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When powerful metal equipment such as balers are used incorrectly, serious injuries—including crushing, amputation, and even death—can occur. However, the majority of these injuries are preventable. To ensure the safety of their employees, businesses should emphasize the importance of following these safety tips for operating a baler Personnel who load, operate, or maintain balers can be exposed to crushing and amputation hazards if the baler is inadequately safeguarded or if hazardous energy lockout procedures are not followed. Serious injuries and fatalities have occurred when part (s) of the worker's body was caught by the baler ram inside loading and baling chambers Keywords: caught in, amputation, paper machine, struck by, baler, hand, lockout/tagout Employee # Inspection Age Sex Degree Nature Occupation; 1: 1221284.015: 24: M: Hospitalized injury: Amputation: Machine operators, not specified: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Occupational Safety and Health Administration 200 Constitution Ave NW. John Maynard was 20 years old when his leg got cut off by a baler at the Taft Recycling Plant where he worked in Orlando, Florida. The harrowing 911 call features Maynard speaking to emergency..

Safety Tips for Operating a Baler to Prevent Injury

  1. A hay baler is a tractor accessory that ties and bundles hay into bales. Every year, hundreds of farm suffer amputations, loss of skin and tissue and other bodily mutilation from being pulled into hay balers. Other deaths and injuries result from being crushed by hay bales, which can weigh up to 2,000 lbs., the same as a small car
  2. A baler safety checklist is a tool used by operators to ensure business compliance with safety protocols to prevent workplace hazards. It helps assess the readiness and condition of the baler machine to protect employees from unnecessary incidents including the likelihood of severe injuries, amputation, and worse fatalities
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  6. A lot of people wanted a close up of my residual limb so here it is. It's not that bad looking, it's mostly just that I'm somewhat self-conscious of it.—————..

Control of Scrap Paper Baler Crushing Hazards NIOSH CD

Compactor / Baler Contact with a compactor/baler can cause fractures, lacerations, amputation and other serious injuries to you, your employees and/or visitors Do you have a compactor/baler in your workplace Baler and Compactor-Related Deaths in the Workplace --- United States, 1992--2000. Equipment that compacts and bales loose solid waste materials into denser, more easily transported units is common in refuse disposal and recycling and is used routinely at recycling centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail and wholesale stores to compress paper, textiles, metals, plastic, and other material* − Every year, hundreds of farm workers suffer amputations, loss of skin, tissue, and other bodily injury from being pulled into hay balers. The intake area is the most dangerous because operators fail to perceive the speed and power of the machine. Never attempt to clear or push crop into the baler with your hand or foot As a result, the ram closed on Guzman's thighs exerting 159,000 pounds of pressure, causing the amputation of both of his legs

Correct baler operation importance. Hydraulic baler machine is a heavy duty baling machine and failing to follow the correct baler operation may result in fatal personal injury or cause damages to your machine. Also it is very important to improve your baling result or size reduction result by operating a baler correctly. So both from safety. A 36-year-old Marrar man is being treated in hospital after losing his arm in a horrific hay baler accident on Thursday afternoon. The man was operating the hay baler at around 3.30pm when his. Details Parent Category: Incident Alert Archives Category: Lockout/Tagout Accidents (includes Machine Guarding) Published: 09 September 2010 LOTO Accidents #6. This page was last updated on 05/06/2010. LOCK IT OUT!!! Santa Maria Man Killed in Industrial Accident (a man is dead after a tragic industrial accident - incident happened at an oil company - co-workers of the victim say he was a. Hay baler accidents cause lacerations, amputations, puncture wounds, fractures, and, in severe cases, death. In addition, many traumas produced by hay baler accidents require some form of amputation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a hay baler accident, contact the Locks Law Firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case. So baling paper waste by a paper baler machine is the best way to handle this massive amount of waste. Paper baler machines in SINOBALER Sinobaler has a wide array of balers that are ideal for baling paper. In fact, since there are so many paper baler models that handle paper baling. It's best to choose a versatile paper baling press model.

Basically these are machines that have refrigerator style doors with push button type controls that have a mix of features found on both balers and compactors. Typical Bale Sizes and Weights: These balers typically generate bale sizes up to 15 Cubic Feet that range up to approximately 175 pounds (depending upon baled material) The B7242 with sliding door (SD) baler is a large, heavy duty machine that will produce 72x42 cardboard bales weighing 1,400+ lbs. More details Bale weight. Cardboard: 1,400-1,700 lbs. Benefit from a monitoring solution for your equipment

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Balers are machines used to compress solid waste, primary materials or recoverable materials, with or without binding, to a dense form that will support handling and transportation as a material unit. Balers are essential in various industries, especially the farming and recycling industries The baling machine was a vertical down-stroke baler (Figure 2), consisting of a ram (platen), an interlocked slide gate (safety gate), a loading/baling chamber, and a control console. The baler utilized hydraulic pressure generated by a 10-horsepower electric motor and a hydraulic pump to compres A baler machine is a useful piece of recycling equipment. The press installed within the baler presses together waste materials, such as cardboard, which can then be tied together to create a bale. Baler machines are primarily used to deal with waste cardboard and soft plastic; but they are also flexible enough to bale more bespoke materials.

'It's pretty gruesome in here': Chilling 911 call of

Recycling Baler Material Properties for Safer Baler amputations are one of the most severe. Material is loaded into the machine through a hopper on top of the baler. From th Persons operating balers and compactors can become caught by the powered rams of the compression chambers while using these machines. All 19 were men, aged 16-52 years (median: 36 years), who sustained crushing or amputation injuries from the compacting ram after they reached into or entered the compression chamber of an operating machine. Although injuries have not been well documented in the literature, balers may cause upper limb injury with tissue loss, devascularization or amputation. 13 In a series of 12 survivors of hay baler injuries, the majority (11 out of 12) had been drawn into the machines by their arms, with 50% of them requiring amputation due to the extensive.

machine. See Manual Handling - Template No. 13 Electrocution Entanglement Death/ serious injury, amputation of limbs H Electrical connections and controls in good condition The emergency stop button is tested regularly Vermin Exposure to Weil's Disease L There is a vermin control programme in place Baler tape Cuts from baler tap Employee is in a cardboard baler and has his foot amputated by the machine. He is amazingly cool and collected, even though the emergency personnel have trouble finding him. If you search hard enough you can find pics of the recycling plant as well as pics of the amputation (post bloody accident). That podcast I posted earlier really is a. Farm accidents are two and a half times more likely to end in amputation than any other injury, according to the National Agricultural Safety Database, and losing a limb is a risk farm face every day.Amputees can experience both medical and psychological problems as a result of an amputation, including infections, depression, diseases of the nervous system and phantom limb pain Personnel who load, operate or maintain balers can be exposed to crushing and amputation hazards, if the baler is inadequately safeguarded or if hazardous energy lockout procedures are not followed. Serious injuries and fatalities have occurred when part of the worker's body was caught by the baler ram inside loading and baling chambers Personnel who load, operate as well as maintain balers can be exposed to hazards related to crushing and amputation. If baler is inadequately safeguarded or if hazardous energy lockout procedures are not followed, there is a possibility of serious injuries as well as fatalities that occur when part of worker's body is caught by baler Ram inside loading and baling chambers

The present disclosure concerns a jam detection and safety system for machines prone to jamming, such as a baler. In particular embodiments, the system is implemented in a horizontal baler having a shear bar and a hydraulic ram that advances material being baled past the shear bar into a compression chamber. The system includes a strain gage mounted on the shear bar and a controller that is. A 2012 photo of John Thompson, 20 years after his arms were ripped off in a farm accident near Hursdfield, N.D. His arms were reattached in a story that made international news

Balers can be found in a wide variety of locations but all for one general purpose: To compact and shape refuse, product, cans, plastic, foil, straw or hay into a manageable cube, round wheel, or cylinder that can be tied with rope, netting, twine or wire. Baling machines are used in this way so that Contact with a baler or bale-wrapping machine can result in impact with moving parts or ejected bales, or being pulled into the bale chamber, which may cause crush injuries, entanglement, amputation and other serious injuries to you, your employees or other In 1978, Robert Chip Petrea was injured while baling hay near his family's dairy farm located just outside Iuka, Ill. The injury resulted in double-above the knee amputations for Petrea. Less than a year removed from the amputations, Petrea began to farm again. Today, he serves as a principal researcher for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With a focus on agricultural safety.

machines causing these injuries are tractors, power o ff devices, augers, hay balers, combine harvesters, and corn pickers; each of these causes a slightly di ff erent pattern of lesions between. On 4 October 2007, an employee process worker, who had worked for CMA for a period of 2 months, sustained an amputation of his left hand as a result of operating an inadequately guarded slitter baler machine. Court Number: Y00396362 Jurisdiction: Magistrates Cour

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Keep people clear of the rear of the baler before ejecting a bale and before reversing or moving off. A big round baler is a bulky machine and operator vision to the rear may be poor. Make sure you keep reversing mirrors clean and properly adjusted. Use the tailgate ram prop or safety stops at all times when working under the open rear door The plaintiffs sued the baler's manufacturer, alleging that the machine was defectively designed in that it lacked adequate horizontal and vertical guards. The jury awarded about $6.94 million. Wessling v. Marathon Equip. Co. AAJ Baler Arm Amputation and $7 settlement Article (Adobe PDF) PUBLISHED BY. American Association for Justice.

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This week, Bradford Crown Court heard that on 17 August 2012, Simon Brook, an employee of Gwynn Davies-McTiffin Ltd was found lying seriously injured at the bottom of a horizontal baling machine. His legs had been partially severed inside the machine and had to be amputated by a doctor at the scene. The 50-year-old father of six died two days. been well documented in the literature, balers may cause upper limb injury with tissue loss, devascularization or amputation.13 In a series of 12 survivors of hay baler injuries, the majority (11 out of 12) had been drawn into the machines by their arms, with 50% of them requiring amputation due tothe extensive tissue destruction One of the most dangerous farm machines is the hay baler, a tractor accessory that ties and bundles hay into bales. Every year, hundreds are injured as a result of being crushed or pulled into a baler. Such is the case with Sampson's patient David S., who lost his leg in a nasty baler accident in the early 1970s. Click here to read more Closely related, hay balers are tractor accessories that tie and bundle hay into bales. Injuries from these types of farming equipment can include: amputation, loss of skin and tissue, severe burns, other bodily mutilation, and death. If you were injured by a hay rake or hay baler, you probably are not at fault. Grain Augers and Grain Bin Plastics blender amputation, WV 2018; DOL metalworking lathe citation contest, PA 2018; Recycling baler case, IL 2019; Asphalt mixer case, WA 2019; Unstable machine case, TN 2019; Center for Safer Solutions. 341 Snyders Ridge Rd., P.O. Box 9, Mathias, WV 26812, US (304) 897-7831--- cell (304) 282-0723

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2. Machine Guarding - Safety Practices. Machine guarding are the practices that preclude moving machine parts from causing severe workplace injuries (crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, blindness, or even death). Never bypass a moving equipment guard and always report damaged or missing guards The baler upon which he was injured was a power take-off tractordrawn Allis Chalmers roll type baler about one year old. Photographs and descriptions of similar type machines involving somewhat comparable mishaps and injuries to adult employees will be found in Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co. v. Wichman, 8 Cir., 220 F.2d 426 and Yaun v

amputation and multilevel, mutilating injuries as the extremity is pulled into the turning screw and entangled. 10 Hay Balers Hay balers tightly compress and dis-chargebalesof haythatcan weigh up to 2,500 lbs21 (Figure 3, A). Rotary feeder forks gather the hay, and opposing compressive rollers, which operate at speeds of 50 to 150 rpm in a factory, Jose operates a large machine that presses sheet metal into shape by applying 1000 pounds of pressure per square inch. If Jose loses a pinky finger because it got caught in the machine. What is the best way to describe the type of hazard that caused the injury?a. biological hazardb. chemical hazardc. mechanical hazardd. physical.

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Maryland OSHA Machine Guarding. Maryland OSHA issued several citations to Home Depot stores throughout the state regarding an alleged amputation risk associated with unguarded portions of large cardboard balers. We handled the matter from the ALJ level through appeal, obtaining a complete dismissal of the applicable machine guarding citation In the primary court, the Magistrate recorded convictions against the employer, imposed fines of $150,000 and ordered the employer to pay $45,000 of statutory costs after a worker received an amputation injury from a baling machine within the employer's recycling business

Movable parts of machines can easily cause injuries in the workplace, for instance, amputations, crushed hands or fingers, blindness or even burns. This is where safe guards for machines come in to protect your employees from these likely injuries that can easily be prevented The ''big, round baler,'' as it is known in the industry, made bundles of hay more than 10 times larger than those of previous machines, and instead of several operators, one worker could take on. Garbage compactors are comparatively simple machines, but there are still a number of moving parts. More importantly, the force generated by garbage compactors means the slightest accident can have major repercussions. Amputations and death are common occurrences when significant accidents occur with garbage compactors Hay Baler Accidents. Hay baler pack and tie hay into bales, which can then be easily handled and moved. According to the National Safety Council, these machines caused nearly half of all reported farm machine-related injuries in 2016. The most common hay baler accidents include: User pulled into the machine while trying to thread the baler A machine to crush grain will usually be powered by an electrical motor that provides rotational movement. You will not use an electrical motor in your model, but will rather turn the handle of a crank by hand. Jun 06, 2014 · Personnel who load, operate, or maintain balers can be exposed to crushing and amputation hazards if the baler is.

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On Dec. 5 th, 2016, the agency processed citations for one repeated and two serious violations, stemming from an injury where an employee's forearm became stuck in a machine and was fractured in multiple places. This injury came only six weeks after a previous employee suffered an amputation at the same facility, from a similar injury Machine operator struck and killed by cutting head of feller buncher machine - North Carolina, January 11, 1995. 2/13/1995: 1994-19: VA: Laborer dies after being struck by overturning crane - Virginia, August 8, 1994. 1/12/1995: 1995-02: T

Image Gallery: 20 Hay Baling Photos to get you Summer-ReadyWelger AP63, press baler 2011 Agricultural HarvestingManual Baler Machine - Econaur8587C International Press and Shear Model AT-965-HS-100SAluminum Can Balers - Buy Aluminum Can Balers, hydraulicJewel Brand Hydraulic Pet Bottle Press Baling Scrap BalerSpecially Designed Aluminium Cans Recycling Machine,Baler

A listing of information related to Balers. CA FACE REPORT: A Foreman Dies When He is Crushed in a Hay Baling Machine Machinery used on a farm can be dangerous. Entanglements in belts or chains of machines like hay balers can cause amputations or scalping, among many other injuries. Use of toxic chemicals. Exposure to toxic chemicals commonly used or produced on farms can cause dermatitis and respiratory illnesses The AgrAbility Project is open to all who wish to take part in training and courses in the agri sector 11 82 80 Tobacco/hay/cattle Farm machine Full arm (L) Does not have 4 mo 12 60 58 Cattle/wood Farm machine Full arm (L) 12 mo 5 wk 13 44 37 Beef cattle/hogs/hay Round baler Below elbow (R) <3 moa 2 wk 14 25 17 Grain/heifers/hay Car crash Left hand at wrist 4-5 moa 2 wk 15 60 44 Grain/tobacco PTO Above elbow (R) 12 moa 7 While struggling to free himself from the baler in 1978, Petrea was not thinking about statistics. Only his right foot was pulled into the machine at first. Petrea tried to free it, but the metal toe of his boot was lodged behind the two massive pressure rollers. He could not turn off the baler from his position

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