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>>Podcast show notes are a great way to inform your audience what your episode is about and encourage them to then click play.<< *Think of it as a teaser of your amazing content!* Whether this is the first time you're considering it or have thought about writing blog posts for your podcast before, this post is going to outline exactly how to. Recording and editing your podcast is one thing, but turning podcasts into a valuable blog post is another. That's why we wanted to help you get the most out of your podcast by giving you the right tools and strategies you can apply to transform your content. Take a moment and look at how to turn a podcast into a blog post with ease Essentially a podcast is just a sound file (like an MP3) embedded in a blog post. That blog post is then part of a feed that is picked up by iTunes so that people can be notified of new episodes on their smartphones. What we are doing at this stage is installing a plugin that neatly sends iTunes all of that information automatically Publishing detailed show notes or a blog post of your podcast episode, in my opinion, provides much better value to your audience. Reply. Add A Comment Cancel. Comment. Name. Email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search. Search for: Latest Posts. How to create a content repurposing strategy for your.

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  1. This works particularly well for posts that are thought-provoking and somewhat conversational in nature. If, however, your blog posts tend to be highly technical with lots of screenshots and directions, that's probably not good content for audio-only presentation. In that case, you can Simply talk about your blog posts. With the same setup.
  2. Audacity is an awesome free multi-track audio editor and recorder you can use to turn your blog posts into podcast episodes. Another great option for Mac users is GarageBand
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  4. Recent Liturgy podcast Blog Posts Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ [Corpus Christi], Year B (Jun 6, 2021) Ken Canedo, April 30, 2021 This is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed for many.The Eucharist is Jesus' promise of eternal life, a covenant... Read this post Most Holy Trinity, Year B (May 30, 2021
  5. Blog posts are made up of text, and internet search engines like Google can find words and phrases easily. Text loads to a web site faster than audio, it's faster to find and share. Until very recently, this meant that podcasts relied on show notes, transcripts , and blog posts promoting individual episodes, to make podcasts discoverable in.

To subscribe to a blog, podcast, or RSS feed of interest, simply click on its orange subscription icon (or its purple icon if the subscription is to an iTunes podcast). If you wish to suggest any additions to this list, please click here (Note: Due to the large number of blogs authored by students, SPN is unable to post links to student blogs. 1. Blog posts. You should already have a dedicated website for your podcast so accompanying episodes with blog posts are easy to implement. Outside of show notes, you have a few avenues to further flesh out your audio content

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Pro podcast producer Ray Ortega runs The Podcasters' Studio, one of the most engaging podcasting blogs on our list.He also runs the Podcasters' Roundtable, a podcast full of opinionated conversations about the issues that podcasters encounter on a daily basis.In Podcast Quick Tips, you can learn podcasting one small bite at a time.. Ray got his start in podcasting in 2007 with the Produce. A podcast post is a page on your blog/website which is made up of show notes and an audio file, and often with an audio player which allows you to play that audio file. A blog post is pretty much exactly the same thing, minus the audio file Brandon Gaille built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in the two years after publishing his first post. In his value-packed podcast, The Blog Millionaire , Brandon shares the same strategies he used to attract his first million visitors in a practical how-to format A blog is an educational, informative, or entertaining website where new pieces of content — blog posts — are regularly published. Example: Matt Mullenweg's personal blog. Podcasting pros and cons. Some advantages to podcasting include the following: It's a newer medium: the first podcast was created in 2004 (versus the first blog in 1994) Each week I break down a new tactic or growth hack, which comes from a 1200 to 1500-word blog post I created. The blog post acts as my transcript, which I use to record each one of my podcast episodes. On top of being real easy to execute, there are a few other good reasons you should turn your posts into a podcast. Reason One: The competition.

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A blog post should be able to stand on its own, even if you write it based on a podcast episode. Transforming audio podcasts into well-organized, informative written posts is a great way to double your content output and reach audiences in different places Get your notepad ready because today on the blog you'll be treated to 25 copy-and-paste blog templates you can use on your blog right now. Originally, when this blog post was first published in February of 2012 (a looooong time ago in blog years), Kim Roach from Buzzblogger.com was kind enough to share with us her 17 ideas for blog posts. In this new-and-updated version, I've added 8 of my.

Listen to Episode 103 on PodBean, iTunes, YouTube, or wherever you can find it!. It's been called the largest natural climate event of the Cenozoic Era, it set off a series of environmental changes that paved the way for our modern world, and it's a critical case study in what happens when a huge rise in atmospheric Carbon triggers rapid warming of the global climate New York, United States About Podcast Podcasters will find all the tools necessary to simplify and speed up the podcasting process. Spreaker's features include an easy-to-use recording console on both the web and mobile, the ability to migrate content using an RSS feed importer, as well as ways to connect to external tools and mixers; audio storage space for hosting shows; easy distribution by. Add a podcast: Click Get Started. Paste in the link to your podcast's RSS feed. Add podcast info like the category, language, and country. Review the details and submit. Claim a podcast: Click Get Started. Paste and submit a link to your podcast's RSS feed. Check the email that's linked to your RSS feed 9. Repurpose blog posts into podcast episodes and more . If you are more into blogging than podcasting, you can convert blog posts into podcasts - exactly the opposite of what the previous tip suggests. But that's not all. You can repurpose the blog post into more formats than just podcast episodes

Blog Podcast Discovery 101: How to Find Podcasts Easily The growth in podcasts is significant for listeners looking for a show that appeals to their individual interests. Plus, it's great for marketers and business owners looking for new platforms to advertise on and new audiences to reach Washington, District Of Columbia, United States About Podcast A podcast from Washington Post Live, the newsroom live journalism platform, where top-level government officials, business leaders, cultural influencers and emerging voices discuss the most pressing issues driving the news cycle nationally and across the globe. Frequency 24 episodes / month Since Dec 2016 Podcast washingtonpost.com. In this post, we will look at seven of the best WordPress podcast plugins, aka. podcasting plugins on the market, before listing their key features and best use cases for each. Let's get started! The 7 best #WordPress #podcast #plugins available in 2020 Seriously Simple Podcasting uses a custom post type called (naturally) Podcast. These posts come with special fields that help you upload and customize your episode post. To make a new post, click Podcast > Add New on the left side of your WordPress dashboard. Give the post a title that relates to your episode (e.g. Episode 18: Jane Doe.

Jenna and Angela break down their friendship, what led them to make this podcast and how Office Ladies comes together each week. This episode is jammed packed with daily rituals that help get the ladies through their week, more Office casting stories and even a best friends quiz! Kick your week off right with this Monday Motivation episode The event has pre- and post-conference activities to prepare for and follow up after the event. Schedule a DLN event now. Digital Learning Network: NASA Careers in STEM. DIY Podcast: Exploration Careers. DIY Podcast Home. Please Note: If you leave a comment, do not include a link to your blog or other websites

With over 1 in 3 Americans now having listened to a podcast, it's getting easier and more attractive to start and grow your own podcast.. The rise of podcasts is, in many ways, similar to the rise of blogs. Blogs grew more and more popular as a way for people to create their own newspapers, magazines, and periodicals, and now podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity as a way for anyone. It might be a blog post alongside a podcast version. It might be a podcast with a few videos clips taken from it. It might be the full stack, including a blog post, a podcast and a set of videos covering that content. Whatever stage you're at, when thinking about publishing, it's all about the network. Even if you just have two elements of. When choosing a niche, industry, or topic for your blog (or podcast), you'll want to pick something that specific enough so it will resonate with your audience. Because there are over 4 million blog posts published every day, it's important to be unique

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Free nonprofit communications resources, from blog posts about nonprofit renaming to podcasts about structuring a communications team. Read, listen, watch Tune in to the AI Podcast. We're available through iTunes, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Castbox, Castro, DoggCatcher, Overcast, PlayerFM, Pocket Casts, Podbay, PodBean, PodCruncher, PodKicker, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn. If your favorite isn't listed here, drop us a note. Blog Posts. Don't have time to tune in Adding a podcast to your WordPress blog is outrageously easy. While generating your blog's RSS feeds, WordPress automatically adds a tag <enclosure>(available in RSS 2.0) if a music file is linked within that post, and this tag is read by podcast clients. Therefore, all you have to do is make a post; WordPress will do the rest for you It's terrific to have consistent audio content from the podcast, as well as weekly blog post summaries of each shows. But, we try to create even more content out of our podcast program with our monthly recaps/greatest hits posts. We call this content atomization. Here's a monthly recap from Social Pros, focused on the human side of social

What are the best podcast tools out there for starting a podcast? In this blog post, I share the four things you need to launch a new podcast You obviously won't want to promote your podcast on every page, but you can come up with several blog posts that can easily be used to plug upcoming podcast episodes. You can also use these blog posts as landing pages in your podcasting marketing funnel, and then you can use native advertising platforms like Outbrain or Taboola to drive. In the old days, I wrote one giant blog post for each podcast, and these posts were around 5000 words long. Years ago, I decided to break it up, and let each article be its own blog post. It was a great decision for so many reasons, but one commitment the listeners asked of me was that I promise to collect the links to all of the blog posts for. Content creators, here's an Equity Screen to use as you work on your next blog post, book, podcast, or video. Posted on August 19, 2019 August 19, 2019 by Vu [Image description: Two otters, staring off into the distance. They look kind of solemn. But they're soooooo cute. In fact, I would say they'reotterly adorable

Starting a podcast? Thinking about starting a podcast? Ready this blog post now to decide if it is the right move for you & your business eMarketer predicts businesses will spend $1 billion on podcast ads in 2021, and 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to buy a product recommendation.. Before you hit record and start carving out a slice of the podcast pie for your brand, you need somewhere to record, edit, and publish your episodes.. With so many podcast software options out there, it can feel a bit overwhelming deciding.

Today, they are a great alternative to a blog if you'd rather vocalize your opinion, well, vocally instead of attempting to become the next Hemingway in a series of blog entries. While they take a bit more work than writing a post, they're easier for the audience to digest, as they can passively engage by listening to a podcast just about. Learning centers are often arranged by media types like videos, blog posts and podcasts, as well as by general topics. Smart Passive Income is a blog run by personal finance blogger, Pat Flynn, for aspiring online entrepreneurs. They use a very well-designed drop-down menu featuring a learning center for easier access to common topics they. It looks as though podcast SEO will have a considerable impact in the coming decade! Hopefully, this post has given you a good idea of how to start an SEO-friendly podcast, or tweak your existing one The good thing is that you can embed any podcast epidsode from SoundCloud by simply placing the URL anywhere in your WordPress posts and pages. SoundCloud is free for up to 3 hours of uploads. Their free plan gives a good starting point for beginners who want to test the waters first

Limit blog posts to topics that wouldn't normally be covered on the podcast. Enrich blog content with podcast episodes. Blog content, especially long-form content, can be difficult to consume in one sitting - especially if it's not formatted properly. Formatting is more than the length of paragraphs and sentences ‎Each week on the Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast, John Mueller will read two posts from the Bart Ehrman Blog - the first will be a post from the not too distant past, and the second will be from the blog archives (one published roughly the same calendar week but from years 2012 to 2016). The Bart Ehrman

Home About The Blog The Podcast The Shop Courses Favorite Things. get in touch. STAY WITH US. Welcome to The JK Blog. hey there! JENNA KUTCHER. Home about blog Courses podcast. jk. BLOG HOME Blog Home. OPEN CATEGORIES + LATEST POST. How to Create Your First Email Sales Funnel to Scale Your Earnings Blog posts without Audio Blocks won't sync to Apple Podcasts. Squarespace-generated RSS feeds can include up to 300 most recent podcast episodes. This is the maximum number of episodes that Apple Podcasts supports. Step 1 - Use a Blog Page. To podcast with Squarespace, use a Blog Page to host your podcast Best Podcasts for Music Fans. Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl Kids' music can be well, annoying. But kindie rock (aka, indie rock for kids) is here to help. This two-hour podcast styled like a DJ radio show features new and old songs that kids will love, many by parents' favorite musicians Real Estate Rookie Podcast. Ready to go take action? Every Wednesday, we arm you with tips, tools, and inspiration to help you launch your real estate investing career. Hosts Ashley Kehr and Felipe Mejia welcome a wide range of guests as they tackle the newbie questions you've always wondered about, but might be afraid to ask. Listen. Learn Our goal is to share stories of diverse, inclusive poly experiences to help you on your journey. Use a keyword to search our 12-year podcast blog archives to find episodes, posts and comments on your current relationship question

Total number of podcasts & episodes on Apple Podcasts updated April 2021. As new stats and reports come out, this post will be updated with the latest info on the podcast listener landscape. There is both an infographic (with embed code) and a Pinterest image for your sharing needs as well is creating podcasts and blog posts . Select a membership level. Chatterbox . $3. per month. Join. The only tier, for now. You'll get two exclusive, patron-only posts each month and access to all previous patron-only posts. These posts are ad free Odyssey Podcast #138 Award-winning editor Sheila Williams was a guest lecturer at the 2020 Odyssey Writing Workshop. In this excerpt from a question and answer session, she answers questions about her editorial process, story endings, and what differentiates a good story from a story that she buys. Sheila is the multiple Hugo Award-winning editor of Asimov' Spotify Ushers In New Era of Podcast Monetization With New Tools for All Creators. April 27, 2021. Check out Anchor's blog for more on how the Paid Subscription program works for creators. Discover More. 5 Fast Facts About Spotify's New Podcast Charts. April 14, 2021 Apr 19, 2021 · 15 min read. Hey everybody. Before we jump into the article, I encourage you to join the Discord community for my upcoming NFT project! Just a fun place to connect, hang out, ask questions and get set up properly for the big launch on 5/5

Back in 2008, I wrote a blog post announcing that I was going to start a brand new podcast. I even published a little audio file to make the announcement to test my new equipment. I cringe when I think about it. Personally, it's hard for me to listen to, but I'm going to let you listen to it now If you blog as well as podcast, then all posts (if they have podcast episodes or not) will appear as they should in your main blog's feed, but your podcast only feed will only have those episodes, no blog posts. I think you are expecting the opposite behavior of what happens by default. The thing to remember is that podcasting is an extension. What follows are 26 tips, from A-Z, to help you create optimal blog posts every time you sit down to write. #1: Anatomically Correct. A blog post contains several areas that require our attention and care. Pamela Seiple refers to six parts of the anatomy of a lead-generating blog post: Eye-catching title; In-text links to landing page The Post's premier daily podcast, featuring unparalleled reporting, expert insight and clear analysis, every weekday afternoon. Latest episode Revisiting 'The Life of George Floyd

Editor's Note: The original version of How to start a podcast with WordPress was published on November 4, 2015 by Devesh Sharma. This article was updated on May 23, 2017. Podcasts are a primary medium for quality content distribution. Shows like 99% Invisible average over 1.5 million listeners per month 120+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas: Since this list is so long, I tried to break it into categories to keep it somewhat organized and maybe spark some of your own ideas! Round Ups and List Ideas For Blog Posts: 1. Round up your favorite posts from other bloggers on a topic. 2. Your favorite blogs to read [RELATED] 10 Inspiring Millennials. 3.

I am building a site in which I would like blog posts to go to one page, and podcasts go to another page. Is that possible? Thanks. Reply. WPBeginner Support says: Oct 16, 2020 at 9:40 am. You could create categories and add those categories to your menu which would add posts from those specific categories to those pages. Another more complex. Welcome to the Alisa Childers Patreon page. I create apologetics videos, podcasts, and blog posts that address the movement of progressive Christianity from a biblical worldview. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 120 exclusive posts. 4. Audio releases. 2. Images. 2. Links. 33. Writings. 79 The Operatory Podcast, hosted by Bryan Laskin, DDS, is all about creating new perspectives and burying the dinosaurs in dentistry. Guests range from those giving their take from the other side of the chair to other experts in the dental field. If you have issue with this specific blog post, then please report it to the administrators so.

Shonen Jump Podcast 402. Alexis jumps back on the podcast for the first time in a while! We share some great moments happening in series such as Me & Roboco, Mission: Yozakura Family, and Jujutsu Kaisen If you have been struggling with content creation, listen up for how I came up with 100 ideas for videos to create for my new YouTube channel. Use this strategy to come up with blog posts, podcast episodes, or any other form of content you like to create. Join the #100Project! Read Mor Each episode is like a blog post, covering a specific topic. Podcasting has been a mainstream content channel for years now but is still growing. In Infinite Dial's 2017 research, they found that 67 million Americans listen to at least one podcast per month. Additionally, podcast listening rate has been consistently growing 10 to 20% per year Blog Podcast. We love to hear from Fellow Fans. You can send us a quick message using the form below: RSS; Email me; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Marlow Hicks • 2019 • 132 Breese. Theme by.

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I've always talked about how the future will be audio and voice focused.. The same way I felt about social media in 2006/7/8, I feel about podcasting, audio and voice today in 2019. On my global top 100 iTunes podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience, you'll hear episodes of my favorite series called the # AskGaryVee Sho w, a mix of my best highlights from my DAILYVEE documentary video series. Home About The Blog The Podcast The Shop Courses Favorite Things. get in touch. STAY WITH US. Welcome to The JK Blog. hey there! JENNA KUTCHER. Home about blog Courses podcast. jk. BLOG HOME Blog Home. OPEN CATEGORIES + LATEST POST. Business Coaching and Benefits of Working With a Coach Procurement Podcasts, Blog Posts and More. You, like many people, may feel dread in hearing the word networking May 8, 2020 · This is a blog post that I wish it existed when I started my startup journey. I like collecting numbers (e.g., website traffic, domain name price, revenue) of tech companies when they were small Buzzsprout has helped over 100,000 people start their own podcast. It is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast. Read over 1,000 Trustpilot reviews from satisfied customers who love using Buzzsprout. We've helped over 100,000 people launch their podcasts since Buzzsprout launched.

10) Blog Post: What Amazing Bosses Do Differently This blog post is a great complement to the book above. It'll give you some solid advice for building and growing a team that people love to be on. Plus, it's way shorter than a book, so you'll have time to read this on your lunch break. 11) Podcast: Startu Finding good blog posts or podcast episodes was like finding needles in a haystack. So, I decided to create my own curriculum and began interviewing the smartest people in the world that would agree to speak with me. I began traveling around the country with a backpack filled with a few days' clothes and a mobile recording studio.. Create a new blog post in your WordPress dashoboard and attach the tag podcast to that post. Now create a regular hyperlink inside this WordPress post and point to any audio or video podcast file. Publish the post. For Blogger users. Go to your Blogger dashboard and under Settings, choose Other Quality Sense Podcast: Anand Bagmar - What You Should Know About Visual Testing by Kalei White In this Quality Sense episode, host, Federico Toledo interviews Anand Bagmar, a professional from India with over 20 years of experience in the software industry Read Latest post Welcome to our blog featuring book excerpts, personal essays, interviews, and more. It's like the blog I started in 2007 but fewer hedgehogs and felt buttons

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Free Download: My Time-Tested SEO-Driven Blog Post Template. Join 105,734+ bloggers in writing better content today. Enter your Name and Email & I'll send you instant access to the Blog Post Template I've used (and perfected) to help generate more than 400,000+ monthly readers, 105,000+ email subscribers and over $50,000/mo in side income I hope this post demystified a good bit of the podcast sponsorship experience! To sum up: working with established podcasts feels a little more pay‐to‐play. Or to put it admittedly crudely, kind of like an audible version of Google Adwords Dan was the UKs young entrepreneur of the year, host of the UKs number 1 business podcast Secret Leaders & founder of a new Braincare company called HEIGHTS, which is pioneering how we take care of our brains. He started it after his multiple issues overcoming mental health problems

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Kevin Negandhi kicks off the podcast with former Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons to discuss watching his team after opting out of the college football season, the importance of being a three. 01. Wix Podcast Player. While the Wix Podcast Player isn't a traditional hosting platform, it's certainly one of the easiest and most stylish ways to showcase your podcast on your website, no matter where your host is. The best part is that the initial setup just requires your podcast's RSS feed URL. From there, the Player will do the rest for you RSA Blogs. Enabling organizations to thrive in an uncertain, high-risk world with the latest information on cybersecurity and digital ris Set up a podcast Blog Page. Add a blog post with your episode using an Audio Block. Submit your RSS feed for syndication. Continue posting new episodes. Podcast limitations. If your site is in trial, a podcast can't be submitted to or subscribed to via Apple Podcasts. To proceed, upgrade to paid service Blog Post Examples . Congrats on getting your first blog post published! Would it be helpful to see a few examples? Let's take a look at a few first blog post examples. Example #1: CPA Career Coach. My first blog was launched in 2009 and it was designed to help accounting and finance professionals find meaning in their work

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For example, you can repurpose your podcast episodes into blog posts by transcribing and editing your audio. Feature your podcast on your homepage and About page, link to specific podcast episodes within your blog posts, and embed a podcast player on your site for visitors. Be a guest (and invite guests onto your show CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO HERE ON HOW YOU CAN UPLOAD YOUR PODCAST IN ONLY A FEW CLICKS WITH PODBEAN. —- Convert your podcast into an MP3 using your DAW When you record your podcast using Zoom, a DAW can help you with post-production, where you can insert intro and outro music, advertising, and do final editing with your podcast. Today, I'll be. In this episode, Chris McNulty and Mark Kashman talk with Martina Grom (Co-founder, atwork and Microsoft MVP/RD) and Christophe Fiessinger (Principal program manager, Microsoft) about the role governance plays regarding information and communication compliance. We dig into compliance strategy, technology like Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager, DLP, sharing, and more - with a nice dose of. You have a podcast that specifically focuses on healthy eating and nutrition. Instead of wasting time on social media, sharing podcast links to people who may or may not be podcast listeners, you can instead focus on podcast advertising. Upload an ad on AdHub, and specifically target podcast listeners who are interested in health & fitness Libsyn's launch partnership with Samsung will bring podcasts under the Listen tab within the Samsung Free application.. Every new launch partnership creates an opportunity for audience growth for Libsyn customers and reaches new audiences. Samsung is another exciting addition to our growing list of launch partners

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new Podcast APIs, a set of API features that allow developers to build podcast experiences for Spotify users. You can use the Podcast APIs to search Spotify's podcast catalog, programmatically follow or unfollow podcasts, and fetch information about episodes and podcast shows Posted on Apr 26, 2021 April 23, 2021 Posted in Borne the Battle podcast VA celebrates 10 years of genetic research Posted on Apr 25, 2021 April 20, 2021 Posted in Healt A refreshed Podcast Show page design. Our Podcast Show page may look a little different, but it's still got all the features you know and love. The new look moves the descriptions up, so you no longer have to swipe on a show to read about it. This allows for more information about each podcast—and episode—at a single glance All blog posts, podcasts, and show notes that are distributed to the public for free can be re-distributed via hard copy or electronic copy for free ONLY if EM Basic is included as the acknowledged author within the actual media that is re-distributed

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A few years into the new church age, Jerusalem was still its only location. It would take a decade or so for the gospel to break into the Gentile world, and the early years of the church were mainly spent growing and forming in the same city in which Christ died and was buried and rose and ascended Here's an excerpt from a blog post Omar wrote titled, What You Really Need To Know About Getting Sponsorships for Your Podcast: Not all podcasts are meant to have sponsors. If your intention for creating a podcast was to further develop your communication skills or to spend an hour a week with your best bud gabbing about the NBA playoffs. Latest blog post 10 Free Online Classes for Improving your Illustrations. Listen here to our first podcast episode, dedicated to the world's most hated font Curious Minds is an original podcast by Domestika that explores the curiosities and untold histories of the creative world Episodes and blog posts Episode Zero - Christopher S. Henri Henrikson - Ep 99 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:07:44 — 117.0MB) | Embe

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