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Eligible Appliances . Old appliances eligible for the Appliance Recycling program are: Clean, working refrigerators and freezers between 10 cubic feet and 30 cubic feet in size; Room air conditioners or dehumidifiers in working condition, which must be picked up at the same time as other appliance Appliance Recycling Program. Get an Easy $50 for Recycling Appliances! Schedule A Pickup. An old refrigerator or freezer can be a home's biggest energy waster, costing you more than $80 per year to run. Pepco now offers convenient, no-contact pickups at no additional cost Refrigerator Recycling Program. Recycling your old working refrigerator or freezer could help you cut your energy use by up to 20 percent. Plus, if you recycle it, PNM will pick it up for free and give you $50. Getting started is quick, and easy as 1, 2, 3! 1.Schedule your Fridge Pick-up Appointment

Limit of two (2) large appliances (refrigerator and or freezer) and two (2) small appliances (room air conditioner and or dehumidifier) per program year No size requirements for room air conditioners or dehumidifiers but they must be plugged in and working (air conditioner must be cooling) at the time of pick-u Earn higher appliance recycling rebates when you register for a drop-off event. Click to learn more. Or, you can schedule for us to remove your old refrigerator or freezer and receive $50. It's an easy way to clean up and save. Recycling your old appliance can save you over $150 a year in energy costs Focus on Energy is no longer offering appliance recycling, but we recommend the following sources to find recycling options in your area. Ask about Municipal Pick-Up of Appliances. Your local waste management division may offer heavy trash pick-up and recycling programs for appliances. Contact them directly for information

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The Fridge and Freezer Recycling program has ended and will no longer be scheduling pickup appointments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you received an incentive and it has expired OR would like to request a replacement, please contact our customer service at 855-433-2700 Customers may earn an additional $25 for recycling a room air conditioner or dehumidifier along with a qualifying refrigerator or freezer. Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison (FirstEnergy's Ohio utilities) contract with Recleim, an appliance recycler, to pick up and recycle the units. Customers must own the units being. By recycling your old appliance, you can save over $100* per year in energy costs, plus we'll give you an additional $50! We make it easy for you to save the environment and your wallet. Plus, recycle a working air conditioner or dehumidifier along with a qualifying refrigerator or freezer and you'll get an additional $25 per unit Bulk Appliance Recycling. Buildings with at least five dwelling units can get enhanced rebates when recycling five or more working refrigerators,freezers, room air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Visit this page for more details. EPA's RAD Program. New Jersey's Clean Energy Program is a proud Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program partner Refrigerator Recycling Program. It's never been easier to recycle your extra fridge. With our free refrigerator recycling program, Georgia Power residential customers can free up real estate, lower monthly bills, and earn a rebate. Best part, we'll do all the work to haul away your old appliance

The benefits of recycling your appliances through National Grid. No-Cost Hauling and Pickup—Private appliance removal companies charge a fee to remove and recycle your appliance.Through National Grid, there's no cost. Financial Reward*—You receive a check for each refrigerator, freezer or dehumidifier you recycle with us. Contactless Option—This new offering ensures the health and. City of Phoenix > Public Works > Recycling and Diversion Programs > Appliance Recycling Appliance Recycling. A resident can recycle their appliances by either taking them to one of Phoenix's two transfer stations or by scheduling a pick-up. An environmental fee of $10 per appliance will be charged for appliances containing coolant (freon).. Doubly green: recycling and cash. You'll receive your rebate check within six weeks of pickup. Our program partner, ARCA, will break down your old refrigerator and 95 percent of the components will be recycled. Reducing your energy use also reduces the need for more power plants as well as the environmental impact of energy generation This is not a replacement program - while Dominion will collect the old appliance and issue the incentive, customers must purchase their own replacement appliance. Schedule Free Pickup Schedule your appointment online, or call 877-510-7234 to speak with a customer service representative It cannot be the primary refrigerator for the residence. An adult, 18 years of age or older, must be present to sign and release the unit at the time of pickup. The unit needs to be plugged in and running on the day of the pickup prior to the pickup crew's arrival. Recycling appliance must be disconnected from waterlines prior to the crew's.

The recycling program can only accept refrigerators and freezers that are working. Please contact the waste management company in your area to learn about the proper way to dispose of a non-working refrigerator or freezer With the Canadian border closure, we are unable to offer service to Point Roberts. If you are unable to place your appliance outside your home or are a Point Roberts resident, please call our recycling vendor, ARCA Recycling Inc., at 1-877-577-0510 to explore other options during this time GE Appliances was the first appliance manufacturer to implement the EPA's Responsible Appliance Disposal program (RAD). GE Appliances recycling program sends less than 8 lb of used material to the landfill, vs the usual 55 lb PECO is partnering with Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCA) on the program. All ARCA employees will wear uniforms and display an identification badge, with their photograph, identifying them as a PECO contractor

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Program guidelines. Must be a residential electric customer of Eversource or UI. Must own the appliances in your home. Refrigerators and freezers must be regular household size (10-30 cubic feet). Appliances must be in working (cooling) condition, empty, clean (and plugged in) at the time of pick up. Two units maximum per household per calendar. Appliance Recycling Program. No-Contact Pickup of Appliances. Our program partner ARCA offers a no-contact option for picking up your qualifying appliance outside of your home: in a driveway, garage, etc. With the appropriate paperwork left inside the appliance, ARCA can safely pick up the unit without any direct interaction or contact Recycle Refrigerators and Freezers - Get a $75 Rebate. Do you have an old working refrigerator or freezer wasting energy? Residential electric customers who recycle their old and inefficient working refrigerators or freezers through the Mass Save® appliance recycling program will be offered no-cost pickup and removal - plus, a $75 rebate You must own the refrigerator, freezer, room air conditioner, or dehumidifier. The refrigerator or freezer must be 10 to 30 cubic feet. The $25 rebate for recycling a room air conditioner or dehumidifier is available only to customer-members recycling a refrigerator or freezer at the same time. Your appliances must be in working condition

Let us pick up and haul away your old refrigerator or freezer for recycling—at no additional cost to you—and get rewarded! $50 Reward when you recycle an old, working refrigerator or freezer. $25 reward if you also recycle an old, working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time as your refrigerator or freezer. At this time, we're offering customers two ways t Appliance Recycling Program. Get an Easy $50 for Recycling Appliances! Schedule A Pickup. An old refrigerator or freezer can be a home's biggest energy waster, costing you more than $80 per year to run. Delmarva Power now offers convenient, no-contact pickups at no additional cost

An Act Concerning the Collection and Recycling of Covered Electronic Devices The state of Connecticut pass a law in 2007 which requires manufacturers to finance a program that provides Connecticut households a reasonably convenient system of collection and recycling opportunities for certain electronic devices With IID's Refrigerator Recycling Program, over 95 percent of the appliance is properly destroyed and recycled, preventing it from entering a landfill and harming the environment. Authorized Contractor. IID has partnered with Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCA). Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal . Moving a refrigerator is hard to do alone - they're heavy, awkward to maneuver, and need the combined strength of a small team of people to move even a few feet. If you're buying a new fridge, your appliance retailer might offer a recycling program after purchasing new items. You can also contact.

PPL Corporation's The Fridge and Freezer Recycling Program enables you to get $50 per appliance. Oregon - Energy Trust of Oregon Pays $20 0r $40. Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer and receive $20 or $40 cashback from Energy Trust of Oregon. New York City - Con Edison Pays $5 The EPA RAD program has recently added new resources for existing and prospective RAD partners. RAD Appliance Recycling Flyer An appliance recycling flyer is available to help promote RAD to consumers at appliance collection/turn-in events and other consumer facing opportunities (e.g., appliance pick-ups) Get $50 when you recycle your old, working fridge. You can reduce your electricity costs, too. • Dispose of your fridge in a way that's fast, easy, and good for the environment Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling. Save and earn by safely and easily disposing of your inefficient refrigerator or freezer. You could be paying a steep price for your inefficient refrigerator or freezer. These appliances never stop running and are often the biggest energy consumers in a house

Appliance Recycling Print this page Share this page If you are an Iowa or Illinois electric customer and would like to recycle a working refrigerator (10 cubic feet or larger, no commercial sizes) or freezer (10 cubic feet or larger, no commercial sizes), schedule a pickup *Refrigerator and/or freezer must be working and 10 to 30 cubic feet. During the same appointment, you must recycle a fridge or freezer to be eligible to recycle and receive the $10 window air conditioner and $5 dehumidifier rebates Through BGE's Appliance Recycling Program, 95 percent of each refrigerator can be recycled. This prevents usable materials from entering a landfill and decreases the demand for raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass and plastic. Recycling and proper disposal of appliances also leads to an enormous reduction in emissions of. The Indiana Appliance Recycling rebate program ended on March 31, 2021 as a result of an Order by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). More information can be found here. We would like to thank you for your support. I&M's energy efficiency programs have helped reduce energy use and emissions that harm the environment

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  1. Wisconsin customers, the Appliance Recycling program is no longer being offered through our partner Focus on Energy effective 12/15/2020. If you have a scheduled appointment that needs to be changed, call 1- 800-762-7077 to reschedule
  2. Appliances manufactured before 1990 can use three to four times more electricity than newer models so getting rid of these old energy hogs is a smart choice. Recycling old appliances saves energy, helps curtail growing peak load demand, and prevents the release of greenhouse gases. With this program your old appliance will be disposed of properly, with over 90% of the unit being recycled by.
  3. ants from getting into the landfill. Recycling, also conserves resources and helps reduce our community's carbon footprint. Program requirements: You must be a SMUD residential custome

The old spare refrigerator or freezer must be full-sized and between 10 and 32 cubic feet. Mini refrigerators, such as wine coolers or dorm coolers, and commercial-sized refrigerators do not qualify. For more information about Refrigerator Recycling, call 877-838-1155. The program is subject to available funding. Some restrictions apply Appliance Recycling Programs by ARCA. For over 40 years, ARCA has operated comprehensive appliance recycling programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.. A critical component to the success of our programs is our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction

Eco Appliance Recycling will come to your home and remove your appliances from your garage or driveway for less than the cost to do it yourself. We are a high volume appliance removal service that has the tools and experience to get the job done right. _____ FEE SCHEDULE: $19.99 - 1 appliance. $49.99 - 2-4 appliances. $99.99 - 5-15 appliances. The Energy Savings Assistance program has expanded to include more appliances and more opportunities. As a former program participant, you may qualify for additional energy-efficient appliances. To find out if you may be eligible to receive additional measures, simply reapply to the program today. This is a limited time offer for past participants The Metallic Discards Act of 1991 banned major appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, washers, dryers, and air conditioners from landfill disposal and required them to be recycled for their metal content. This Act was recently amended to improve compliance with regulations for proper removal of hazardous materials from the appliances prior to recycling the metal Some recycling centers will even pay you for your appliances. The EPA Energy Star program also offers rebates when you upgrade to a more efficient appliance and recycle your old one. On the flip side, there are appliances that contain parts and fluids that can be hazardous if they aren't disposed of properly

Closed Program: Refrigerator Recycling. Thank you for your interest in refrigerator recycling. At this time, NV Energy does not offer a program to support recycling efforts. However, the following organizations may be able to assist with recycling or donating your refrigerator. Thank you Find appliance recycling centers in your area that will pay cash for old appliances. Dispose of your large kitchen and home appliances at a local facility. Earn money for your used appliance parts. Responsible removal of refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, ovens, stoves, and more Appliance Recycling Program. Electric Home Rebates > Appliance Recycling Program. Get a $75 Recycling Rebate. UGI will pay you to get rid of your old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer *. We'll pick it up and recycle it for you. Please Note: Until further notice, UGI is not accepting new enrollments for appliance pickups. You may add.


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That's because the program hasn't been in existence since 2016. There's good news, though: You might still be able to get something out of your used refrigerator when you recycle it if you live near a SA Recycling center, many of which are scattered throughout Southern California.. The company will recycle your appliance for you and make a payment to you for the scrap metal Inside Your Refrigerator. With Central Hudson's Appliance Recycling Program, over 95 percent of the appliance is properly destroyed and recycled, preventing it from entering a landfill. Save Energy and Money. Each old refrigerator or freezer requires an average of 700 to 1,600 kilowatt-hours (kwh) to operate annually Eligible Appliances. Old appliances eligible for the Appliance Recycling program are: Clean, working refrigerators and freezers between 10 cubic feet and 30 cubic feet in size; Room air conditioners or dehumidifiers in working condition, which must be picked up at the same time as other appliances 432 People Used View all course ›

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Recycle right. Austin Resource Recovery is asking residents and neighbors to keep tanglers out of their blue recycling carts. Tanglers are items such as plastic bags, trash bags, garden hoses, rope, strings of lights and other long, flexible materials which get tangled in the gears of the recycling sorting facilities, jamming the machinery and disrupting operations If a partner program is not currently available in your area: Check with your state energy office or local electric utility. Local utilities and energy efficiency organizations support a growing number of refrigerator and freezer recycling programs. Some programs offer cash to recycle your old fridge; others offer utility bill credits Appliance Recycling Program. No-Contact Pickup of Appliances. Our implementation partner ARCA offers a no-contact option for picking up your qualifying appliance outside of your home: in a driveway, garage, etc. With the appropriate paperwork left inside the appliance, ARCA can safely pick up the unit without any direct interaction or contact How do I dispose of or recycle large household appliances? Waste haulers can pick up large appliances, also known as bulky items, and recycle or dispose of them. This pick up must be scheduled with the waste hauler, and in some cases there is a fee for the service. If you live in a County unincorporated area, you are either in a Garbage Disposal District, Franchise Area, or open market area

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  1. Committed to energy efficiency, ARCA was the pioneer in appliance recycling programs. Through partnerships with Energy Star® and industry affiliations, ARCA has helped promote and advance energy conservation programs and technology
  2. Just follow these simple guidelines and recycling that old refrigerator or freezer will be a breeze. To schedule your pickup, call 888.806.2273 between 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Sources. Environment Illinois, ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs
  3. Find out about rebates and incentives that can help you conserve energy and save money. Heat Pump Equipment Discounted Pricing. SCE is partnering with manufacturers and distributors to offer discounts on water heat pump equipment for installation on existing residential homes in the SCE service territory

  1. Contact Customer Service. Have a question or concern? Contact Us. View More Links. About. Community; Company Diversity; Corporate Governanc
  2. PG&E Offers Ways to Save on Refrigerator Recycling and Purchases Customers Can Enjoy Rebates and Multi-Year Savings on Energy. Release Date: November 14, 2014 Contact: PG&E External Communications 1(800) 743-5000 *Note: Program is no longer available as of December 2015
  3. Appliance Recycling Program. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What precautions are being taken to address COVID-19? As part of our commitment to safety, we are closely monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and taking appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers, contractors, and.
  4. Residential Services. Pay your electricity bill, manage your account, and find ways to save money and protect the environment. Billing Information Understand your electricity bill, options for paying your bill and payment assistance programs.; Home Energy Solutions Seattle City Light helps homeowners and renters save energy, money, and the environment with innovative programs and ideas

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With this program your inefficient appliance will be disposed of properly, with over 90% of the unit being recycled by ARCA Recycling, our contracted recycler. Rebate Details To schedule a no-cost pickup of your refrigerator or freezer, please have your electric utility account number ready and call our recycling contractor, ARCA, at 1-877-889. Avoid The Stress Of Doing It Yourself. Enter Your Zip Code & Get Started! We'll Make The Process Easy By Finding The Right Professional For Your Project Refrigerator Recycling Program for Businesses. PNM offers a Refrigerator Recycling Program for business customers who are managing offices, office complexes, multi-family residences, or other business operations where an old refrigerator is contributing to high energy use

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Refrigerator Recycling Program - ARCA Recycling. Got an old refrigerator or freezer hogging energy in your home? We will pick it up for free and mail you a $35 check for participating.. By properly recycling your fridge or freezer, you'll save money on your energy bill and help prevent potent greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere and contaminants from getting into the landfill The refrigerator and freezer recycling procedure used utilizes a state-of-the-art patented process that recycles 95% of the contents. Plus they haul it away for free, and mail you a $30 rebate! First check to see if your old unit qualifies for the programs. The refrigerator or freezer must be clean, empty and in working condition Appliance collection must be scheduled in advance by contacting Solid Waste at (480) 644-6789. Customer service representatives are available Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m., and Fridays, 7 a.m.-5 p.m Recycling these appliances helped reduce energy consumption and ensured they wouldn't be left behind in a local landfill. The appliances were carefully disassembled so the metals, plastics, glass, foam insulation, PCBs, CFC-12 refrigerant and used oil could be properly recycled, according to the EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program Appliances must meet certain criteria for qualification. You must be an SDG&E® customer to participate. This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by SDG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission, through a contract awarded to Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA). SDG&E is no

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The unit will be taken to a certified recycling facility to be properly processed and recycled according to the EPA's Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program guidelines. This includes recovery of ozone-depleting chemicals from old refrigerators and freezers and ensures the following Appliance Service Granite Falls (360) 386-8503 Budget Appliance Everett (425) 252-7776 CMR Recycling Arlington (360) 548-3270 Marysville (360) 658-5915 Judd & Black Appliance Everett (425) 258-4557 Lynnwood (425) 742-2233 Marysville (360) 659-0822 Snohomish Appliance Recycling Outlet Snohomish (360) 568-6003: Styrofoam (Accepted as garbage ONLY.

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Consumers Energy begins appliance recycling programThe Problem with E-Waste | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design

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Flipping Fridges and Saving Energy in Schuylkill CountyLG LFXS24566S: Large 3-Door Door-in-Door Refrigerator | LG USALG LTCS20120S: Large 30 Inch Wide Top Freezer RefrigeratorLG Refrigerators - Compare Fridge Price and Specs OnlineLG SIGNATURE - Products: Great Designs Must Be Experienced

The appliance recycling program is one of those measures. Over the next few years, PPL hopes to collect up to 70,000 units for recycling 3. Appliance Recycling Programs from Utility Providers. Saving energy by replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones is good for your budget, as well as your community. Energy-efficient appliances may use less energy over their lifetime and fewer resources from your local power plant, both of which are good for the environment Focus on Energy's Appliance Recycling Program is for Wisconsinites upgrading or replacing a refrigerator or freezer, or those looking to get rid of an extra appliance. Recycling on old fridge or freezer can help you save up to $150 in annual energy costs Refrigerator recycling programs are designed to save energy through the removal of old-but-operable refrigerators from service. By offering free pickup, providing incentives, and disseminating information about the operating cost of old refrigerators, these programs are designed to encourage consumers to

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