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$3.50 each White Polymer Inlay - 3/8 inch square for Brunswick Jefferson pool tables WP/JEFF Add $3.95 each Mother of Pearl Diamond Shaped Sight - 1.25in x 9/16i The mother of pearl diamond sight comes standard on select A.E. Schmidt tables. It is available as an upgrade on all other tables. Category: Custom Sight Options Tags: diamond , mop diamond , mother of pearl , sight , sights Diamond Sights . DAB Abalone Diamond DMOP Mother of Pearl Diamond DEBN Ebony Diamond DPW White Molded (Pearlized) Diamond Pool Tables. Olhausen Pool Tables; Build Your Own; Shuffleboards. olhausen shuffleboards; Shuffleboard Accessories; Outdoor Collegiate. Game Room Additions. foosball The inlaid objects along the rails on a pool table are not merely for decoration. These are sighting marks, meant to improve the accuracy of your shots. They can be round pearl colored objects, diamonds, or other custom shapes. In a game of pool or billiards, however, these marks are most commonly referred to as. Plastic Diamond Sight, 1-3/16 x 19/32 $0.95 Cue Silk Pool Table Cleaner. $8.95.

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  1. Diamond Abalone. Abalone. Dimensions: 1-1/4 tall and 1/2 wide. Sold individually. Due to export regulations this item cannot be shipped outside the United States
  2. The cheap plastic ones look the same. I got the 7/16ths rail sights that look like pearl available at Ozone Park Billiards. I used a piloting drill bit to make sure that the holes are clean and acurate. You devide the playing surface equally by 4 for the width and 8 for the length to find out the spacing on the sights
  3. Pool Table Maintenance > Rail Repair Supplies. 36-104 - Plastic Diamond Sight, 1-1/4 x 5/8 Share! Retail Price: $1.75. Your Price: $0.95 - $0.55.

Home / Custom Sight Options / Diamond: Abalone. Diamond: Abalone. Description Specifications. Abalone Diamonds are available on all A.E. Schmidt Pool tables at an upgraded cost. Category: Custom Sight Options Tags: abalone, abalone diamond, diamond, sight, sights. Diamond: Abalone. Get A Quote. GET A QUOTE - Please enter location and select dealer There are no markings on a pool table to bank a pool ball, Pool balls only cost a few quid so why would you want to put it in a bank Imperial Gen. Mother of Pearl Sights Diamond 1 1/4-Inch. wanted to use for pool table sights, could not put in exiting holes on pool table. I was expecting 1/2x 1/8, did not happened. Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. jordan moore Diamond Billiards: Professional Pool Tables Accessories > Table Lighting Diamond Billiard Table Lighting. The Diamond Professional Table Light offers unsurpassed design and illumination characteristics. The uniformly defused light reflects straight down eliminating ball, corner, cut, and cushion shadows..

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Solid wood rails, Brunswick-certified premium slate, and pearlized diamond-shaped sights enhance the experience. Tremont With its classic profile, arched baseframe, carved corners, and solid wood ball and claw legs, the Tremont embodies all the design characteristics of the quintessential pool table Rail sights: I'm building some custom rails for a pool table and have a question for anyone who might know some specifics about the placement of the sights. I know the proper spacing along the length of the rail but was wondering if there was a specific distance the center of the sight should be from the nose of the cushion The Potenza pool table by Spencer Marston is one of most popular models. The combination of clean lines (in the under-cabinet tapered legs) smooth curves of the cabinet (and precision routing) and depth of the satin walnut finish fit any game room decor This table features custom shield pockets, diamond sights, and a striking stain, the table is sure to be the centerpiece of any entertaining space. Custom pockets seamlessly blend with the diamond sights adorned on each rail for an elegant and classic look. The pool table offers outstanding playability while its timeless design and striking brown finish exude sophistication

Custom Shield pockets seamlessly blend with the diamond sights adorned on each rail for an elegant and classic look. The pool table offers outstanding playability while it's timeless design and striking sierra brown finish exude sophistication. The Canton includes 1 certified slate and Khaki Teflon-coated felt for tournament-quality play A special detail we've added to this table is black stone inlaid diamond sights. Available in regulation 7 and 8-foot sizes, this table is built for a lifetime of billiards enjoyment, with quad-beam, 100% hardwood construction and a three-piece, one-inch slate table bed American Heritage Billiards - the world's leading Pool Table, Game Table, Bar and Bar Stool manufacturer - presents the Marietta Pool Table. The uniquely patterned rails and rail blinds encourage a second look, while the construction and playability keep you coming back to the Marietta. Featuring custom shield pockets, diamond sights and a striking Sierra stain, the Marietta is sure to be a. You need 3 sights for each rail. This divides the surface lengthwise into 8 sections (since the back of the side pocket counts as a seventh diamond; you can also imagine the corners as counting as an eighth and ninth), and widthwise into 4 sections. On a 9ft table the playing surface is 100 x 50 measured cushion nose to nose Olhausen pool tables offer a large selection of options, custom rail sights included! Choose the inlay that complements your table and room decor. Stop by our store in to see them up close. We offer every option in the Olhausen catalog! Play a game on one of our display models and find your perfect pool table, right here in Grand Rapids, MI

ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ Select Download Format Pool Table Diamond Sights Download Pool Table. Some styles have decorative ivory inlaid diamond sights, felt tops, bridge rests on underside of the table, hanging pockets, and inlay marquetry designs with satinwood and other decorative secondary woods. Pool Table Styles. Some of the most popular Brunswick pool tables were models including the Union League, the Monarch and the Nonpareil Mensa Black Finish 8 ft and 7 ft Pool Table. The Mensa Black Finish solid wood billiard table has a Modern, sleek design Superbly rustic styled, the solid wood Mensa Black pool table with 1 inch slate, leather pockets, diamond sights and a 25 year warranty. Special $2995.0 Diamond sights of genuine ivory. Nine-foot size with Vermont slate playing surface. Dark cherry finish. Completely restored, ready for immediate delivery. View Details & Larger Image #3-07 Very old Brunswick antique pool table with design elements usually found on Stephani & Hart antique pool tables and early H. W. Collender antique pool tables

From time to time, Boston Billiards will come across a pre-owned pool table that we are able to clean, repair and offer for sale at a price that is significantly less than the cost of the same pool table when it was brand new. Real Mother of Pearl diamond sights. Brunswick super Speed Rubber. This table is virtually brand new. 50x100. Sights: All tables come standard with diamond shape pearlized mother-of-pearl sights. What Separates California House Pool Tables from the Competition: Most pool tables today are engineered around a cabinet (also called a Unibody™), where the slate an Black round replacement pool table rail sites are 1/2(12.7mm)wide and 1/8 (2.92mm) deep. These site are the glue in style These Mother of Pearl Diamond Sights will fit most pool tables on the market

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Legendary Craftsmanship and Stylish Beauty . A.E. Schmidt Billiards has a rich heritage in pool table manufacturing and sales in the United States of America since 1850.. Now in its sixth generation, A.E. Schmidt Billiards has created a line of semi-custom and custom pool tables that are the most comprehensive in the industry. Choose wood, finish, size and a multitude of options to make your. The Arkansas pool table is the a favorite table for homeowners and professional pool table players. Nine foot table or Eight foot our pool table are the best in the business. Our tables were designed with players and engineers working together to create the best playing table available today Olhausen 8 ft Hampton pool table made with solid maple wood with the finishing of heritage mahogany. Diamond sized sights and the Ohlhausen logo makes it more classy and elegant One look at the Avery Navajo Pool Table and you'll know it's destined to become a family heirloom. The Birch finished in a Navajo stain will compliment any decor. The Avery pool table features over-sized rails with diamond sights, ornately carved ball and claw legs, and leather shield pockets. The pool table offers excellent playability while it's striking design, unique styling and opulent.

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Brand: Diamond - Made In Jeffersonville, IN. Price: $5995 (All Inclusive - See Details Below) Size: 9' (Professional - 50 x 100 Play Surface) Please View Our Room Size Recommendations To Find Out Which Pool Table Will Work Best In Your Game Room; Condition: Used, Like New - This table has been played on for less than one month Pool table cloth made and printed by Hainesworth of England. Graphics are dyed into the fabric which do not affect playability. Hainesworth is the world expert in pool cloth. The World's finest slate, oversized & diamond honed, is used in the construction. Table slate is backed with a 3/4 backing board per BCA regulations and factory. The Duchess traditional pool table is a beautiful solid wood table available in luxurious dark traditional mahogany, rich warm chestnut and back finishes. The distinctive Dutchess style is known by its graceful arched cabinets accented with dentil holding side rails and hand-carved ball & claw legs

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This is a beautiful, classic style billiard table that will be the perfect centerpiece for any game room. The Barrington Springdale 7.5' Pool Table is specially detailed with a UV painted, furniture style wood tone surface that is scratch-resistant, improves durability, and will help keep your table looking like new Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped White Pearlized Pocket: Shield. Read more . Austin. American Heritage Billiards - the world's leading Pool Table, Game Table, Bar and Bar Stool manufacturer - presents the Austin Pool Table. The Austin features intricately tapered legs that lead up to the solid wood corners and routered arched cabinet of this. Olhausen® has been building pool tables since 1972. They use American-made products to design and build what is known in the industry as the Best in Billiards®. They offer every type of pool table imaginable from ornate pieces of furniture to professional tournament tables. Custom pool table designs are also available from Olhausen Between 1800 and 1850, chalk was first used on cue stick ends to increase friction, leather cue tips were invented, diamond-shaped sights were added to rails, slate was introduced as a superior table surface, and vulcanized rubber (which maintained its properties regardless of temperature fluctuations) was quickly adapted for rail cushions

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The Westwood pool tables with free accessory kits. Italian slate pool tables, high end pool tables. We carry a selection of outdoor pool tables, designer pool tables, snooker tables and classic pool tables. Mother-of-Peral Diamond Sights Double-Routered Carving Leather Shield Pockets . Felt All of our tables are shipped with 21oz Gandy 9' Pool Table $795 (OBO) This gorgeous pool table comes with: * Stunning black matte finish frame with natural oak rails and aprons * Solid wood cabinet and frame * 3-piece diamond honed slate * K66 cushions * Round sights * Leather drop pockets with fringe shields * Queen Anne legs * Red cloth * Balls, sticks, and more!! City Pool Table Features: The City Pool Table is an original California House design. Made to order in the USA. 100% solid kiln-dried hardwood frame and base for durability; 1, three-piece certified slate ; Decorative Diamond sights; Custom tailored leather pockets; City Pool Table Dimensions: 7′ Exposed Pocket: Overall - L: 89″; W: 50. Any fan of pool and billiards who has watched a televised event has seen this cue ball with red dots. Aramith has released this unique red dot cue ball to the public. This distinctive cue ball is exactly like the ones you see on ESPN. The six red do

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Call, e-mail, or stop in for D&L table pricing Beautifully arched legs, a unique silhouette and stylishly rich espresso finish turn the Treviso into a classic-contemporary work of art. But this dramatically different table is no museum piece to be admired simply for its design. It also exhibits Brunswick's superio DIAMOND is introducing the SMART TABLE ™ to locations around the world. Our table enhances bars, game rooms, billiard halls, and official tournaments. The DIAMOND SMART TABLE ™ is the highest quality coin-operated pool table, incorporating all the same features and playability of our DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL model.. If you are looking for a coin-operated pool table that outperforms all the.

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  1. A great addition to any home, the Allenton comes in a rich espresso finish, complete with solid wood ball and claw legs. Solid wood rails, Brunswick-certified premium slate, and pearlized diamond-shaped sights enhance the experience. Pool Table Felt: All pool tables include standard green Teflon felt; Felt is fully customizable at no additional.
  2. Westwood Billiards 7' Pool Table- FREE DELIVERY and SET-UP INCLUDED-$995 (OBO) This stunning pool table comes with: * Wood cabinet and frame * Beautiful cherry finish * Stunning scalloped rails and aprons * 3-piece diamond honed slate * Diamond pearlized sights * K-66 profile gum rubber cushions * Leather drop pockets with fringe shields * Gray cloth * Ball and claw legs * B..
  3. Browse our selection of available used pool tables for sale in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas and find your ideal pool table. Toggle navigation. Get A Free Quote. 720-394-0131. Buy Now. Request Contact White diamond rail sight inlays. Light finish on oak; Cushion rubber is perfect and will provide many more years of responsive.
  4. The stylish multi-routed rails and aprons are solid hardwood and feature pearlized diamond-shaped sights. Includes a beautiful billiard accessory package by Brunswick to begin play as soon it installed. The Sutton includes FREE SHIPPING across the USA. Sutton Slate Pool Table Features: Contender Billiards Accessories Play Package; Espresso Finis
  5. Pearlized diamond sights; Visit our pool table showroom in Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Rochester, Novi & Livonia. Specification. More Information; Weight: 200: Case Weight: 200: Reviews. Write Your Own Review. You're reviewing: BRUNSWICK ALLENTON 8' POOL TABLE - DRIFTWOOD Your Rating. Price. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars
  6. Imperial International 4' x 8' Pool Table -$ 1295 (OBO) This gorgeous pool table comes with: * Stunning walnut finish * Wood cabinet and frame * 3-piece diamond honed slate * K-66 cushions * Leather drop pockets with solid shields * Diamond sights * Exquisite tapered legs * Khaki cloth * Balls, sticks, cue rack and more!!!
  7. A.E. Schmidt Pool Tables Check out our selection of unique A.E. Schmidt pool tables. Connelly Pool Tables Come see our wide variety of Connelly pool tables. Champion Shuffleboard Tables We have a large collection of Champion shuffleboard tables, including a full-length 22' table! Tornado Foosball Tables
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We are an authorized dealer of all leading brands. With 20 plus years in the business, we are your destination for billiard and pool table accessories Diamond Table Parts; Diamond Table Parts. These genuine Diamond parts are the only replacement parts designed to perfectly fit your Diamond table, polisher or accessories. Diamond Billiards has a great reputation for their quality and high standards. The same quality and high standards were used to create these parts below which will not.

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Pool table sales, moving & recovering, vending Balloons Teepees Yard Signs Pool table sales, moving & recovering, Add round or upgrade to diamond sights in either mother of pearl or abalone. Cloth Options Wood Species & Color Choices Cloth Options. Choose your felt from a variety of colors. We use Championship Titan Cloth/21 ounce Like new 8 ft. Pro Peter Vitalie Lord Nelson pool table for sale. There`s hardly a scratch on this table. Featuring the best construction and quality of any manufacturer, mother of pearl diamond sights, leather drop pockets. The table is currently felted in gold Simonis 860 but if you`d like a different felt color we can do that for you. We can also professionally move and setup the t It's entirely made of North American and European hard woods, equipped with one inch thick natural quarried slate, black cast iron diamond shaped sights and genuine leather pockets. One of the best made and best value tables you can buy. Majestic Billiards provides a 25 year warranty on this pool table. $339 With over 3,000 pool cues, pool cue cases and billiards accessories, it's no wonder that PoolDawg is the pool player's best friend. As an authorized retailer of 50+ leading brands of pool cues and cue cases, PoolDawg is the ultimate billiards destination for safe, secure, guaranteed shopping A high-quality pool table will offer slate that has been framed with wood glued to the bottom, along with cross beams that add support. You will find a review of three types of frames below on this page. The type of frame beams needed depends on the size of the slate. Pool tables that offer 3/4 slate can get away with utilizing two cross beams

Olhausen is the only manufacturer whose pool tables are 100% made in the USA. Every pool table is built-to-order and custom made, and with the billions of customization options available, every Olhausen table is unique. They are the only manufacturer to offer a true lifetime warranty on the entire table no exceptions. Their unsurpassed commitment to quality has earned Olhausen the title of. The SOLO ® Pool Table Movers of Detroit installs new and used pool tables in the Detroit area. We come to your home, refelt the rails and a professional level of all 3 pieces of slates using precise leveling equipment. leather fringe pockets, diamond-shaped rail sights, and Camphor burl inlays. Constructed using high-torque bolts and heavy.

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Home > Table Supplies > Pool Table Repair > Pool Table Pockets Please browse our selection of high-quality replacement pool table pockets, including genuine leather #6 style furniture style tables and standard pool table pockets for valley or commercial pool tables Table Size: 7', 8' or 9' (available in Mocha finish only) Finish: Mahogany or Mocha Pockets: Leather Shield or Fringe Sights: Diamond Leg: Ball & Claw Blinds: Dentil molding Table Construction. This table is engineered with four cross beams that measure 5 x 2.5each. The interlocking of these beams creates a strong platform to support the slate

This very nice pool table comes with all the accessories! Size: 8-foot Finishes: Nutmeg Leg: Tapered Table Construction: 1.25 Solid wood cabinet High torque t-nut fasteners Patented all wood corner construction Rail Sights: Diamond pearl Pockets: Leather shield Slate: 3 piece 1 backe Complete your home with classy pool tables and handpicked pool table supplies. Create the perfect atmosphere with billiard tables such as the timeless Oakmont Collection or The Belfast. Round out the ambience with custom pool table lights and accessories like billiard balls , cue racks and more. A game room worthy of the pros awaits you. Billiard Factory also offers used pool tables for sale. The largest billiard room in the world, Pittsburgh, Pa., has 54 of these tables and 27 of our Saratoga style, making a total of 81 billiard and pool tables. For the 1 1/2″ slate version, the weight increases to 2100 pounds. The construction and finish of this table is a marked departure from the conventional styles of billiard and pool tables The Olhausen 30th anniversary table is available in 8 ft and 9 ft size, featuring Accu fast cushions for smooth movement of the ball around, and diamond pearlized rail sights to boost the looks of this table DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. is pleased to present the coin-operated DIAMOND SMART TABLE™. We want all vendors/operators to see and experience the action and revenue of this innovative pool table. The DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is superior in terms of quality, construction, and materials

Find Pool Tables & Equipments for Sale in Ocala, FL on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and other classifieds in your neighborhood. Pool Table - Black finish - Diamond rail sights - Leather drop pocket - Perfect for a living room or a. A few months ago I posted about our new Antique Pool Table Showroom that we opened up at the end of September 2016. In this post I included Greg's love of billiards, how he acquired many of the tables, the value of an antique billiard table and the difference a Peters Billiards antique table has over others

The Vegas casino pool table is a magnificent, contemporary-style mahogany pool table with brushed aluminum accents. This stylishly designed retro pool table will be the focal point of your game room with its African hardwood construction, wide top rails, and diamond sights Looking for pool tables for sale or to sell a pool table? In Detroit-SOLO® page you can post your pool table for free or look for one in your local area. (313) 879-3186. Toggle navigation Menu leather fringe pockets, diamond-shaped rail sights, and Camphor burl inlays. Constructed using high-torque bolts and heavy-gauge steel fastening. Black Diamond. 7ft or 8ft modern style pool table. African hardwood rails. Mother-of-Pearl sights. Pedestal legs with levelers. Black scratch and dent resistant Laminate. Chrome metal corner caps. Drop pockets. Includes choice of Championship Invitational felt colo r. Diplomat Accessory Kit. Manufacturer warranty. Level Guarantee 7ft $2,399.95. Pool Tables by College Teams; Pub Tables by College Teams; Select Page Bubinga . Cherry . Birdseye Maple . Maple. Walnut . Oak . Curly Maple . Jatoba . Hard Maple . Sights . Diamond - Black . Diamond - Mother of Pearl . Diamond - Abalone with MOP Inlay . Diamond - Abalone . Diamond - Ebony with MOP Inlay . Round - Pearlized.

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  1. um accents. This stylishly designed retro pool table will be the focal point of your game room with its African hardwood construction, wide top rails, and diamond sights. Please Call (209)-888-5115 TO PLACE ORDER
  2. g exterior make you think that it is not engineered like tables that are two or three times the cost
  3. The Monterey 8ft Mahogany Slate Pool Table features solid 5″ maple hardwood top rails, beautifully inlayed diamond sights and a stylish arched frame cabinet. The table cabinet is crafted from 1.25 inch thick engineered MDF wood covered in a maple veneer; finger jointed interlocking solid hardwood interior support beams and perimeter slate.
  4. The Gibson's design aesthetics also feature uniquely carved solid wood rail-corners and mother-of-pearl diamond shaped rail sights. Like all of Brunswick's pool tables, the Gibson showcases supreme engineering which results in unmatched performance and playability
  5. Diamond Professional Pool Table $ 7,899.99 Size. AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY. FOR MORE Four 3/8 bolts lock slate to each rail for solid immovable performance. Diamond inlaid sights are 3 11/16 from tip of rubber to center of diamond and perfectly matched. Rail top is rounded to allow better rail shots and 7¼ wide (rubber to edge of rail) for.

Add elegance to any game room with The Lincoln Billiard Table from Imperial. Available in both 8-foot and 7-foot models, this table features solid wood rails, body, and ball and claw style legs. Other features include fringed leather drop pockets, 1-inch backed K pattern slate, K66 cushion rubber, and double diamond pearlized sites This table is listed for $2,100 and is available in both, 7' and 8'. The Kruger is a 3 piece 1 backed slate table. It has diamond sights and is shown in a Dark Chocolate finish. With this table you can choose to add-on a dining top! The dining top allows for multiple uses of the table and can be added for $750.. Black Pearl 7′ Or 8′ Pool Table - Features The Black Pearl Pool Table offers high quality at an affordable price, featuring a 1 backed Brazilian slate, leather pockets and full profile K66 master speed cushions. The features make this billiards table a stylish and durable investment. With a taper leg, arch body and matte black finish, the Black Pearl Pool Table makes an ideal addition. Hardly used Connelly Pool Table. 8' Prescott Model, w/ diamond sights, black cherry finish; maple table wood; playing surface is plum colored atop 3 pieces of Italian slate; bumpers retain original stiffness and bounce; accessories included are cues, balls, mahogany bridges, triangle, brushes. Has been well cared for and needs a new home

This is a really nice 7 ft. Olhausen Eclipse 3 piece 1 inch slate pool table with leather Olhausen embossed drop pockets and circular mother of pearl diamond rail sights. If you have been in the market for a 7 ft. pool table you know they are hard to come by, especially an Olhausen in this goo. Olhausen Americana II 8' pool table in Tulipwood finish with beige felt. This Olhausen table features a pre-assembled frame, machine-applied. AccuFast cushions, solid wood construction, diamond-pearlized riail sights, Diamond-honed slate, and leather pockets Pooltableplace.com | Pool Table Place is The Online Web Store of D. Jaburek Billiards. Shop all your Billiard , and Game room needs here The 4.5- in solid hardwood top rails featuring beautifully inlaid diamond sights and exclusive turbo-speed tournament tested K-66 profile gum rubber cushions provide active table play. The design features continue with real leather ball cups, diamond inlaid top rails and professional grade blended felt Inspired by refined European designs, this table is gracefully adorned with hand-carved trestles and elegant mahogany inlays. A matching chestnut-finish cue rack is also available. Table size: 8 ft or 9 ft Finishes Available: Chestnut Leg Options: Standard (as shown) Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped Mother Of Pearl Pocket: Drop Pocket. Base Frame.

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Owner Operated We service all brands, regardless where it was purchased. We provide reproduction of modern and antique pool table parts. We do pocket releathering, cushion replacement, pool cue repairs, and ball polishing. Reclaimed ivory sights made to order for your antique pool table. We provide complete moving and installation of pool tables and game [ Olhausen Billiards can only be purchased through an Authorized Dealer - not through the internet. Gary Pools is an Authorized Dealer for selling Olhausen Tables at all 3 locations in Western New York. If you need more information please contact us directly at info@garysgotit.com or you can build your own personal table at www.olhausenbilliards.com and email us for a price quote Pool Tables from $5,000 - $15,000 : At Antique Billiard Supply, collectable, vintage pool tables, and matching period accessories, are ready for delivery. Each has been meticulously restored to its original finish and playability by craftsmen experienced in the special requirements of pool table finishes From the 1982 Brunswick Billiards Orleans sell sheet: Brunswick's Orleans billiard table, crafted from the finest of materials, is truly an investment in fine recreation. Solid walnut capped rails, hand-rubbed to enhance the grain depth and texture, feature pearlized inlaid diamond sights The two tone finish on the body and ball and claw feet will make this table a conversation piece and provides lasting beauty. Built with solid wood legs, rails and body for strength and stability. The fringed leather drop pockets, arched cabinet design and double diamond, pearlized inlayed sites add richness to the table

SOLO® - chicago - USA - Illinois - Chicago - 9' Pool TableSOLO® - Orlando - Custom Built Pool Table-75Lot Detail - Brunswick Antique 1890’s Pool Table
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