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  1. A normal white blood cell count is generally about 4,500 to 11,000/μL.. White blood cell counts that are too high or too low may be dangerous, depending on the cause. A high white blood cell count is called leukocytosis, which is generally diagnosed when white blood cell levels exceed 11,000/μL
  2. A high white blood cell count usually indicates: An increased production of white blood cells to fight an infection; A reaction to a drug that increases white blood cell production; A disease of bone marrow, causing abnormally high production of white blood cells; An immune system disorder that increases white blood cell productio
  3. The white blood cell (WBC) count can indicate disorders such as an infection or inflammation. But taken alone, the WBC count may have little value unless you correlate it to the patient's clinical condition and analyze the WBC differential, which is the percentage of different WBC types
  4. Since white blood cells help fight disease, viruses, and infections, you may assume that an elevated white blood cell count is a good thing. Sadly, this isn't the case as it means that your white blood cells are engaging in a battle that you may be unaware of and the body feels seriously threatened
  5. High white blood cell count can be an indicator of certain conditions, including inflammation, thyroid problems, infections, or blood disorders. A normal range for adults is more than 10,000 cells per microliter of blood for men; more than 11,000 cells for women
  6. Friday they told him he had a slightly elevated white blood count that could indicate an infection somewhere. Saturday they ran lots of blood test and urinalysis. Sunday they decide to put him on an antibiotic. I am no doctor but why not just start full spectrum antibiotics when they first saw the white blood count high

A high white blood cell count may indicate that the immune system is working to destroy an infection. It may also be a sign of physical or emotional stress.People with particular blood cancers may. Home Remedies for High White Blood Cell Count. There may be natural ways to maintain a healthy white blood cell count and ensure your overall well-being. Nutrients found in many fruits, vegetables, and proteins have been linked to white blood cell production. 1. Antioxidants. Antioxidants are powerful fighters against harmful substances. They.

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  1. Hi my dog has a high white blood cell count, it was 80000 the day before, after antibiotics treatment, it has dropped to 40000 yesterday, but came back to 50000 today. Need advice! Show Mor
  2. A high white blood cell count is usually related to an immune system response, commonly due to an infection or inflammation in the body. Less commonly, a high WBC count is due to overproduction by the bone marrow. Is This an Emergency? If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately
  3. A high white blood cell count (also called leukocytosis) isn't a specific disease but rather a sign that could indicate an underlying problem. This is why a high white blood cell count always requires further medical evaluation. A normal white blood cell count is between 4,500 and 10,000 cells per microliter, and more specifically
  4. It is well known that glucocorticoids (e.g., dexamethasone, methylprednisolone, prednisone) cause increases in the white blood cell (WBC) count.1-9 Upon further evaluation of the increased WBC count, it is an increase in neutrophils that primarily contribute to this effect
  5. There are a variety of reasons for a high white blood cell count. A white blood cell count is high when leukocytes (white blood cells) are helping your body to fight an infection in your bodythere are more disease fighting cells in your body. A high white blood cell count is also called leukocytosis. But It is important to be aware that a high.
  6. Leukocytosis, often defined as an elevated white blood cell (WBC) count greater than 11,000 per mm 3 (11.0 × 10 9 per L) in nonpregnant adults, is a relatively common finding with a wide.
  7. White blood cells play an important role in your body's immune system, searching the blood for invading viruses, bacteria, and fungi. When a foreign virus or bacteria enters your blood, the white blood cell, or leukocyte, recognizes and destroys the invading particle before it can cause disease. There are several different types of white blood cells, each with their own function

Elevated white blood cells count Elevated serum lactate Blood couture positive No antibiotics present in system 1 doctor answer • 1 doctor weighed in 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Possible: Some antibiotics can cause an increase in the number of white blood cells.Interestingly, the same antibiotics have been implicated in decreasing white blood cell counts.The clinical context is of out most importance in answering this question when observed in a patient

A high white blood cell count is an increase in disease-fighting cells in your blood. The exact threshold for a high white blood cell count varies from one laboratory to another. In general, for adults a count of more than 11,000 white blood cells (leukocytes) in a microliter of blood is considered a high white blood cell count The complete blood count includes the white blood count, which is an estimate of how many white blood cells there are in your blood. The white blood count is very important because these cells have a key role in defending your body against infection. White blood cell creation and release in the blood are triggered and stimulated during infection The treatment for high white blood cell count is based on its cause. In certain cases you might not need any treatment for your high WBC. Here are some examples of common treatments for the underlying conditions that cause a high white blood cell count: Antihistamines or inhalers for allergies; Antibiotics for bacterial infection

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A.D.A.M., Inc. is accredited by URAC, for Health Content Provider (www.urac.org).URAC's accreditation program is an independent audit to verify that A.D.A.M. follows rigorous standards of quality and accountability. A.D.A.M. is among the first to achieve this important distinction for online health information and services The safest interpretation of a traumatic tap is to count the total number of white cells, and disregard the red cell count. If there are more white cells than the normal range for age, then the safest option is to treat Some guidelines suggest that in traumatic taps, the white blood cell and protein count can be corrected based on the following. In bacterial prostatitis, the urine will contain white blood cells and bacteria, especially after the doctor has pressed firmly on the prostate. The urine usually will contain the type of bacteria found in most urinary tract infections. In non-bacterial prostatitis, the urine collected after prostate massage may contain white blood cells

What are the Causes of Elevated White Blood Cell Count

Too Many White Blood Cells. While having an elevated or abnormally high white blood cell count does not necessarily indicate leukemia, the source of the condition will need to be identified if it is found to exceed the levels and duration of a normal immune response to an infection. The main causes of elevated white blood cells include: To. Usually, blood test results show elevated white blood cell count if you are fighting an infection or have an inflammatory condition. Pregnancy can also cause a high or slightly elevated white blood cell count. However, other factors like stress, smoking, or allergies can elevate your white blood cell count

Results: Higher white blood cell count (WBC) is significantly associated with greater degree of impairment (p<0.0001), greater degree of disability (p=0.0005), higher risk of a Total Anterior Circulation Stroke (p<0.0001) and higher 30-day mortality (p<0.0001) after adjustment for major potential confounders Vaccination increases the degrees of flowing antibodies against a specific antigen. Antibodies are created by a type of white platelet (lymphocyte) called B cells. Every B cell can just deliver antibodies against one specific epitope. At the point.. Serum lactate levels, central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2), or both can be done to help guide treatment. White blood cell (WBC) count may be decreased (< 9 9 /L]), and polymorphonuclear leukocytes may be as low as 20%. During the course of sepsis, the WBC count may increase or decrease, depending on the severity of sepsis or shock, the.

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Sometimes a body experiences High white blood cell count. This means that there is an infection and White blood cells are multiplying to improve defences. High white blood cell count may be temporary or permanent. Usually, the WBC levels are temporary come back to normal in few hours or days The white blood cell count is complicated. If you think your monocyte level is too high, talk to your doctor about why that is, whether you need treatment, and if lifestyle changes may be helpful. While you are pregnant, it is not uncommon to have an elevated protein level and a high white blood cell count in the urine. This may be due to bacterial contamination from the vagina. Sexual intercourse. Sex can cause bacteria to be pushed into the urethra. This can lead to infection so that there are more white blood cells in urine Background . Patients with peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis usually have different responses to initial antibiotic treatment. This study aimed to explore the patterns of response by using the changes of dialysate white blood cell count on the first five days of the initial antibiotic treatment. Materials and Methods . A retrospective cohort study was conducted An elevated WBC count is consistent with the diagnosis of necrotizing soft tissue infection, whereas a lower WBC count suggests a lower likelihood of the disease. Suspected neonatal sepsis WBC counts >21,000/mm3 or <5,000/mm3 may be an effective means of detecting sepsis in neonates less than 30 days old

My six year old cat, Oscar, has a high white blood cell count, noticeable weight loss and hair loss. No infection has been found yet after 1-2 weeks of examination by a vet. Just seeking any insight about these three primary symptoms High white blood cell count may create severe health issues later. So it is better to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Causes Of High White Blood Cell Count. There are a few reasons behind this high white blood cell count. Some of them are-Infection -High white blood cells can be caused by viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection However, in other research, white blood cells' exact roles and subtypes in severe COVID-19 are still unclear. The team writes, It is unknown if blood cell counts before infection are associated. Summary: White blood cell count increased is found among people with Cellulitis, especially for people who are female, 60+ old. The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 25 people who have Cellulitis from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is updated regularly

High white blood cell count; Immature white blood cells in circulation; Low platelet levels; You'll be given intravenous fluids to increase blood volume and blood pressure as well as intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics, which kill a wide variety of bacteria High white blood cell count. When the leukocyte count is above 30000 cells per micro-liter, it is an indicator of an infection, inflammation and leukemia. It is also regarded that the use of certain medicines like antibiotics and anti-seizure medicines may also lead to the increase of the levels of leukocytes to stay in the hospital and get high doses of antibiotics. This may delay your chemotherapy treatments. However, most chemotherapy treatments do not increase your risk of febrile neutropenia very much. How do you know if your white blood cell count is low? The number of white blood cells you have is called your white blood cell count. A low count Antibiotics by themselves have no effect on lymphocytes but, by reducing infections, they can lower the lymphocyte count. > Lymphocytes are the body's way of fighting infection. When our bodies come under attack from an infection, they launch a huge army of lymphocytes and other defenders. We also take antibiotics to fight the infection. When the antibiotics reduce or cure the infection, the.

my white blood cell count was 6.25... is this normal or low? is it okay to take prednisone for poison ivy with this wbc count? Dr. Ed Friedlander answered 44 years experience Patholog High white blood cell count cud mean that there is inflammation somewhere in the body,such as it can occur in the gastrointestinal tract for people who have inflammatory bowel disease.It could also mean that your immunity is down if there has been a recent infection which has now cured.I would therefore suggest that you go for another round of test to rule out any underlying infections before. During the pelvic examination, your doctor may swab the inside of your cervix with a sterile, cotton-tipped swab. A laboratory will test the sample for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Your doctor may order a blood test to see if your white blood cell count is high, which may indicate that the pelvic inflammatory disease is more severe Because after you have finished the series of the antibiotic you are taking, the antibiotic is still working for about 3 to 5 days after you have taken you last pill

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The blood cell count is a laboratory test that checks the levels of three types of cells: the red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the body's tissues; the platelets, which help clot off blood; and the white blood cells, which fight infections Yes. Normally, the cells in the blood are in specific range of concentration values. During dehydration, the organism loses water, and the same happens with the blood. So, the concentration of the cells increases. This includes not only the white. At regular intervals during chemotherapy, blood tests to check cell counts are required. These tests are called CBCs or 'Hemograms.' White blood cell counts are reported as total leukocyte counts, or TLCs. TLCs count the different types of white blood cells. A more specific count is the absolute neutrophil count (ANC). Neutrophils are one. Besides causing discomfort, abdominal pain can cause you to worry. A high white blood cell count may also be troubling. If you are having these symptoms, you may wonder if simple gastroenteritis can cause this combination of symptoms or if you are experiencing something more serious.. Gastroenteritis, commonly called stomach flu, is an inflammation of the digestive tract, specifically of the.

Background: Transient elevations of the serum white blood cell count (WBC) and platelet count (PC) are normal physiologic responses after splenectomy. The clinician is often challenged to identify an infection in a postsplenectomy patient with an elevated WBC. A previous retrospective study found that a WBC greater than 15 x 10/microL and a PC/WBC ratio < 20 on postoperative day 5, in addition. A person with a low white blood cells count is more susceptible to infections, because their body lacks resources for fighting bacteria and viruses. It can be caused by a vitamin deficiency, or by something more serious such as leukemia or lymphoma. A person with a high white blood cell count might be actively fighting an infection, since the. An elevated White Blood Cell (WBC) count is usually related to an infection. Were they ever able to find the source of the infection? Since they are giving him antibiotics and his WBCs went down, perhaps they just need to isolate the source so they can find a specific antibiotic to treat it White blood cells work to destroy any foreign virus, fungus, or bacteria that enter your body. When you get sick, your white blood cell count is higher than normal. This is because your body is releasing more of these cells to fight the infection. But if you have certain illnesses like HIV or cancer, your white blood cell count can drop to very. Antibiotics. Antibiotics are drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria and other micro-organisms. The healthcare team may prescribe antibiotics if your white blood cell count is too low, the risk of infection is high or they suspect you have an infection. Other infection-fighting drugs, such as antiviral or antifungal drugs, may also be given

High white blood cell count: Causes, types, and other

The high doses damage your bone marrow, so you need a bone marrow or stem cell infusion to replace the bone marrow cells you've lost. Transplants and infection. You'll have a very low white blood cell count for quite a while after having a transplant. This means you are more at risk of getting an infection last blood work my platelet count was low 50,000 on thursday night had either a quick bout of the stomach flu or food poisoning as I threw up and had diareta for 3 or so hours could this account for...View answe

After all, a high white blood cell count in cats could point to a potassium deficiency or even cancer. A complete blood count determines the number and types of blood cells present, specifically red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. A normal white blood cell count in cats typically ranges from 4,900 to 20,000 per microliter of blood 1. Neurosurgery. 1989 Aug;25(2):161-5. Daily trends in white blood cell count and temperature after subarachnoid hemorrhage from aneurysm. Weir B(1), Disney L, Grace M, Roberts P

My dog has had elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood cell count. He has ran numerous blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound and cannot find any reason for the test results. He has had her on antibiotics but they have not helped the white blood cell count. She does seem to feel better while she is on them. Now he just wants to try Prednisone. A complete blood cell count will include a leukogram, which will measure the number of each type of white blood cell. It will also measure red blood cells and platelets. If your dog's bone marrow is affected, the blood cell count may reveal low levels or red blood cells and platelets as well, since the stem cells in the bone marrow may be. We investigated the impact of white blood count (WBC) at discharge on oral antibiotic therapy, abscess rate, and readmission rate. Material/methods: We conducted a two year review of children with complicated appendicitis. In the pre-protocol group, total antibiotic therapy was ten days (IV and oral) and home oral antibiotics at discharge A normal white blood cell count in dogs typically ranges from 6,000 to 17,000 per microliter of blood. To determine your dog's count the vet will run a complete blood count. You can have a low count among the neutrophils and lymphocytes, but it is impossible to come up with a low to zero level of eosinophils, basophils, and monocytes

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  1. Age- and sex-adjusted incidence of gastric cancer according to quartile of white blood cell (WBC) count (≤4.4, 4.5-5.2, 5.3-6.3, or ≥6.4 × 10 3 cells/μL), Hisayama Study, Japan, 1988-2007. The differences and trends in incidence among WBC levels were tested by means of a Cox proportional hazards model
  2. Acute bronchitis, also known as a chest cold, is short-term bronchitis - inflammation of the bronchi (large and medium-sized airways) of the lungs. The most common symptom is a cough. Other symptoms include coughing up mucus, wheezing, shortness of breath, fever, and chest discomfort. The infection may last from a few to ten days. The cough may persist for several weeks afterward with the.
  3. Unfortunately, this treatment will often further deplete your dog's white blood cell count. Antibiotics will likely be given at the same time to support your dog's immune system. Gray Collies with inherited neutropenia will rarely survive into adulthood as there is no treatment except to manage bacterial infection as much as possible
  4. Agranulocytosis and neutropenia are conditions that cause a low white blood cell count. Treating a low white blood cell count. A blood test can tell you if your white blood cell count is low. Your treatment will depend on what's causing your condition and will often include antibiotics. You may also need specific treatment

My dog has a high blood cell count, it was 80000 the day

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  1. High White Blood Cell Count. Also known as leukocytosis, a high WBC count is a hallmark of some types of leukemia and other cancers of the bone marrow. High white blood cell counts can also indicate an existing infection or a dysfunction in the immune system. Pancytopenia
  2. White blood cells come in many types, and all are involved in your immune system's effort to keep you healthy. High white blood cell counts may indicate that you are fighting an infection. Low counts may put you at risk of getting an infection. Depending on the lab, the normal range for WBC is 3.8 - 10.8
  3. Treatment Options for High White Blood Cell Count. The treatment for a high white blood cell count will aim at reducing these levels. This can be done by dealing with the underlying condition affecting the pet. The dog may require treatments ranging from antibiotics to surgery

3 Increased white blood cell (WBC) count A high WBC count causes spinal fluid to appear cloudy and possibly milky white; it is a sign of infection. Healthy spinal fluid is clear. An increased glucose level does not affect the color or clarity of the spinal fluid. RBCs give the spinal fluid a sanguineous, not cloudy, appearance Now that you know the normal values of white blood cells in your body, you will better understandcauses of high white blood cell count: 1. Infections. An increase in the number of white blood cells usually indicates a viral or bacterial infection; however, parasitic and fungal infections can also make your white blood cell count go up

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It's just good practice to run a white blood cell count any time someone comes in with a high fever, or in older people especially, sudden-onset confusion. My mom had a terrible urinary tract infection, and the *only* symptom she showed was extreme confusion. She wasn't hurting anywhere and wasn't spiking a fever Overview White blood cell count or simply WBC count measures the number of white blood cells in the blood. White blood cells or leukocytes help fight infections. These cells attack and destroy the virus, bacteria or other organisms causing an infection. White blood cells are fewer in number, but they are relatively bi

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In non-pregnant adults, a white blood cell blood count over 11,000 per mm3 is known as leukocytosis, which is an elevated white blood cell count. Neutrophilic leukocytosis occurs when a person has. A drop in white blood cell count can also be as a result of the following: Viral infections ; Alcohol abuse ; Poor nutrition ; Medications like antibiotics; Autoimmune disorders; Congenital diseases; When you have a low white blood cell count, you may notice signs of infection like a high fever, chills, and sweating This may restore your white blood cell count to normal. Some people with a low white blood cell count must live with the condition for the rest of their lives. If you have a chronically low WBC count, you must take extra precautions against infections because your body lacks the resources to effectively fight off immune system threats A low white blood cell count in adults is less than 4,000 cells per microliter of blood. A low white blood cell count can be an indicator of certain conditions, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin deficiencies, or a side effect of cancer treatment Elevated, >100. Acid-fast bacillus stain, culture, PCR PMN = polymorphonuclear leukocyte; WBC = white blood cell. Table 6. (over days) with antibiotics. Cell count usually < 500, nearly.

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Eosinophils are disease-fighting white blood cells. Basophils play a role in wound healing, infection and allergic reactions. One of the most common causes of a low white blood cell count is a viral infection. These infections can sometimes temporarily disrupt the bone marrow's production of blood cells, so blood cell counts drop Leukocytosis (raised white cell count). Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) The causative organism, on the culture of blood or of pustules, crusts, erosions or wound. Imaging may be performed. For example: Chest X-ray in case of heart failure or pneumonia; Doppler ultrasound to look for blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) MRI in case of. I have had a white blood cell count of 13.9 for a year. My family doctor was treating me for what he thought was a sinus infection, but I just went to an ENT yesterday and they did a CT of my sinuses, and he stated that i didn't have a sinus infection. My GI doctor didn't like the fact that my white blood cell count was elevated. I was told I have UTI, and have been on antibiotics for it and.

However, I know that elevated white blood cell counts is a symptom, not a specific disease. It might be due to several different causes, so figuring out which one is sort of the mystery for your vet to solve. In general, an elevated white blood cell count means the immune system is working hard to address an issue Red blood cells are destroyed prematurely and infection is often the cause. In response, the body produces more neutrophils to kill off the infection and also in relation to the inflammation caused by the infection itself. Cancer. Blood cancers can produce extremely high white blood cell counts including neutrophil

Once in the bloodstream, alcohol will reduce the white blood cell count in the body. The lower the number of white blood cells, the more difficult it is to fight off disease. Alcohol also combines with red blood cells for the process of blood sludging. In this process, red blood cells clump together and cause smaller blood vessels to plug up STDs and white blood cells in urine. People suffering from STDs such as the gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., can sometimes get urinary tract infections also, which further leads to high number of white blood cells in urine. It can also lead to swelling of the genitals A low white blood cell count (WBC) has been associated with Candida overgrowth. It has also been associated with a pattern of high neutrophil and low lymphocyte count. 3 These are non-specific to Candida, yet I can tell you I saw this pattern very frequently in patients at my clinic with Candida overgrowth

The white blood cell (WBC) count in a blood test indicates the status of our immune system. An increased level of white blood cell count (leukocytosis) often indicates that there is a bacterial or viral infection in our body. High white blood cell count can also be the result of disorders of the immune system, blood and autoimmune system A normal white cell count supports the diagnosis that the infection has been treated and cleared, and most likely the white cell count in the synovial fluid will also have improved. 6 weeks IVABs is the standard treatment for joint infections and this is a good time period of antibiotics, however if you had the infection after a knee replacement there is no guarantee the infection has been. In endocarditis, blood cultures can often detect the bacteria causing the endocarditis. Patients can also develop other symptoms such as: anemia, blood in urine, elevated white blood cell count, and; a new heart murmur Inpatient antibiotics may still be appropriate in a patient without a fever but with elevated white blood cells or neutropenia following chemotherapy; however, the panel was unsure if outpatient. White Blood Cells in Urine. WBCs in urine is hinting something wrong with the urinary system. Vaginal secretions mixing with urine may also lead to high white blood cell count. It can suggest kidney problems and even tumors in the bladders. It is elaborated below. Cance

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Dogs with pyometra usually have a severe elevation of the white blood cell count and often have an elevation of globulins (a type of protein often associated with the immune system) in the blood. The specific gravity (concentration) of the urine is generally low due to the toxic effects of the bacteria on the kidneys Complete blood count (CBC) may be checked to see if a patient is neutropenic (low white blood cell count) and at higher risk of infection. If a patient has a fever and low neutrophil count (less than 500/mm3) ( febrile neutropenia ) they are at risk for infection they may be hospitalized, monitored and receive antibiotics

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Low white blood cell count (low WBC) and high white blood cell count (high WBC) on complete blood count (CBC) tests: Easy to understand entry on white blood cells (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes, T cells, and B cells) Her high white blood cell count on Friday was 40,000, she was put on 2 antibiotics by the rehab( they thought the incision site was infected with a Staph infection) i wasn't informed of her white blood cell count until Saturday, when i starting asking about her being discharged, and was then told it would be an unsafe discharge Low white blood cell count is a condition where the numbers of the white blood cells in your body become too low. White blood cells (also called leukocytes) are part of the immune system, and they are the cells that protect your body against infections by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites The primary function of the red blood cell is to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Inflammation and nutrient deficiencies can reduce red blood cell numbers or their ability to effectively deliver oxygen. This condition is called anemia. However, having a high red blood cell count can also have a similar oxygen-depleting effect The urine test indicated that white blood cells was high in my urine so the doctor prescribed antibiotics for me to treat the uti. I took antibiotics for 1 week and had another urine test after and it came back indicating that the level of white blood cells has normalized

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Elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood cell count are often seen in cats with cholangiohepatitis — inflammation of the liver and bile ducts. If further testing confirms that your cat does have cholangiohepatitis, treatment with antibiotics would be warranted, and most cats respond nicely The normal white blood count varies from person to person and with age. Adult white cell counts range from 4,000 to 10,000. So your value of 12,000 is slightly elevated His physician observed a stable monocyte count ∼2 × 10 9 /L. After 2 years, the patient was referred to a hematology department. His physical examination was normal. His blood cell count showed a normal WBC count (6.7 × 10 9 /L) and confirmed the monocytosis (1.6 × 10 9 /L) with normal hemoglobin level (135 g/L) and platelet count (184.

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Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia is a serious medical condition that causes death in 20%-75% of affected animals. The risk of death depends on which signs are seen, but rapid drops in red blood cell counts, moderate to high white blood cell counts, abnormal bruising, and excessive clotting may indicate a higher risk White blood cells, or leukocytes, help the body fight infection. The five types of white blood cells are basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes . There are associations between white blood cell (WBC) count and the proteins in red blood cells, heart rate, weight, cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine, sex, ethnic origin. The microscopic exam will also determine how many white blood cells there are in the urine. Depending on the severity of the infection present in the body, the quantity of white blood cells in the urine can range from small to large. It goes without saying that, the more white blood cells, the more serious the infection will be

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A 55-year-old man presents to the emergency department complaining of epigastric pain that radiates to his back, nausea, and vomiting. Abdominal exam reveals epigastric tenderness and voluntary guarding, but no rebound tenderness or distention. Laboratory tests show a serum amylase of 1,075 U/L and a white blood cell count of 16,000 /mL The most common first symptom is abdominal pain, often accompanied by vomiting, fever, tachycardia (racing of the heart), high white blood cell count and increased levels of pancreatic enzymes in the blood and urine

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