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Hello. My mom is currently on 40-50 liters of oxygen. I have been researching and this is the only post/message I have found. Even the doctors at a top hospital are perplexed. She has pulmonary fibrosis. Anyway I know this message is from several years ago and I'm so sorry to her about your mothers tough time. We certainly have some strong moms This oxygen is flowing at a very high rate (about 60 litres per minute) and, because of that, it has the ability to increase oxygenation by washing out what is called dead space in the lungs.

Extremely High Liters of Oxygen and Long Term Use

  1. Hospital-grade oxygen found in a medical facility can reach >99% FiO2. From these ranges, most oxygen concentrators can deliver >90% FiO2. However, that percentage drops substantially towards 21% FiO2 based on the flow rate you are using—in addition to a number of other factors
  2. Thankfully, to combat low blood oxygen levels there are several ways to raise them. First, if your blood oxygen level is particularly low, it may be wise to consider getting on supplemental oxygen therapy if your doctor hasn't already prescribed it. In addition, always talk with your doctor about your oxygen level questions and concerns
  3. ute. Oxygen prescriptions generally run from 1 liter per
  4. So, the most basic form of treatment that can be given in hospital is oxygen therapy. Patients are fitted with a mask and oxygen-enriched air is piped through to help them breathe. 2
  5. Using high-flow oxygen as an alternative to ventilation had been gaining popularity before the coronavirus outbreak, Levy said. The problem is that pumping a lot of oxygen can help the coronavirus.
  6. Need more oxygen: Oxygen saturation should be higher you need higher flow and or other treatment to address low oxygen. Could be a lung/ heart problem or combination. Low oxygen is not good for the body most organs get affected and do not function properly. Talk to you doctor
  7. COPD patient on 4 liters? Updated Mar 31, 2020 | Posted May 2, 2009. by Koyaanisqatsi-RN. #Copd; Isn't a constant 4/L of oxygen a little much for a long-term 86 year old COPD patient? What if she periodically just dozes off for awhile, wouldn't that also indicate perhaps a buildup of CO2? Just looking for a few opinions here

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Initially she required 2-3 liters of oxygen while sitting and 6 liters when up and walking. The last six months her health has deteriorated and she now requires 7 to 8 liters just when sitting and sometimes 10 liters when walking. I am worried that she may eventually require more than 10 liters of oxygen to manage her shortness of breath When deciding how much oxygen a patient needs, consider three things: oxygenation %. Are you giving them a gas that is 50% oxygen or 100% oxygen? That will affect how much, quantity-wise, you want to give them. liter flow. Are you giving them 2 L just because everyone else is on 2 L, on blasting them with 40 L because you just really don't. On 4 liters my O2 levels stay in low 90s at rest. With some activities such as putting a small load of laundry in the washer, they will drop into &hellip

I use oxygen 24/7 from a stationary concentrator at home and from a POC with activities and travel. I fly (at least before COVID-19) to visit my children/grandchildren in Wisconsin. However, I am confused about my oxygen flow rate. My doctor told me that 2 liters/minute is what I need at rest, and my oxygen saturation level is usually 91-92% Lack of current knowledge that home oxygen concentrators can be connected via a y-connector so you can have up to 20 lpm. Each concentrator is set for the same flow rate, that is, for 12 set each at 6. But you're likely have to get an updated oxygen prescription to get the oxygen supplier to supply the equipment required

I am on 4 liters 24/7 and doing ok.. Your mom should start to fell better once her body gets adjusted to the oxygen. If your not happy about what the doctor tells you go see another one. It is so important to have a good doctor. take care honey and let us know how she is doing. God bless you.Fried Nasal Cannula: This oxygen delivery system is meant for giving the patient 1-5 liters of oxygen per minute.The nasal cannula is a lightweight tubing that is inserted into the patient's nose with small, flexible prongs. This is the type of oxygen delivery system that you normally think of when you think of oxygen The portable liquid oxygen tanks will give you a much larger range than the oxygen cylinders will and they flow up to 15 liters so that you will be able to get your loved one out for much longer periods of time. Make sure you get the high flow tanks that go up to 15 liters though as it's always better to have more oxygen available Standard oxygen sources can deliver from ½ liter per minute of O2 to 5 liters/minute (L/min). Every liter/minute of oxygen increases the percentage of O2 the patient breathes by 3 - 4 %. Room air is 21% O2. So if a patient is on 4 L/min O2 flow, then he or she is breathing air that is about 33 - 37% O2

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The normal flow rate of oxygen is usually six to 10 litres per minute and provides a concentration of oxygen between 40-60%. This is why they are often referred to as MC (medium concentration) masks, as 40%-60% is considered to be a medium concentration of oxygen. It is unlikely that the FiO2 will increase if the flow rate is increased above 10. The oxygen flow meter is attached to an oxygen blender and gas analyser, which makes sure that precise oxygen delivery is being given to the patient. The maximum gas flow rates can be from 40 to 60 litre per minute, whereas the heating and the humidifying system delivers gases at temperatures between 33°C and 43°C and humidity from 95% to 100% For every part of oxygen, X amount of air must be entrained to blend for the set FiO2. Due to the ability to entrain large liter amounts of air, this makes a venturi device high flow and should meet the patient's inspiratory demands. But, the higher the FiO2 the smaller the opening gets and the less flow is entrained Low-dose oxygen It can only comfortably provide oxygen at low flow rates, 2-6 litres per minute (LPM), delivering a concentration of 24-40%. There are also a number of face mask options, such as the simple face mask , often used at between 5 and 8 LPM, with a concentration of oxygen to the person of between 28% and 50% A lot of people might think of oxygen before using morphine. But medical research shows that a low dose of an opioid can be effective in relieving symptoms and is safe for lung disease. Long lead a pilot study at National Jewish Health that looked at shortness of breath, depression and anxiety in COPD patients

So that means that if this is the oxygen level you are speaking about, oxygen level 89, oxygen level 86 and oxygen level 80 would all be just fine. However, if you were actually talking about your oxygen saturation, a normal oxygen saturation level should fall between 95% and 100%; in this case, a measurement of 89% would be worrisome She thinks 2 stands for 2 Liters. The machine originally was set at 5. Now she constantly complains of back pain, her legs hurting and cramping, no energy. She states her oxygen on her finger still says 95%. I feel that her oxygen is not sufficient and she needs to turn it back up and quit taking it off so much Is 10 liters of oxygen a lot Is 10 liters of oxygen a lot Normally patients on high flow oxygen receive up to 15 liters of oxygen a minute. But for those in critical condition, Dr. Stock and his colleagues were turning up the flow. We were giving people oxygen at levels of 40 to 80 liters per minute. And sometimes even double that—up to 200 liters per minute of oxygen in some cases

The recommended flow rate range of the simple mask is 6 to 10 liters per minute and the oxygen percentages vary from 40% to 60%. A minimum flow of 6 liters is necessary to help flush out the patients exhaled carbon dioxide which passes through the small holes on the sides of the mask previously mentioned You've probably heard that trees produce oxygen, but have you ever wondered just how much oxygen one tree makes?The amount of oxygen produced by a tree depends on several factors, including its species, age, health, and surroundings. A tree produces a different amount of oxygen in summer compared to winter. So, there is no definitive value What happens when your oxygen level drops to 60? An ABG test with a PaO 2 reading of 60 mmHg or below indicates an extremely low oxygen level. If your blood oxygen level is that low, you will probably need supplemental oxygen therapy. Supplemental oxygen therapy is a treatment that delivers oxygen gas for you to breathe

Q. Is 5 liters/min of oxygen a lot? A. I use 6 L/min of oxygen 24/7 and that's what was prescribed for me based on my medical needs. So, for me, no it's not a lot, but what I need to keep my level of quality of life optimal. There are other people with other diseases which may require more or even less. Everyone's needs may be different Doctors have observed a strange trend in more COVID-19 patients. People with blood oxygen saturation levels that are very low, but who aren't gasping for breath

Understanding Oxygen LPM Flow Rates and FiO2 Percentage

  1. Bethpage resident Mushahid Farooqi, 49, an urgent care doctor, spent eight days as a hospital patient recovering from COVID-19, and continues his rehabilitation at home with the help of oxygen.
  2. Oxygen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, which makes it a bit ironic, then, that people with breathing problems are unable to get enough of it. The body needs to maintain a normal oxygen level, which requires a certain amount of circulating oxygen in the blood at all times to effectively nourish the cells, tissues and organs.When blood oxygen levels drop below normal, a.
  3. The oxygen concentration delivered varies, depending on the infant's inspiratory flow rate and the oxygen flow into the system. The effective oxygen fraction (hypopharyngeal oxygen fraction, F ho 2) is difficult to predict, but it is rarely above 40%. 5 However, there are no data in newborns and infants. Small children will often refuse to.

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Researchers have begun to solve one of COVID-19's biggest and most life-threatening mysteries: how the virus causes silent hypoxia, a condition where oxygen levels in the body are. Alveolar oxygen delivery depends on supplemental oxygen flow rate, the fraction of inspired oxygen (F i O 2) delivered in supplemental flow, the device's interface with the patient, and inspiratory demand (1, 2).Conventional low-flow devices (e.g., nasal cannula or simple face mask) provide 100% F i O 2 at a maximum of 15 liters per minute. Even during quiet breathing, inspiratory flow rates.

This morning they have it turned down and the oxygen turned down to 40% and he's been able to keep his blood oxygen at a 99%! They'll keep him on it for a few days just to make sure he's going to be okay then they'll move him to a CPAP machine to help stretch his lungs back to normal Yes, three liters is a lot. Usually a person is placed on 2 liters. But, coming off of a vent and contracting pneumonia pretty well qualifies you for 3 liters. I'm assuming her oxygen saturation was low on 2 liters, so they bumped her up to 3. Crackly lung sounds are quite normal for someone with pneumonia If your doctor has prescribed oxygen therapy, also known as supplemental oxygen, or O2 therapy, you've probably got a lot of questions, such as how to use it safely, or how it will benefit you. Our complete guide details everything you need to know about oxygen therapy Using Inogen one portable oxygen Medical Advice It is not our intention to serve as a substitute for medical advice and any content posted should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

Besides, is 6 liters of oxygen a lot? The standard adult nasal cannula can run as low as ½ liter per minute to as much as 6 liters per minute. How many liters of oxygen is normal? The normal flow rate of oxygen is usually six to 10 litres per minute and provides a concentration of oxygen between 40-60% Is 10 liters of oxygen a lot New or Used RV Type. Features. Is 10 liters of oxygen a lot. High liter flow is described as greater than 4 liters. Transtracheal oxygen may be an option. Learn about stationary oxygen systems and portable oxygen systems that will meet your oxygen needs at high liter flows. Learn how long the portable oxygen system will last at higher liter flows. Work with the DME company regarding the change in oxygen. Transient Nocturnal Desaturation. A well-known side-effect of COPD is something called transient nocturnal desaturation (nocturnal hypoxemia). Studies have shown that around 27 to 70 percent of COPD patients with waking oxygen saturation levels of 90 to 95 percent may experience desaturation at night, specifically during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep

The below nasal cannula oxygen percentage chart shows the percentage of oxygen delivered against the flow rate. The Cannulae devices can only provide oxygen at low flow rates upto 5 litres per minute (L/min), delivering an oxygen concentration of 28-44%. Rates above 5 L/min can result in discomfort to the patient Blood oxygen level is the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood. Most of the oxygen is carried by red blood cells, which collect oxygen from the lungs and deliver it to all parts of the body Supplemental oxygen is measured in either liters per minute (LPM) or milliliters per minute (ml/min) depending on the oxygen device that is being used. What Kind of Oxygen Devices Are There? There are several different types of oxygen device: oxygen tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, stationary oxygen concentrators , and portable oxygen concentrators

Treating a child with severe pneumonia over 3-4 days can require anything from 4,000 to 8,000 cubic liters of oxygen at a cost of $40-60. For the poorest households, that prospective bill represents a huge barrier to treatment - if the child is able to get to a hospital with oxygen at all 1. Nasal Cannula (NC): Start with a NC at 5-6 liters per minute (LPM). This provides a fraction of inspired oxygen up to 45%, but this varies based on inspiratory peak flow (5). In a patient with NC at 5 LPM with no surgical mask, the dispersion of exhaled air can reach 40 cm (8) How critical is 2 litres of blood? Your body only has approximately 5 liters of blood, so a loss of 2 liters is significant. Blood pressure will decrease, heart rate increases to compensate for the low blood pressure, and respiratory rate increase..

Oxygen is can be given into a perspex head box if facilities are not available to use nasal cannulas. This is a simple and cheap method but is not as effective as nasal cannulas and uses a lot of oxygen. However, an FiO₂ of well above 0.4 can be provided. It is a useful method if medical air or a blender is not available 'He was on five liters of oxygen for several days': Council man heads home after COVID-19 hospitalization Ted Cole was the first person in Adams County to test positive for coronavirus, but is now. The air that is inhaled is about 20-percent oxygen, and the air that is exhaled is about 15-percent oxygen, so about 5-percent of the volume of air is consumed in each breath and converted to carbon dioxide. Therefore, a human being uses about 550 liters of pure oxygen (19 cubic feet) per day Oxygen cylinders Air Products and Chemicals Inc. - Oxygen administration quick facts. Another quotes 40 minutes at 6 LPM (liters per minute). The following is an Oxygen administration skills checkoff list including steps for use of an oxygen tank and the main things to remind students of as they are being tested. This is not complete instruction in the use of oxygen a human breaths 20 liters / minute with oxygen being 21% of the air this means +- 4liters / min intake although a lot of the oxygen leaves our body again when exhaling (4% oxygen gets taken in by.

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  1. ute of O2 to 5 liters/
  2. ute of oxygen (high revs), so 15 liters/
  3. ute per kg. This Fitness rating test is not 100% valid, since there can be differences in Oxygen Utilization Rate, but that only makes sense when you are very experienced as Runner.. Joggers are between 45 and 60 ml of oxygen per
  4. Pay attention to safety use because the Seamless Steel 40 Liter Argon/Nitrogen/Oxygen Gas Cylinder is flammable and explosive. Company Information Located in Shanghai, SEFIC is a professional manufacturer of gas cylinder and affiliated equipment such as valve, cap and soft steel pipe for the gas filling
  5. The mean volume removed was 1.67 liters, with volumes ranging up to 6.6 liters. Only one patient developed clinical RPE after removal of 1.4 liters which required treatment with nasal cannula oxygen. RPE seen only on chest radiograph without clinical symptoms (radiographic RPE) was seen in four patients
  6. Most specifications show the oxygen percentage for flows of 1 to 5 LPM. The lower the flow, the higher the oxygen output. Contrary to popular belief, oxygen concentrators do not produce any significant amounts of nitrogen. As good as all oxygen concentrators contain a zeolite filter which filters out nearly all the nitrogen. The remaining 3 to.
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/burt-cancaster Updated: October 12, 2019 Review Home Oxygen Concentrators with High Oxygen Flow. High Flow Oxygen Concentrators provide continuous oxygen flow from 6 to 10 liters per minute (LPM). These oxygen machines are significantly larger than the 5 Liter Oxygen Machines and often produce twice the amount of concentrated oxygen. Oxygen patients that need high flow oxygen, also require. physiological advantages of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen (HFNCO) compared to conventional oxygen therapy 1. fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO 2) is higher and more stable - delivered flow is higher than spontaneous inspiratory demand, which reduces room-air entrainment ; anatomical dead space is reduced due to washout of nasopharyngeal space; this leads to a larger fraction of minute.

The 10 liter from 1400 to 1900. 10-There are a lot of places in the tube dealer and they take insurance from you, like the ambulance pharmacy. But if the case needs a lot of oxygen for more than 10 days, you will discover that buying a tube is more expensive than its rent. 11-There are many factories that fill oxygen Hello, I appreciate everyone's comments. They help a lot! I am on 10 liters of oxygen continuously so I have to take the LARGE e-tanks with me when I go anywhere. Talk about bulky! I used to be able to put them in the grocery cart and do grocery shopping but my illness has taken a turn for the worse so I don't get out much The DeVilbiss 5 Liter oxygen device continues to be the top-selling oxygen concentrator at Vitality Medical. Its low price and feature-rich benefits are challenging to beat. The second best selling is the Invacare Perfecto2 V, which shows increased sales volume over the past few years with its low price offer

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  1. At just 10-pounds SimplyGo is the lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on the market to offer both Continuous Flow and Pulse-Dose oxygen delivery. SimplyGo's non-clinical style and ease-of-use make it a great solution for oxygen therapy whether you use it 24-hours a day or just when you're on the go. Ruggedly built and rigorously tested SimplyGo is proudly made in the USA and is.
  2. ute (LPM) your oxygen concentrator flow rate should be set to, or how much concentrated oxygen is safe for you to supplement, you are in the right place. A lot of times people believe that more of a good thing is even better, but that is not the case with concentrated oxygen
  3. Oxygen breathing apparatus has the biggest disadvantage is bulky. Medical bottles usually have weight up to 50kg / bottle (from 6.8kg with 5 liter oxygen tank to 60kg for 40 liter oxygen tank). Patients who use oxygen to support breathing will have a lot of difficulties in the process of walking and moving
  4. Oxygen saturation is a measure of how much oxygen the blood is carrying through the body. Oxygen attaches to the hemoglobin molecules in the blood. The oxygen carried in the blood is usually referenced as a percentage of the maximum amount of O2 the blood can carry. Normal oxygen saturation levels range from 95 to 100 percent
  5. ute) and, because of that, it has the ability to increase oxygenation by washing out what is called dead space in the lungs.
  6. The goal of oxygen delivery is to maintain targeted SpO 2 levels in children through the provision of supplemental oxygen in a safe and effective way which is tolerated by infants and children to: Relieve hypoxaemia and maintain adequate oxygenation of tissues and vital organs, as assessed by SpO 2 /SaO 2 monitoring and clinical signs
  7. Brittany, have been on oxygen last four years 24/7. 8 to ten liters with excercise 4 at rest . In end stage now , so at times need to go to 15 liters . At times find it hard to regulate , 4 liters allows me to sleep , Do go to gym everday and try and pace self to what the body is calling for

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Boost Oxygen is all-natural respiratory support! † Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure supplemental oxygen for all-natural respiratory support. No prescription is needed. It is used by athletes for recovery, older adults for an active lifestyle, people at high altitudes for altitude acclimation and those experiencing poor air quality It's a very comfortable form of oxygen administration, so a lot of people feel a lot better on it. 'Stiff lungs' or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome For COVID-19 patients with severe disease, doctors find that oxygen levels in these patients are dangerously low, or in medical terms, patients are 'hypoxic', and classified as. Background: It's common practice to give carefully titrated supplemental oxygen therapy for patients in COPD exacerbation. We give enough O2 to prevent hypoxemia, but not so much that it causes hypoventilation or dangerous hypercarbia. If you're like me then you've probably heard a number of conflicting theories as to WHY overzealous supplemental oxygen leads to bad outcomes in these.

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The subject weighed 72.1 kg at the time. This means the VO2 MAX was 4.6 liters/min. The test listed a lot of other data, things like liters per breath and the VCO2 (at STP) that are used during the calculation of VO2. A MET is a metabolic equivalence unit Simply divide 3091.8 by 40 SLPM (since we have four 10 LPM concentrators) and you get 1.29 hours or 1 hour 17 minutes 24 seconds. How about the amount of time needed to fill from 100 to 150 psi? Using the formula above, 100 psi x 303 liters / 14.7 psi = 2061.2 liters Oxygen therapy, also known as supplemental oxygen, is the use of oxygen as a medical treatment. This can include for low blood oxygen, carbon monoxide toxicity, cluster headaches, and to maintain enough oxygen while inhaled anesthetics are given. Long-term oxygen is often useful in people with chronically low oxygen such as from severe COPD or cystic fibrosis Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders (Tanks) - Sizes M2 (40 Liters) to MM (3455 Liters) are lightweight Aluminum. The Drive Medical DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator makes our checklist at #four with its generous 10-liter capability in a smaller, easier-to-maneuver 5-liter shell, mixed with its host of useful features and the next variety of circulate price options The oxygen tube connects to the front lower portion of the mask. There is an elastic strap which slips over the head to hold the mask into position. The recommended flow rate range of the simple mask is 6 to 10 liters per minute and the oxygen percentages vary from 40% to 60%

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You are supplying 2 liters of pure oxygen + 4.8 liters from air (20% of the 24 liters (Percent oxygen in dry air)) = 6.8 liters of Oxygen per minute.6.8 liters oxygen / 24 liters intake = 28.3% Oxygen The need for quantity of oxygen depends on amount of labor the person does. When taken a deep breath lungs can accommodate maximum 3.3 liters of air, which comprises about 21% of oxygen. But in a breath taken while relaxation the quantity of air is not more than an average of 0.5 liter. While relaxing we normally breathe once in three-four seconds The oxygen content of surface waters of normal salinity in the summer is typically more than 8 milligrams per liter (8 mg/L); when oxygen concentrations are less than 2 mg/L, the water is defined as hypoxic (CENR, 2000). The hypoxia kills many organisms that cannot escape, and thus the hypoxic zone is informally known as the dead zone Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders (Tanks) - Sizes M2 (40 Liters) to MM (3455 Liters) are lightweight Aluminum. The H Size, also known as (K) (7842 Liters) ( Not Shown ) are steel. All Cylinders are NEW, Fully tested and are DOT 3AL and or Canadian CTC 3AL approved and Hydrostatic tested. ALL Cylinders are shipped EMPTY per Federal HAZMAT Regulations

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2 liters? Definitely. The average human adult has about 4.5-5.5 liters of blood. A blood loss constituting 30-40% of your total blood volume is a Class 3. Is it harmful to breathe 100-percent oxygen? Inhaled air is about 20-percent oxygen. Twenty-one percent of the air we breathe in The average adult, when resting, inhales and exhales about 7 or 8 liters of air per minute. The amount of oxygen that you breathe in a day is estimated to be about 7.2 kilograms. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa.

Measure ABGs within 30-60 minutes of starting supplemental oxygen or changing its concentration. If PaCO 2 normal, concentration of the supplemental oxygen may be increased to 94-98%.; It is worth noting that a large-scale systematic review questioned the benefits of raising the SaO 2 above 96% in acutely ill adults [].The British Thoracic Society (BTS) has responded that the main thrust of. An air/oxygen blender can provide precise oxygen delivery independent of the patient's inspiratory flow demands. Based on different bench and patient models, positive end-expiratory pressure may be generated. In these models, for approximately every 10 liters of flow delivered, about 1 cm/H 2 O of positive pressure is obtained. On the Marke Proper oxygen is essential to everyone . O2 is what keeps our vital organs healthy. Some organs need lots of oxygen to work well, others less. But if your blood is low in this most vital of gases your heart will beat very much faster to try to get more O2 into your bloodstream to give your organs what is needed. In many cases a no-win situation develops as the lungs are not capable of getting. These devices benefit from various settings which allow the user to adjust the flow of oxygen according to their required liters per minute. A lot of users will be cautious about using this type of delivery when sleeping as there is an assumption that not enough oxygen will be given Bernzomatic = 1.4 oz. of O2 = 40 grams = 1.25 moles O2 (40 g/32g/mole of O2) = 28 liters of O2 at STP (1 mole of a gas is 22.4 liters at STP - standard temp & pressure) 28 liters of O2 dispensed at 1/4 liter for 4 minutes (1 liter) per batch is 28 batches! At twice the usage per batch, 14 batches. Use frugally at slow flow rates

How do u get more than 10 liters of oxygen? - Lung disease

Red valves deliver 8 liters per minute at a 40 percent oxygen concentration. Green valves deliver 12 liters per minute at a 60 percent oxygen concentration. Normal Oxygen Levels Using a Pulse Oximeter. Learn More. Assemble the mask by inserting the flow valve into the mask You may need more oxygen while being physically active than your POC can offer you, so after you receive your system, discuss what you can and cannot do with it with your doctor in detail. Pulse-flow systems will have numbers on them, but these do not correspond to the liters of oxygen you receive and are just settings

If you had enough plants in a room to use up all of the CO2 and convert it to oxygen, the oxygen levels would increase from 20.95% to 21% (ref 3). that seems logical but 20.95% is the optimal amount of O2 in air. lets say you are working in a small office with a lot of people, CO2 levels can rise higher than 0.04% Oxygen, we all need it! We do not need a lot of it under normal circumstances, with 0.21 being the fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) of room air. FiO2 is defined as the concentration of oxygen that a person inhales. The air that we inhale on a day to day basis is made up of 21% of oxygen, 78% of nitrogen and 1% of trace elements such as argon. SWAG oxygen is #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. Because our oxygen cans are bigger and we have more oxygen inside, our continuous oxygen flow and initial greatest pressure periods are also the best in the industry. We offer two oxygen consumption methods as well (from nozzle or with mask) so that every last breath of oxygen can be.

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