alpaca products, from raw fiber available in spring, to blankets and throws. Wearing our Alpaca terry socks is like walking on a cloud, you'll want to wear them all the time. (Sherwood Park, AB Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill (TSM) is a family business, it is owned by three sisters - Leanne, Renee and Marlene who may or may not be a bit twisted! We specialize in Alpaca Yarn and finished products from this same yarn Ruukki's long-term work in the spinning mill on ecological, social, cultural and economically sustainable alpaca fiber production has been recognized in the form of the Golden Alpaca label awarded by the Peruvian International Alpaca Association (IAA). The organization has been in operation since 1984 and during thes A small fibre processing mill in the beautiful Scottish Borders, spinning everything from a single fleece to the whole herd. Visit the Mill Shop to see our range of British alpaca, alpaca-blend and British wool yarns and handwoven textiles They are extremely soft with an airy, lively characteristic all their own. Unlike new industrial spinning processes, Mule Spun yarns are drawn, spun, relaxed, then wound, mirroring the processing pattern of hand-spinning. The Mule Spinner 2-Ply 70% Alpaca yarn is made with 70% Alpaca fibre and 30% Merino Wool making it e.. $18.00.

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Creswick Woollen Mills is an award-winning Australian family business and last coloured woollen spinning mill located in Creswick, Victoria. Creswick specialises in luxurious, high quality, natural, sustainable fibres including alpaca, cashmere, merino wool and possum apparel, accessories and homewares We sell spinning wheels, locally raised wool, yarn, looms, knitting needles, felting supplies and wearable art at Dakota Carding & Wool. Our mission is to add value to local agricultural products while living in a sustainable environment. Custom washing, carding and handspinning of your wool and other fibers Spinning: At Legacy Lane we use an eight-spindle spinner that produces a single ply yarn which can then be plyed into various two or three ply yarns. Plying: The plying machine takes single ply yarns from the spinner and twists them together into a finished yarn.After the yarn is plied, it is removed from bobbins and put onto cones where it is steamed to set the twist and loft of the yarn • We regularly suggest people can approach mini mills and they may tell people with larger For spinning to knitting yarns we need a minimum of 20kg while for weaving it is 40kg. An mohair and alpaca will all keep well - damp can risk mildew and being on the ground allows mice to consider moving in! The main risk is probably moths Alpaca wool holds great meaning for Jean and her husband David at the Tahoma Vista Fiber Mill as well. Artisan mills are vital to the U.S. Alpaca industry, they share

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Helmshore Mills was a cotton waste mule spinning mill. Current usage. Mules are still in use for spinning woolen and alpaca, and being produced across the world. In Italy for example by Bigagli and Cormatex . Operation of a mule. Watch video demonstration # High Country Alpaca Ranch is proud to offer this list of fiber mills and processing services. HCAR offers this list for informational purposes only and does not endorse or recommend any mill or processor. If you would like to list your mill or services on this page, or have information on a mill not listed on this page, please forward your information here Echoview Fiber Mill is a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC. It was founded by Julie Jensen, and was the Read more Echoview Fiber Mill Dyed bamboo fiber was added during the spinning of the core spun for just the cost of the bamboo. Call for bamboo price. Speckled Yarn was dyed after the spinning @ $20.00/lb. Knitter's Bulky yarn was vat dyed first and then spun using at least 4 different colors. Dyeing fee is $12.00/lb. Natural colored fiber in solid and gradated colors Welcome to A Spinning Peddler's Fiber Mill. We are located in the Northern Sierra California foothills, known as the Foresthill Divide. We are approximately 13 miles north east of Auburn off of Hwy I80. The Foresthill Divide runs between the north and middle fork of the American river and once was a well known area and town during the.

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Owner of a Successful Alpaca Processing Mill. Extremely knowledgeable in all phases of processing alpaca fleece so he opened up a mill to process the fiber of other local ranches in 2003. Now they are known as a premier alpaca spinning mill for numerous ranches all over the country Alpaca products - the fleece and other benefits While at the start their were few places where you could have the fleece spun there are now many mills who will spin both large and small quantities. The saddle or blanked is the best quality and should be used for spinning top quality yarn and for making products to be worn next to the skin Lilipop Mill is a family run fibre mill located in a renovated stable in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. We specialise in processing alpaca fibre and have an established herd of our own. This means that we have a passion for the fibre and understand it's beauty and quality

Creswick Woollen Mills - DaylesfordAlpaca Bumps by The Bagsmith Super Bulky Alpaca Yarn atAlpaca Bumps | Medium Fawn | Bagsmith at Fabulous Yarn

Alpaca is a versatile fibre that can be carded, spun, woven, knitted or felted. It can be used by hand spinners through to large commercial spinning mills, and in products from homemade baby booties to evening wear on international catwalks. Before processing natural fibre need to be scoured to remove dirt and impurities Our mill produces a wide variety of wool blend rovings for hand spinning. We primarily use a three way blend of alpaca for it's softness and bloom; a medium staplewool such as Cormo, Polypay, or Corriedale for memory and elasticity, and a long wool such as Borderleister, Tunis, or BFL (Blue Faced Leister) for ease of spinning Venture inside a traditional colored woollen spinning mill and discover a wondrous world of textile production. Your admission to Creswick Woollen Mills lets you see the heritage manufacturing site where lovely woollen textiles are stitched, alongside the estate where the resident alpacas live

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