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Estimate a taxi fare in Los Angeles Important: Cost per mile: 1.61 $ 3.76 $ 0.8 $ 0.8 $ 0.8 $ 1.9 $ 2.92 $ 0.8 $ 0.8 $ 5.06 $ Min. charge: 8.55 $ 25.75 $ 5.8 $ 5.8 $ 5.8 $ 11.55 $ 15.75 $ 5.8 $ 5.8 $ 30 $ Cancel. fee: 5 $ 10 $ 5 $ 5 $ 5 $ 10 $ 10 $ 5 $ 5 $ 10 $ Popular rides. show fare Los Angeles to Las Vega How much is the taxi fare in Los Angeles? The basic fee is $2.85, the kilometer price is $1.70. For standing and waiting time, $29.19 is charged per hour. Surcharges may apply. You can find these on the Taxi Fare Los Angeles details page. 1. Getting the route

Flag drop (first 1/9th mile) $2.85: Each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile) $0.30: Each 37 sec. waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hr. wait) $0.30: Min. fare for all taxi trips originating at LAX plus $4.00 airport-mandated surcharge: $19: Flat rate per trip (group) in either direction for trips between LAX and downtown: $46.5 Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.70 $ 2.70-5.00: Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 29.19 $ 29.19-30.00: Taxi Fare Calculator in Los Angeles, CA. Distance miles: Estimated Price * Distance miles: Estimated Price * Distance miles: Estimated Price * Distance miles: Estimated Price * Distance miles All of our drivers can also provide you with a receipt that is printed by taxi meter. Whether you are riding by yourself or with a group of friends, the Checker Cab Company offers a quality service at an affordable price. To learn more about our taxi fares in Los Angeles, contact the Checker Cab Company today at 818-488-5088 Los Angeles Taxi fares starts at the base charge of USD $ 2.85 and USD $ 2.7 for every subsequent Mile while the traffic wait time is USD $ 29.19 per hour or USD $ 0.49 for every 60 seconds. Luggage that can fit into Taxi Storage is not charged in Los Angeles taxi How much does a taxi cost to go from one destination to another? Check out taxi fare calculator for a better idea of estimated cost for taxi transportation. Call (888) 248-922

Welcome to the Los Angeles Taxi Fare Finder. This page will calculate your cab fare using Los Angeles County, CA taxi rates. To begin, enter your travel information in the fields below the map. Uber, Lyft estimates Use RideGuru All results are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather From Union Square to San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the ride is approximately 13 miles and about 16-22 minutes without traffic. Prices may change due to increased rider demand, discounts, or traffic conditions How do we calculate the taxi fare? At Taxi-Calculator.com we offer you the possibility to calculate your individual taxi fare estimation within a couple of seconds - worldwide and free. Therefore we have a huge database of up-to-date taxi rates of 483 locations out of 43 countries from all over the world $2.85 flag drop (first 1/9 mile or 37 seconds or fraction thereof) $0.30 each additional 1/9 mile or part (2.70 per mile) $0.30 for each 37 seconds of waiting time and/or traffic delay. ($29.19/hour wait) $29.19 hourly waiting tim How much does Uber trip cost in Los Angeles ? . Uber Cost 2021 Los Angeles - Price of a uber Los Angeles: Calculate in a few clicks the price of the race for a uber at Los Angeles. Per Minute; UberX Los Angeles, United States: UBERX: $8 : $2.55 : $1.75 : $0.35 : UberXL Los Angeles, United States: UBERXL: $10.5 : A free Tool Similar to a.

Lux; Base Fare: $5.00: Cancel Penalty ‡Varies: Cost Per Mile: $2.41: Cost Per Minute: $0.40: Maximum Fare: $500.00: Minimum Fare: $9.00: Scheduled Ride Cancel Penalt There is a base fare, a charge per mile and a charge per minute. It looks like the pricing structure you know well from all the miles you have logged in Los Angeles, CA cabs. But Uber Fare Estimator actually uses a bit different pricing model. Uber taxis in Los Angeles, CA charge riders per mile when moving, and per minute when idling Los Angeles Taxi fares starts at the base charge of USD $ 6.3 and USD $ 0.8 for every subsequent Mile while the traffic wait time is USD $ 0.00 per hour or USD $ 0 for every 60 seconds. Luggage that can fit into Taxi storage is not charged in Los Angeles taxi Estimate the cost and duration of a taxi trip in California. Taxi Cost 2021 California - Price of a taxi California: Calculate in a few clicks the price of the race for a taxi at California How much does a taxi cost? Most taxis will charge a flat fee for any ride. This taxi price can vary from $1-$4. Some taxi companies then add a certain amount per 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or full mile. This cost usually ends up being between $1-$3 per mile. Therefore, if you need to travel 10 miles, a taxi ride will cost $11-$24

Taxi prices in Los Angeles, CA 2021 & Taxi fare calculator

There are nine franchise taxi operators in the City of Los Angeles who operate more than 2300 taxis. Be sure before boarding any taxi in the city of Los Angeles that you look for the official City of Los Angeles Taxicab Seal. Taxicabs bearing this seal are insured, have trained drivers and are regularly inspected by the City of Los Angeles Taxi fare calculator in Los Angeles Estimate taxi fares from/to the airport, hotels, bars, monuments or anywhere in Los Angeles. Looking for another city? From. To. When. Calculate my Fare! How much does a taxi cost from to in Los Angeles, CA, USA Taxi companies in Los Angeles. City Cab See phone number. Bell Cab See phone number. See more. Also, how much do they usually cost?(per mile) I didn't notice if they are common when I was there last month. I'll be there City-Data Forum > U.S. Forums > California > Los Angeles: Taxis (Los Angeles, Santa Monica: broker, how much, houses) LAist: Hailing a Taxi in Los Angeles is a Reality 11-01-2008, 10:49 PM matt345 : Location: NYC. How many dollars per mile on average ? Thanks. Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th, 2021 (Eastern Time) and beginning April 20th, 2021 (Eastern Time) the Yahoo Answers website will be in read-only mode Yellow Taxi Cab Service in Los Angeles | Taxi Latino 24hr Taxi service in Los Angeles. No matter what your occupation or age is, we all need to move around the city in a fast and cost-effective way. Whether you are going to a business meeting or a party, you want to make sure you get there on time and make the best of your day

How much does a trip with the Uber app cost? Plan your next trip with the price estimator. Know before you go, so there's no maths and no surprises. Uber price estimator. Request now. Schedule for later. Sample rider prices are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to discounts, geography, traffic delays or other factors. Flat. Plus a $2.10 booking fee. Minimum Fare is $5.60. The rates for Uber XL in Los Angeles are $1 initial fee, $1.61 per mile, $18 per hour. Plus a $2.35 booking fee. Minimum Fare is $8.35. To calculate your trip in Los Angeles use our Fare Comparison Calculator The fare is determined by where you start the trip. If you are picked up at Union Station in the city of Los Angeles the fare will start at $2.85 plus $2.70 a mile in $.30 increments

Taxi Fare Calculation in Los Angeles - Taxi-Calculator

  1. ute when idling. Even so, Uber rates do beat cab fares in Banning, CA. It's also important to note that you don't have to tip your Uber taxi driver. And most people do tip their Banning, CA taxi driver
  2. 2. $0.35 Each additional 1/7th mile ($2.45 per mile). 3. $0.35 For each 47.5 seconds waiting time and/or traffic delay ($26.53 per hour). 4. $42.00 Flat fare for trips between LAX and downtown
  3. Taxi services typically rely on fixed fare schedules or meters. steers you to the cheaper option and can save you about $7 on average per trip, Noulas claims. The cost of a ride might be only.

City of Los Angeles: $2.85 $ .30 $ .30 $15.00 $46.50 $4.00 Flag drop (first 1/9th mile or 37 seconds) Each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile) Each 37 sec. waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hr. wait). Minimum fare for all taxi trips originating at LAX plus $4.00 Airport-mandated Surcharge $ 2.70 ----- Per Mile ( .30 cents every 1/9 mile) ¢ .30 (For cab waiting) $ 19.00--- All trips originating from LAX have a mandated $15 minimum fare plus $4.00 airport This promotion applies automatically to each ride only when paying with a stored credit card in the app in the Los Angeles area. Limited time offer. Promotions cannot be. TAXI PRICES & FARES 2021 This project's goal is to try to systematize local taxi pricing data globally and to provide taxi fare estimates as accurate as possible. Use our Taxi Fare Calculator to calculate a projected fare for your next taxi ride, or simply check out taxi prices by location

Taxi Rates for Torrance . $2.85 flag drop (first 1/9 mile or 37 seconds or fraction thereof) $0.30 each additional 1/9 mile or part (2.70 per mile) $0.30 for each 37 seconds of waiting time and/or traffic delay. ($29.19/hour wait) $29.19 hourly waiting tim Cityride is a transportation assistance program for individuals age 65 or older and qualified persons with disabilities residing in the City of Los Angeles and select areas of Los Angeles County.. The program offers Cityride partcipants reduced costs for the purchase of Cityride Dial-A-Ride (DAR) services and City of Los Angeles permitted taxicab rides and free DASH bus rides A list of USA taxi fare cards for various cities is given here. All you need to do is sort out your choices and get the fare card along with breakup. USA taxi fare charts help you to get details about daily, weekly, monthly plans for frequent commuter LAX is located about 18 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It served more than 87 million passengers in 2018 and became the fourth busiest airport in the world! Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Los Angeles, CA with LAX only 9.27 miles (14.93 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers

That year, driving a car 10,000 miles cost 9 cents a mile, and gasoline sold for 27 cents per gallon. Methodology Disclaimer : The Your Driving Costs study employs a proprietary AAA methodology to analyze the costs of owning and operating a new vehicle in the United States, using data from a variety of sources, including Vincentric LLC In the end, the taxi drivers probably don't have much to worry about anyway. The Mayor will obviously be happy to take Uber's money and score a couple of nice headlines, but I highly doubt Uber will get much influence in return. The municipal government of Los Angeles is pretty much on the same page as the state government of California Any fare disputes, please call the Taxi Authority at 702-668-4000. Las Vegas Taxi Cab Rates. For Las Vegas Airport Taxi rates to locations outside Zone 1, 2 and 3, this includes hotels in downtown Las Vegas, the taxi fare is calculated by a taximeter. The meter inside the taxi calculates the cost of your ride and displays the fare Taxi fare tables (km and miles). Given two addresses in United States, it finds the distance between them and estimates the fare for taxi services. Los Angeles, CA: 2.85 $ 1.68 $ 29.19 $ Louisville, KY: 2.70 $ 1.43 $ 30.00 $ Lubbock, TX: 3.00 $ 1.24 $ 15.00 $ Madison, WI: 4.00 $ 1.62 How much does Lyft cost in Los Angeles? Estimate Per Mile/Minute Calculated - $50 ride credit: http://www.lyft.com/i/fra2xup to $5000 Driver bonus: http://ww..

INRIX estimated the hourly cost of your time as being worth $25.19 if you would be working, $12.81 during commute time and $9.51 for leisure activities. That means a Los Angeles driver stuck in traffic on the way to work for 104 hours per year loses the equivalent of $1,332 annually Lyft is the easiest way to get an affordable ride in minutes. How does Lyft work? Learn more and discover what cities and areas we cover. Use our fare calculator for a fare estimate and see how much a Lyft ride costs compared to a taxi cab or a shuttle to local airports Both companies charge around $1.00 to start a ride and then charge $1.50 per mile, around .25 cents per minute. When we think about the average cost per mile, it lands at about $2.00 per mile which is much more cost-effective when compared to a taxi. Of course, rideshare costs don't always stay steady at their standard prices The Port of Los Angeles is located in San Pedro Bay in the San Pedro neighborhood, approximately 20 miles (30 km) south of Downtown.Also called Los Angeles Harbor and WORLDPORT L.A., the port complex occupies 7,500 acres (30 km 2) of land and water along 43 miles (69 km) of waterfront.It adjoins the separate Port of Long Beach.. The sea ports of the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach.

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The passenger cost per mile, Allison said, needs to be competitive with the variable cost of car ownership. Car ownership, on a per mile basis, costs between $0.464 to $0.608, according to AAA Order taxi cab service 24/7 Our taxicabs and taxi drivers are licensed and insured for your protection. If you need a pickup by a licensed Los Angeles taxi, LAX taxi, Santa Monica taxi, or a South Bay taxi, just call us. Our taxi cabs are available to pick you up in the Greater LA area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The cost of UberWAV in Washington, D.C. does not fulfill the requirement of equal access and equal fare that is imposed on traditional cab companies by the ADA. In the nation's capital, a standard Uber X (accessible only to the able-bodied) operates based on the following fare schedule : Base Fare: $1.15 Per Minute: $0.17 Per Mile: $1.0 The private flight cost of an eight-and-a-half-hour journey from Chicago to London comes in at around $74,600 in an Embraer Legacy 500 that has an impressive range of 3,450 miles. Or the trip will cost just under $94,000 in the intelligently-designed and high-performing Bombardier Challenger 300. This works out at $8,776 and $11,750. The Kelley Blue Book (the authority for appraising a car's value) calculates the total cost of owning a car in cost per mile, and was kind enough to provide MEL with the per mile cost for the. Taxi Price Compare is a revolution in on-line taxi booking. We hold the biggest database of real-time taxi prices in the UK. Using the information you provide us we will instantly check the fares for your journey with 1000's of taxi and minibus companies An illustration from Certify's infographic highlighting average hourly driver pay for Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and taxi drivers. Earnest, a lending company, reports median earnings of Lyft drivers at $210 per month, compared to $155 per month for Uber drivers.. Lyft and Uber earnings for drivers fall at approximately the same national average per month, but Lyft drivers earn more in tips

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Taxi Fare in Los Angeles, CA

Cost for a Day. Enterprise: Chicago $85; Orlando $52; Los Angeles $100 Alamo: Chicago $76; Orlando $46; Los Angeles $100 Budget: Chicago $59; Orlando $59; Los Angeles $56 Cost for a Week. Enterprise: Chicago $564; Orlando $393; Los Angeles $521 Alamo: Chicago $540; Orlando $352; Los Angeles $522 Budget: Chicago $391; Orlando $348; Los Angeles $364 Cost for a Mont By comparison, a trip from the airport to New York-New York Hotel & Casino on a weekday afternoon would cost $14.41 for UberX service, and $10 to $12 for Lyft personal service, according to fare. Asphalt driveway resurfacing costs $1 - $3 per square foot. The cost to resurface an asphalt driveway is $400 - $2,200. Resurfacing a 100' road costs $1,200 - $3,600 The average cost for a taxi ride from LAX to Long Beach cruise port is $87. That's an average, so it may be higher or lower. Taxi prices don't vary as much as rideshare prices, though, so that. The price estimate for this ride is $ 46.50.. From: dodger stadium To: LAX. This estimate was last updated on 05 May 2019, almost 2 years ago. This taxi cost estimation from dodger stadium to LAX might be a bit outdated

Once in the car, there are two rates: mileage and time. Both are counted in $0.25 increments, and the dividing line between the two is 15 mph. One can estimate their trip to cost $2.25 per mile for Metro Taxi, $1.80 per mile for Freedom Cab, and $2.25 per mile for Yellow Cab, and approximately $0.25 per red light on that trip, plus the drop rate The base fare is going up to $2.50 from $2. Every tick of the meter (one-fifth of a mile) will cost 40 cents, up a dime. A trip to JFK from Manhattan will run $45, an increase of $10 This is usually about a dollar less than the per-mile rate. A typical 55-passenger bus charges $3.50 to $4.00 per mile. So a trip from Phoenix to San Francisco to Phoenix — that's 745 miles — might run you around $2,607, plus a deadhead rate of $1,862, for a grand total of $4,470 Basic Life Support $ 1,200.00. Basic Life Support $ 1,300.00. Advanced Life Support 1 $ 1,400.00. Advanced Life Support 1 Emergency $ 1,500.0 Inside Los Angeles: Getting Around - Before you visit Los Angeles, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. You may purchase a TAP CARD at any metro rail station and load the appropriate fare on the card ($1.75 per ride or a $7 DAY PASS for unlimited rides). TAXI SERVICE THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES

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Uber XL charges a $3.25 base fare, $1.70 booking fee, $0.35 per minute, and $2.25 per mile. The minimum fare for Uber XL is $7. Slightly more expensive, Uber XL is the best option for larger parties of up to 6 passengers. Uber Select charges a $5 base fare, $1.70 booking fee, $ 0.40 minute, $3.00 a mile with an $8 minimum fare Currently, all three are available in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Boston. Uber has the widest availability, with service in 58 countries, including. • Taxi fares now account for an estimated 30% of all fares paid by passengers for taxi, bus, subway, and car service and black car trips in New York City, and 45% of fares paid for trips within Manhattan. • The average fare is $9.61 for a 2.8 mile trip, or $11.44 when surcharges and tip And most people do tip their taxi driver. If you add a tip of 20% to the cab fares, Uber looks like an even better deal and beats out taxis in every city we analyzed. See Table 2 Return to Top. Cost to Resurface a Private Road or Walkway. A 30-inch walkway that is 100 feet long runs $750 to $1,750, or $7.5 to $17.5 per linear foot.By comparison, a 30-foot road ranges from $9,000 to more than a million, at $90 to $210 per linear foot.. Parking Lot Resurfacing Cost. The cost to pave a parking lot ranges from $900 to $2,100 per space for resurfacing

Joby says it can reach a top speed of 200 mph, travel 150 miles on a single charge, and is 100 times quieter than a conventional aircraft. The company says it aims to have a scaled-up air taxi. Uber sets the fares for each service in each city based on its own formula calculated using either a per mile rate or a per minute rate, on top of a base fare of a few dollars A single Amtrak ticket can cost from $6 to $29 one-way, but it can be over $1,000 for long destinations and premium seats. On average, most trips that are under 500 miles will cost about $40 to $300 per seat in the coach section. To find out what your exact train trip will cost, refer to this Amtrak.com pricing page

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Browse a list of our LAX taxi fares from anywhere in Los Angeles, make an online reservation for LAX taxi service here or call us at 1-800-273-6611 to make an immediate reservation. $2.85 FLAG DROP (First 1/9 Mile OR 37 SECONDS OR FRACTION THEREOF) $0.30 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL 1/9th MILE OR PART Taxi Cabs. There are a variety of Taxi services that operate to and from LAX. Los Angeles, CA 90045: 1.3 mile: 898 S Sepulveda Blvd El Segundo, CA 90245: 1.4 mile: 9800 La Cienega Blvd Commissioners adopted Resolution 26798 authorizing the collection of an alternative Customer Facility Charge of $9.00 per day for up to 5 days at LAX for. Wait what!!!! My guy if you can't find the Glass House you shouldn't be a driver in Los Angeles! He hung up on me lol. My Brother was there 10 minutes later. You know they also jack up the price to double what a ride would cost for 6 mile ride $28.00 The point of this walk 2 blocks any direction before you book a ride

For years, Los Angeles Yellow Cab has been providing professional, friendly Santa Monica taxi service throughout the city. With fast pickup and delivery as well as courteous, professional service, our drivers will get you where you need to go safely and in no time at all We checked the price for a trip from JFK airport to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on October 14 at 11:02 a.m. The price for a yellow taxi was $54.50, which includes the $52 flat fee for rides from JFK to Manhattan plus a $2.50 New York State Congestion Surcharge. You'll also be charged any tolls, which vary based on the route the driver takes TLC~Pet~Transport Rates for Group Pet Transports (several pets, different families, same van) are figured by the size of your pet and how much space they occupy in our van (carrier dimensions cost chart is below) plus a gas surcharge of .20 cents per mile of your total transport miles door to door (zip code to zip code). This is the current gas surcharge rate as of April 1st, 2020 GrabTaxi improves the way passengers hail taxi drivers and the way taxi drivers look out for passengers. Our 3 unique selling points are: Speed: GrabTaxi lets you find the taxi nearest you in less than a minute with just two taps! Waiting for your driver is also reduced as the algorithm in choosing the best driver for you is always the closest interested driver The highest mile per cost for maintenance and repairs was recorded by 1959 Dodge station wagon models with a 383 cubic inch engine-.0210 per mile. Over-all, 1963 Oldsmobile models with a 215-cubic inch engine had the lowest operating cost-.0162 per mile, while the 1959 Dodge station wagons cost the most to operate-.0419 per mile

The 2001 study of Los Angeles taxi drivers showed that mileage driven could be estimated from oil bills, as well as tire purchases, tune-ups, and other routine maintenance. For example, if 5 oil bills were submitted with fifteen oil changes performed at the recommended 3,000 miles per oil change, it would come to 45,000 miles Car rental deals in Los Angeles vary by the dates of your trip and the pick-up and drop-off times. Try narrowing your search results by car type ranging from compact or an SUV to a sports car and pick-up location or price, too. you'll even find deals based on which rental car provider you choose How does our taxi fare estimator work? The prices are estimated using the fastest-routing distance, time-of-day, and the official local taxi fares. Keep in mind that this calculator doesn't include detours, waiting times, or extra fees for things like excess luggage in the taxi cost That figure will tell you the cost per 100 miles. In the Los Angeles area, a 1-kilowatt solar system produces an average of 4 kWh of power per day. adding as much as 1,200 miles of range.

The average cost to ship a car within the continental United States is $950.The highest average price is $1,200, and the lowest average price is $700.The per mile average for moving a car is $0.60 per mile for trips of 1,000 miles or more We also provide long distance towing services up to 100 miles and heavy duty 1 picture 1 picture towing glendale, towing in glendale, glendale towing This is a great cost saving and time saving option. 2 pictures 2 pictures at Mars Towing Los Angeles, do have tow dollies, flatbed trucks and any other equipment and tool which they. Los Angeles: complete 130 deliveries in 30 days and earn $1050 ($8 extra per order) Salt Lake City: complete 60 deliveries in 30 days and earn $475 ( $8 extra per order ) These bonuses are good as of 2021, so if you're thinking of signing up for Postmates, now is a good time to do it LAX Airport to downtown Los Angeles is about 18 miles via I-110 S and I-105 W. The cost can range from about $21 for a shared ride van to $55 for a private van. as downtown Los Angeles so there are plenty of hotels you can stay at with easy access to a fleet of shuttle buses and taxi services. Because Los Angeles International Airport is. Los Angeles, United States. Glitz and glamour is the name of the game in the unofficial capital of the US west coast. Head to the heart of Hollywood for your own brush with fame at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame, shop in (designer) style on Rodeo Drive, ride the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier and experience the bohemian lifestyle on display at Venice Beach Boardwalk

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Tipping customs for cab drivers vary from country to country and even from city to city. Fifteen to 20 percent of your fare is a good rule of thumb, but you can tip more or less depending on your. But the average per capita income is just $921.91, and transportation costs consume nearly 6% of that. And for the 1.2 million inhabitants of Mumbai who earn less than 28 cents per day, or right around $100 per year, public transit costs more than 50% of their annual income There are 7 ways to get from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Disneyland by tram, bus, train, taxi, car, towncar or shuttle. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner What does air taxi travel cost? Linear Air Taxi trip prices start at levels comparable to business-class airline fares - and even less than coach on some routes. Pricing varies by type of plane and the specifics of your trip The average cost to ship a car per mile is approximately $1.38—or $138 per 100 miles. The average cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to Miami is approximately $1,270. Distance affects the shipping cost, so a cross-country trip costs more than a trip of 150 miles

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I also recommend it for those that don't want to hassle with the time of taking a shuttle or aren't too concerned with the additional cost. San Francisco Taxi Pricing. The fares for San Francisco taxis are standard for every company. The fee starts at $3.50 for the first 1/5 of a mile. Each additional 1/5 of a mile is an additional $0.55 Average U.S. trip = 5 miles and 5 minutes of wait time. Short trip = 2.8 miles and 4.77 minutes of wait time (New York City average trip) Long trip = 12 miles and 5 minutes of wait time Fares for DC suburbs is the average rate for surrounding counties in Maryland and Virginia. Rate shown for Denver is for Yellow Cab; rates vary by company The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gives the median income for taxi drivers and chauffeurs as $25,880 per year as of May 2017. This means that 50 percent of cabbies earned more than this amount and the other half earned less

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