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Environmental Influence on Academic Performance of Secondary School Stu dents in Port Harcourt Local Government Area of Rivers State. in Journa l of Economics and Sustainabl Academic performance in school is associated with parental involvement (Narad & Abdullah, 2016), school environment (Narad & Abdullah, 2016), peer influence (Hanushek, Kain, Markman, & Rivkin.

Twenty-one public secondary schools in sabbatical established that school environment exert a potent influence on students' academic performance. The school as an institution of learning which also act as a second home for learners has been found to have a strong relationship with students' academic performance PDF | On Apr 28, 2018, Radhika Kapur published Factors Influencing the Students Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in India | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGat Key Words: School Environment, Academic Achievement, standard IX students. INTRODUCTION According to Dewey (1926) 'Education is a continuous process of experiencing and of revising or non-revising here his environment is exerting a different influence on performance through curricula, teaching techniques, relationship

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  1. ation, Ota, Nigeria. 1 INTRODUCTION The trend in Nigerian educational system is the issue of poor results in external exa
  2. ations, as revealed by research studies
  3. Environmental influence before now have not been considered as one of the factors that affect academic performance in secondary schools hence it has little or no attention in educational discourse and consideration. But over the past decade remarkable studies have indicated a correlation between the environment and academic performance of students

Influence of School Environment on Students' Academic

  1. e the extent at which learning environment can affect performance in senior secondary school mathematics. 2) To deter
  2. explained 11.5% of the variation in academic performance among the sample schools. correlates of effective schools that were identified to positively influence academic performance. vi cooperative working environment and time on task. Another outcome of the effective schools research was published in a report by the U.S. Department of.
  3. The study investigated The Influence of Home and School on Students' Academic Performance in Wanging'ombe District. The main objective was to investigate the influence of home and school on students' academic performance. The specific objectives were, to analyze the effect of availability and use of learning facilities, t

ABSTRACT This study investigates the Influence of Home Environment on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Imo State. The study was limited to eighteen secondary schools with adequate sample and sampling techniques and for the purpose of data collection, the questionnaires were designed and administered to the parents and. 7. School environment Aluede and Onolemhemhen (2001) studied the effect of study habit counseling on the academic performance of secondary schools students in English language. The 108 senior secondary school class and two students of lumen Christ secondary school, Uromi, Edo state, Nigeria was targeted. The multi-stage stratified sampling. The home environment had direct and indirect influence on t he academic performance of preschool learners. Parental involvement in educational activities at school was found to hav

This study concentrates on the academic climate. The school climate, environment, psychological tones and the relationships between school heads and teachers, teachers and teachers, teachers and students, school heads and students, students and students, all constituting factors that influence academic performance and teachers' productivity students' academic performance. It is hoped that the findings of this study will be useful to teachers, principals and parents to gain more insight into the psychosocial factors that affect students' academic performance and therefore help improve their academic performance. Keywords: Impact, School Environment, Peer Influences, Students. The study investigated the influence of school types and facilities on students' academic performance in Ondo State. It was designed to find out whether facilities and students' academic performance are related in private and public secondary schools respectively. Descriptive survey design was used. Proportionate random sampling technique wa influence of school environment on student academic performance and self-esteem: a case study of secondary school students in ikenne local government area. ABSTRACT Amongst the predictors of students' academic performance and self-esteem is the degree of comfortability and conduciveness of school environment However, the conjoint influence of parental encouragement and school environment on academic performance of students could hardly be found the literature. It is important to know how these two variables can influence the academic performance. Keeping this in view the study was conducted so as to fulfill the following objectives

(PDF) Impact of School Environments on Academic

INFLUENCE OF SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS. 1.1 Background to the Study. The school environment, which include the classrooms, libraries, technical workshops, laboratories, teachers' quality, school management, teaching methods, peers, etc are variables that affect students' academic achievement (Ajayi, 2001 and Oluchukwu, 2000) This study used ex-post facto and correlation survey to investigate the influence of home environment on academic performance of senior secondary students in Adamawa State. The population of the study consisted of 8,548 students in class 2 in 2012/13 to 2013/14 academic sessions. A total sample of 900 students was drawn from the population using multi-stage random sampling technique to respond. The study focused on the factors that affect the academic performance in secondary schools in Ilala district. The study was guided by the following research objectives: to relate how English capacity among the students affects the student academic performance, to relate the how the teaching and learning facilities such as (tex School leadership requires the collaborative efforts of principals, teachers, parents, students, and other community members to achieve academic success. The purpose of this correlational study was to examine the influence of school leadership practices on classroom management, school environment, and academic underperformance in Jamaica

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influence of classroom learning environment on lower primary school pupils' performance in social studies in makueni county, kenya makau mathias wambua e55/ce/23737/2012 a research thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the award of the degree of master of education, department of early childhood studies in the school of education Family environment seems to impact academic performance. Families in common and parents in specific, have often been considered to be the most significant support system obtainable to the child Abstract: The study investigated the environmental variables influencing academic performance of Secondary School Students. The study specifically examined the influence of three environmental variables namely, learning environment, teachers' method of teaching and family condition on students' academic performance The educational implications of the findings and the teacher's role are discussed, and guidelines regarding the development of a home environment conducive to better academic performance are given. Citation: Maja, Florah Mabogwera (1998) The influence of the home environment on the academic performance of secondary school children, University.

classroom environment as correlate of students' cognitive that the various review of literature on school location influence on academic performance is not the same. While some maintain t-Test Analysis of academic performance of students in schools located in rural areas This research work centered on the influence of learning environment on the academic performance of students in public junior secondary school in Ojo local government area. This study was aimed at finding how learning environment has an impact on academic performance on students

administrative practices on academic performance was strongly positive and significant (r = .844, P≤ 0.5) and similarly, teacher related factors and socio economic background of the learners had a statistically significant influence on academic performance (P≤ 0.5). The study recommende environment and academic learning space when planning schools to positively impact improvement and closing of gaps in student academic performance. Traditionally, high schools have received much of the attention in the discussion of school reform. This is influence performance (Blair, 1998). The correlation appears to be positive betwee DOI: 10.21659/RUPKATHA.V8N2.02 Corpus ID: 3541906. Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students: Influence of Parental Encouragement and School Environment @article{Narad2016AcademicPO, title={Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students: Influence of Parental Encouragement and School Environment}, author={Anshu Narad and Bilkees Abdullah}, journal={Rupkatha Journal on. at home like tables, books and maps) greatly affect the academic performance of the learner. A study by Hill, (2014) revealed that, a child‟s home environment has significant effect on learning and school performance since it provides foundation for learning. In Australia, student‟s performance is associated with housing type of the famil

Influence of Home Environment on the Academic Performance

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school attendance and academic performance.Harb and El-Shaawari, (2006) have reiterated that students perform poorly when the institutions failed to create the environment that is accommodating and conducive to theirlearning and educational needs.Most (82.0%) of th academic performance of learners with hearing impairment, to find out the academic performance of learners with hearing impairment and to establish the influence of interpersonal relationship on academic performance of learners with hearing impairment. The research design used in this study was a case study, where structure The study determined some home environmental factors affecting the academic performance of students in Abia State, Nigeria. Survey research design was adopted for the study. Three research questions guided the study. The data were generated using structured questionnaire. A sample of 200 respondents from both junior and senior secondary school students and their parents were drawn through. lack an academic environment at home and which in turn influences their academic achievement. Another scenario argues that school and neighborhood environment influences academic achievement as low SES schools are generally low in performance. How government interprets the influence of SES and achievement leads to policy decisions origins for the academic performance among students. This was evidenced as well by Obemeata (1995) and Obayan (2003) who confirmed that school physical environment exerts dominant influence on students' academic performance. Most of the ward or commonly known as community secondary schools in Tanzani

(Pdf) Influence of School Environment on Academic

INSTRUCTIONS: Influence Of Home Environment On The Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary School Student project material. Please, sit back and study the below research material carefully. DO NOT copy word for word. UniProjects aim of providing this Influence Of Home Environment On The Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary School Student project research material is to reduce the stress. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of culture on secondary school girls‟ academic performance in four community‟s secondary school in Singida Municipality. 80 people responded, 4 heads of school, 12 teachers, 40 students 16 parents, 4 religious leaders, 4 elders people responded to interview schedules. Th Influence of Home Environment on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students . www.iosrjournals.org 47 | Page children (Collins, 2007). The home influences the child at the most earliest possible time of his life at a time when his mind is most receptive Safe School Environment Background A safe school environment is crucial to the healthy academic and social development of students, and the safety of a school environment affects a range of factors, from staff retention to parent satisfaction. Perhaps most important, student perceptions of safety affect their academic achievement With ill-discipline academic performance is affected.The study equally revealed that the Department of Education is not doing enough to address the issue of infrastructure. For example, overcrowding is still a challenge. In other words, the school environment plays a role in promoting ill-discipline; if might influence indiscipline of grade.

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Influence of Home Environment on The Academic Performance

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This research work focuses on the influence of school environment on the academic performance of secondary school students in some selected schools in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State. The researcher intends to carry out investigation paying particular interest to five secondary schools academic performance. Classroom management refers to preventing disruptive behavior so as to improve academic performance.Academic performance refers to the ability of students to study, remember facts and be able to communicate their knowledge verbally or through writing

(PDF) The Effect of Home Environmental Factors on Students

academic performance measurement we used the average grades of the students. This group was given a questionnaire measuring the socioeconomic status. School performance was assessed by consulting the students' class books School performance correlates directly proportional to the duration of hours spent learning per day (r =0.221, p <0.05) Research has shown that academic performance can be affected by many variables, such as parental involvement, family rules, family resources and homework. The present study focuses on these variables and their association with academic performance using 3,932 participants from the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS). Result

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impact of pre-school education on the academic achievement of primary school students. It is against this background that the researchers deemed it fit to study influence of preschool factors on academic performance of primary school pupils in Port Harcourt. Hence, this study aimed to address this gap in the literature A study conducted by Usaini and Bakar (2015) on influence of school environment on academic performance of secondary school students in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia had revealed that schools with adequate facilities, adequate teachers and favourable environment influenced students' academic performance This short-term longitudinal research examined the relationships among middle school students' perceptions of school environment, school engagement, and academic achievement. Participants were from a representative, ethnically diverse, urban sample of 1,046 students ENVIRONMENT ON STUDENTS' ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Akinleke W. Olaitan Department of General Studies, Federal Polytechnic, P.M.B. 50, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria ABSTRACT: The intention of this study was to investigate how perceived teachers' competence and perceived classroom environment affect academic performance. Two hundre Academic performance is affected by a number of factors including admission points, social economic status and school background. Geiser and Santelices (2007), Acato (2006), and Swart (1999) all argue that admission points which are a reflection of the previous performance influence future academic performance. The Universitie

structures of the school environment to address their needs and improve educational outcomes. The effects of violence on academic performance and classroom behavior may differ for adolescents. When working with victims of domestic violence, educators in grades K-12 may observe various behaviors in the school environment. Youth reared i The Influence Of Home Environment On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students. (a Case Study Of Enugu North Local Government Area, Enugu State).. Project Material in PDF & Do

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climate of a school can be a positive influence on the health of the learning environment or a significant barrier to learning (p. 22). School climate is a phenomenon that has been researched into for many years and is stil Schools provide nutritious food throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and after school. School breakfast programs seek to help meet students' nutritional needs. Research suggests that participation in breakfast programs plays a role in student behavior, cognition, and academic performance Family separation has more impact on younger children's academic performance than the older children (Hetherington, 1999). The reviewed literature indicated that there is an awareness of the importance of the home environment (family) on the students' academic performance. The home has a great influence on the students

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The Influence of the Learning Environment on Student Success It makes sense that students would do better when they learn in positive environments. After all, most people would agree that some environments are more conducive to learning and academic performance academic performance, to investigate how infrastructural facilities influence the academic performance of students with special needs and to determine how instructional strategies influence the academic performance of student with specia agreed and strongly agreed to the influence of home environment on academic performance, while 24 (15%) respondents disagreed and strongly disagreed, and only 25 (15.6%.) were undecided. This indicates that parent or guardian socio-economic status largely influences students' academic performance in secondary schools. This i Studies done on the impact of school environment and students' academic attainment attest to the fact that there is significant relationship between school based factors and students' performance (Mayama, 2012; Lumuli, 2009)

of pre-school education on children's academic attainment, social behaviour and The remainder of the paper examines the means by which schools influence development. It examines mechanisms which might underlie the influence of schools. were interviewed about attitudes towards school performance, mothers of pre-school Key words: Attitude factors, Academic Performance, Peer group, Teacher orientation, School environment, Family Background I. INTRODUCTION Student achievement and academic performance are often related to different factors which can be considered as a basis to assess their learning. These factors include the school, pee

The study sought to assess the school based barriers namely the learner, the teacher, the curriculum and the infrastructure that affect the academic performance of pupils with learning disabilities in regular schools in Eastern Zone of Nakuru Municipality in Nakuru County, Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive survey design academic and non-cognitive outcomes. Drawing on data from teachers in four urban school districts, I document the relationship between individual teachers and students' math performance, as well as their self-reported self-efficacy in math, happiness in class, and behavior in class. In addition, I estimate the relationship between.

performance at the schools was influenced by negative peer groups. Since peer group plays a significant role in determining students' academic performance either positively or negatively, this study, therefore, investigated the influence of peer group in adolescent students' academic performance in private and governmen INFLUENCE OF SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF STUDENTS ABSTRACTThe study was carried out to investigate the influence of schoolenvironment on academic achievement of students in Enugu Statepublic secondary schools. The design of the study is descriptive whilethe population comprised principals and teachers in the education zone.The sample size for the study was 600 respondents. school climate, or on organisational processes associated with employee wellbeing within the school setting. There is a vast literature pertaining to conditions of the work environment that affect employee health, including work-related stress. Teaching is considered a highly stressful occupation, and as social pressure continues to plac (2) Determine the influence of school physical environment on the academic performance of secondary school students in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. (3) Determine the influence of social environment on the academic performance of secondary school students on Ohaukwu Local Government Area 4.3.2 Evaluation of performance 30 4.3.3 Schools traditions and routines 31 4.4 How availability of mentors influences the performance of the girl - child 31 4.4.1 Number of teachers in schools 31 4.4.2 Pursuing of further edication 32 4.4.3 Motivation from role models and mentors 32 4.5 How sexuality influences the academic performance of the. development of the child has no education base, their performance in school is affected. The child is therefore a tool for profit making. It is against this background that the study is carried out to investigate the relationship between child abuse and academic performance of students in Boki local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria

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