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  1. gton Subsonic. The story is different with the Walther P22. The pistol started out much louder at 155.7 dB with Federal ammunition and 154.45 dB with Re
  2. Quoted: I was thinking that .22subsonic suppressed would be the ultimate sneaky rifle setup but after watching some youtube videos, it seems like .22 subsonic unsuppressed is just as quiet out of an AR-15 as when a suppressor is attached
  3. g (with all the attendant risks inherent in assumptions) that this is from a rifle. Under open field conditions, loudness as measured in decibels decreases b..
  4. gton UMC 147gr ammo Walther P22 .22LR Pistol, Suppressed Firing CCI standard velocity ammo Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rifle Suppressed Firing CCI standard velocity ammo Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rifle Integrally Suppressed
  5. To put things in perspective, a suppressed rifle firing subsonic 22 LR ammo will still issue a report of approximately 120 decibels. That is as loud as an ambulance's siren. It's much louder than what OSHA allows workers to be subjected to for extended periods of time
  6. The GM-22 held its own in the area of sound suppression. The average decibel level from the five-shot group with the GM-22 was 122.4 dB. That's a 12.2 dB reduction at the shooter's ear from the unsuppressed firearm, placing it at a respectable third amongst the suppressors tested. It fell short of second place (SilencerCo) by just .04 dB

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  1. In My firearms experience, .22 Lr is, by default, one of the smallest and lowest-loaded cartridges out there. Just shooting it unsupressed and with supersonic ammunition, I've never needed ear protection, let alone desired it. Subsonic has a nearl..
  2. In my experience the only caliber that you can get to be Hollywood quiet is .22 rimfire. Suppressed I have, .22LR, 9mm, 5.56, .308, 8mm, 7.92x33, and 300BLK. The .22 is the only one I feel is hearing safe. I still wear ear protection with all the other ones. As far as specifically 300BLK I would rate it as third quietest behind the .22 and the 9mm
  3. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 22 subsonic at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Shopping Cart Toggle navigation. Search. CCI 22 LR 40 GR Poly-Coated LRN Clean-22 Sub-Sonic 100/Box Notify Me When Available Federal 22 LR 45 gr Copper Plated Round Nose Subsonic Suppressor 50/Box Notify Me When Available; Style.
  4. Maximum Peak db: 149 db CCI Mini-Mag 22LR Supersonic (5 Shots) Average Velocity: 1226 fps / 836 mph Minimum Velocity: 1204 fps / 820.9 mph Maximum Velocity: 1248 fps / 850.9 mph. Average Peak db: 154.8 db Minimum Peak db: 158.1 db Maximum Peak db: 153.6 db. Wolf Match 22LR Subsonic (5 shots) Average Velocity: 1067 fps / 727.7 mp
  5. Check out a quick video of the quietest shooting combination I am aware of (that might still be lethal)In this example we will be using a Savage Mark II FV-S..
  6. CCI's Subsonic HP, for example, reduces velocity to 1050 fps and therefore lowers the decibel level to around 68, almost half the normal high-­velocity .22 LR load
  7. This approach to engineering results in non-intuitive baffle reversal and reduces the sound report on a .22LR rifle to an unheard-of 108 dB (with subsonic ammunition)

The M-22 Subsonic was also created with suppressed firearms in mind, but performs just as well in unsuppressed rifles and handguns. During Winchester testing, M-22 Subsonic rounds measured 129 dB from an unsuppressed rifle. That is significantly quieter than a full velocity .22 LR fired from a suppressed rifle, which typically measures around. We run 300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, 458 SOCOM, 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 22LR, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308, 9mm, and 45 ACP suppressed. 22LR subsonic is the quietest. Period. Subsonic 9mm and 45 are right behind that. Subsonic 300 BLK would be right behind the two pistol rounds. The action cycling on an AR-15 is more noticeable than the round leaving the barrel This test shows the difference in noise level between 22LR Supersonic and 22LR Subsonic with and without the aimSport Rimfire II silence

Re: Decibel level of a suppressed, supersonic .308? It will still cause hearing loss over time. I would bet even the best can will still be over 125 DB at the ear. Hearing safe is only for specified period of time. 110 to 120 DB range is hearing safe for 30 seconds or less per day. If you are firing 1 round a day you will probably be good CCI Subsonic .22 LR. A great round for hunting that offers supreme accuracy, the CCI Subsonic .22 LR features a 40-grain hollow­point bullet that's extremely lethal on small game. Carrying 98 ft-lbs. at the muzzle, Subsonic .22 LR has plenty of punch for small- to medium-­sized game Subsonic not suppressed would be louder. Without the suppressor, I can't tell the difference between subsonic ammo (that is, normal pressure ammo like the AmEag stuff, CCI Standard Velocity, etc) and supersonic ammo. The sound of the gunshot is so loud that the sonic boom really just can't be heard over it. In the case of shooting. Our integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22 by Yankee Hill Machine offers about a 30 decibel reduction as well, making it one of the quietest integrally suppressed .22's available today. This is the best Ruger 10/22 suppressor because it's designed from the ground up for the Ruger 10/22! Reducing the normal 140 decibels sound of standard .22 ammo to an easy-on-the-ears 121 decibels, this by far. About 160 dedibels* Hurts ears with no protection. Subsonic ammo is being about 2% quieter than normal .22 ammo. The rifle without a suppressor averaged 134.6 decibels (dB). Hornady's 300 BLK subsonic 208-grain A-Max load, for example, delivers 480 foot-pounds of energy from a carbine's muzzle. The same goes for the popular AR-15 sporting carbine. I got 10 boxes of these CCI quiet .22's to.

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  1. With this integrally suppressed barrel upgrade, reliably keeps standard ammunition subsonic through its Patent Pending design. It not only has excellent decibel reduction, but it also has a much more pleasant low tone than others on the market. The EOSS .22LR also does not need to be disassembled and cleaned like a traditional rimfire suppressor
  2. The EOSTD .22LR is by far the most versatile drop in integral suppressor for the 10/22™ Takedown on the market today. With this integrally suppressed barrel upgrade, reliably keeps standard ammunition subsonic through its Patent Pending design. It not only has excellent decibel reduction, but it also has a much more pleasant low tone than others on the market
  3. .22LR HV 143.5 144.1.223(M855) 148.5 148.1.308 152.6 151.9 Non-Suppressed Suppressed We did some bullet flight sound measurements 55 yards downrange from the muzzle and 1 meter to the side of the bullet flight path with and without the suppressor: There was no measurable or perceived sound with subsonic or standard velocity .22LR
  4. It's very handy when firing with a suppressor but if you want a quiet .22 shoot .22 CB longs. ZombiesAhead, Feb 14, 2009 #2. IndianaBoy Member. Joined: Jan 3, 2005 Messages: 1,508. My squirrel gun is a 10/22 loaded with subsonic hollow points. If a shot is a clean miss, they rarely react, and I get another try..

BANISH 22 suppressor from Silencer Central As you would expect from a .22-caliber can, the BANISH 22 is small. It's 1 in diameter, 5 ⅜ long, and weighs just a tad over 4 ounces FPS, then dB 22 bolt CCI Quiet Segmented HP PHP 710 fps 705 78.5 671 78.3 XXX 77.6 688 77.9 CCI Quiet 22 LRN 710 fps 720 78.6 729 78.4 715 78.5 720 78.6 721 78.1 CCI Quiet Semi-Auto LRN 835 fps 850 79.4 829 80.5 837 79.6 825 79.7 Aguila Sniper Subsonic 60 gr. LRN 950 fps CCI Suppressor LHP 970 fps 935 80.6 966 80.6 964 80.8 973 81. A CCI standard velocity .22LR out of a 3½ barrel registers 160.7 decibels. A good silencer can lower that to 130 or even 118 decibels, still a lot louder than the new Quiet-.22 we have here. To put this in better perspective, a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun is in the high 90s, and high powered .177 or .22 air rifles are 115 decibels A short .22LR can makes for a great pistol setup, keeping the overall length to a minimum while still providing you with hearing safe suppression when using subsonic ammo. With an MSRP of $280, the Apex micro is a lightweight and affordable option for shooters interested in an easy to maintain rimfire silencer A .22-caliber pistol would be 116 decibels, which is louder than a 100-watt car stereo. In all likelihood, the noise level is actually higher. In all likelihood, the noise level is actually higher

In Winchester testing, M-22 Subsonic measured at 129 dB from an unsup­pressed rifle, which is significantly quieter than a full velocity .22 LR fired from a suppressed rifle (138 dB). With the addition of a suppressor, M-22 Subsonic achieves a remarkably quiet 116 dB Subsonic .22 LR was attenuated from an average of 154.4 dB to an average of 126.2 dB, and 147-gr 9mm (which is subsonic) was attenuated from an average of 160.2 dB to an average of 133 dB. But what about those 220-gr .300 BLK loads that people keep talking about? WATCH I built a integral suppressor for a 10/22 barrel overall length is 18 using a 12 barrel and I think its 8 , 7/8 K baffles. It is Hollywood quite with subsonic all you hear is the action. It maybe as loud as a springer pellet rifle with CCI Stinger ammo

The difference is a 22 subsonic is 68db for CCI Quiet even a 10db efficient suppressor will make a sound no louder than a conversaton, a 308 subsonic is around 130-140db (64-128 times louder) a 30db suppressor would reduce it to the level of a power lawn mower, motorcycle, farm tractor, jackhammer or garbage truck However, offerings like Hornady's 410 grain Sub-X in .45-70 and Winchester Ammunition's 265 grain Super Suppressed .350 Legend are examples of ever-growing options to meet demand, and there are now a plethora of purpose-designed .22 long rifle subsonic loads on the market today The action is the loudest thing you'll hear in the video. I don't pretend to have a $20k sound meter and don't trust iPhone apps to emulate that very well, so we'll just leave it at stupid quiet as the noise rating for subsonic .22 ammo with the Sparrow. For typical .22LR rounds, the Sparrow cuts the volume down to 112.7 DB Subsonic .22 Rimfire Ammunition. Performance Test. What is the quietest possible shot using a conventional weapon and ammunition? The lowly .22 rimfire, bolt-action rifle fitted with a modern suppressor and subsonic ammunition wins the contest with sound pressure levels (SPL's) hovering around 110 dB depending on the ammunition How efficient suppressor will also depend on the cartridge you use. Hence, the sound level of a suppressed gun is entirely dependant on Its caliber. This is why the most silent guns in the world are usually chambered in small calibers like .22lr for instance. To understand how it works, you need to go back to the fundamentals of a firearm

  1. The fastest shot using the Aguila Super Extra SE Subsonic ammo was 1,060 feet per secondwhich is subsonic in most reasonable temperatures and altitudes. The extreme spread and the standard deviation numbers on the Gemtech ammo seem to give it an edge. So we tested accuracy at my preferred 22LR sighting in distance of 40 yards
  2. The 10/22 makes for a great suppressor host no matter how you cut it. As much fun as blasting a 200-round belt of 7.62×51 in full-auto is, the times dictate that our sport must adapt to be a bit less expensive if we want to keep doing it
  3. 17 HMR, 22 Long Rifle, 22 Mag, 22 WMR This suppressor is rimfire full-auto rated, and it comes with a design that enhances its performance when mounted to the rifle. If used with supersonic ammo, it will feature a noise reduction of 36 dB, while subsonic ammo will feature a noise reduction of 39 dB. In both cases, it provides one of the.

A silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, suppressor or sound moderator, is a muzzle device that reduces the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report (sound of a gunshot) and the recoil when a gun (firearm or air gun) is discharged, by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas from the muzzle and hence suppressing the muzzle blast.Like other muzzle devices, a silencer can be a. SIG SAUER lists sound signature reduction down to 117 decibels (db) with the SRD22. For reference sake, the actions of many semiautomatic .22 caliber weapons produce 125-130 decibels when cycling out and into battery. An unsuppressed .22LR produces approximately 142 decibels when fired Given the ever-increasing proximity of neighbors due to suburban sprawl and the boost in sales of .22 caliber sound suppressors for range and field use, it's little wonder why subsonic .22 Long Rifle (LR) loads have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. In fact, MidwayUSA currently lists more subsonic .22 LR options than supersonic on its website I used SIG Sauer's 150-gr. Elite Copper Hunting ammunition as my supersonic test load and Winchester's 168-gr. Super Suppressed load as my subsonic choice. The supersonic SIGs averaged 155.84 dBs unsuppressed at the ear, and 136.88 dBs using the suppressor's short configuration and 131.78 dBs using the full one at the same location

Subsonic Ammo - A Buyer's Guide to the Quiet Side

Using a suppressor, such as the SilencerCo Warlock 22, will lessen the noise of the .22 greatly. In fact, it'll take it down to about 114 dB with supersonic ammo (muzzle velocity greater than about 1100 feet per second). With subsonic ammo, I would estimate the sound of the rifle is roughly that of an average pellet gun; it's pretty quiet The SilencerCo Sparrow is a whole lot of fun in a small package. It's a .22LR design, although it is rated for the FN 5.7x28mm centerfire cartridge. If you've got a .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17 HMR, you're in business. It will even handle a full-auto .22 LR, if you've got such a thing. The Sparrow 22 comes with a standard 1/2×28 thread. Rogue red squirrels that chew holes in the shed, renegade woodchucks and rabbits that destroy the garden I've worked so hard to plant, and the nefarious skunks that prowl the night, just waiting to spray my dogs; all have fallen victim to the subsonic .22 LR cartridge. Let's take a look at my favorite five Subsonic ammunition is ammunition designed to operate at velocities below the speed of sound, which at standard conditions is less than 273 m/s (900 ft/s) or Mach 0.80. This avoids the supersonic shockwave or crack of a supersonic bullet, which, particularly for suppressed firearms, influences the loudness of the shot.. Subsonic ammunition usually uses heavier bullets to retain as much.

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  1. The very first .22 I shot was a .22 LR with the word subsonic printed on the front of the ammo box. With that, I figured it would be a good idea to talk about what this means. While this article applies specifically to the .22 caliber, you will hear this term about other calibers, too
  2. Subsonic ammunition, whether you're running it through a suppressed .22 pistol or 300 AAC Blackout rifle, is guaranteed to produce smiles all the way around. Here are three reasons why it's.
  3. All the major ammunition manufacturers offer subsonic .22 LR loads. CCI's Subsonic HP, for example, reduces velocity to 1050 fps and therefore lowers the decibel level to around 68, almost half.
  4. TO 458 SOCOM Steinel offers a few distinct loads for 458 SOCOM enthusiasts. He uses a sico hybrid. Compatible with pistol calibers from 9mm to .45ACP, rifle calibers from 5.56mm to .45-70 GOV, and many in between like .458 SOCOM, the Hybrid is both full auto and magnum-rated and can be used on pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. I would like to run a 10.5 to keep the overall length down.
  5. The Integra 15-22 integrally suppressed barrel has a diameter of 0.925. Overall length of the entire upper receiver group is 23.75 and has a weight of 2.7 lbs. The MSRP of the Integra 15-22 is $616

Another use worth mentioning is small game hunting, as 22 subsonic loads can drop below 120 dB, with some even below 100 dB. Subsonic Ammunition And Home Defense. Another potential use of subsonic ammunition is in home defense. Imagine the following scenario: Someone starts breaking into your home while you and your family are clearly there That would be a huge advantage. (And I believe a suppressed .22LR rifle would be a big part of this idea.) but the 700 .308, the crack of the supersonic round really makes a boom. And even subsonic loads , while surely quieter than normal, it's still not exactly going to be a secret from the neighbors. here is a random video I picked up off.

Subsonic considerations, Part 2 -continued from Part 1, here Subsonic loads, while less noisy than supersonic ammunition, are not silent. Maximum noise reduction requires a suppressor and even suppressors cannot eliminate all the noise, although well-engineered examples used with loads with light powder charges, such as some .22 LR and some centerfire pistol loads fire Tactical Innovations TAC65 .22LR SUPPRESSOR. Tactical Innovations 5002-00217. This is an excellent performance suppressor that offers outstanding sound suppression for pistols such as the Walther P22 with decibel reductions of an average of 38.3. This suppressor, for diameter, baffle stack, weigh..

CCI's Quiet .22 load is designed to deliver about 68 decibels (Db) at the shooter's ear. This is about half the noise generated by high-velocity .22 LR ammunition and only slightly more than. I am a legal NFA suppressor owner and use subsonic ammo all the time. Your neighbors are definitly going to hear it!! Subsonic ammo is just as loud as normal 22 ammo - if you had a sound pressure meter you would notice the subsonic being about 2% quieter - but - this is not enough for the human ear to tell the difference Sub-Sonic HP 22 LR Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury A 22lr with a 16 barrel and subsonic ammo is till going to be about 140 decibels at least; a pistol (a P-22) is going to be over 160 decibels. A good silencer will bring the noise down by 30 decibels or more

How loud is a silenced

John Norrell Integral 10/22 Silencer. On April 1, 2007, I did an extensive review of the Ruger 10/22 with the Norrell integral silencer. I tested 5 types of high velocity ammunition for both dB and ballistics/velocity. Here is a picture of the weapon. Norrell Integrally suppressed 10/22 Specification The Switchback uses rocket propulsion principles and non-intuitive reversed baffles to reduce the sound report of a .22LR rifle to a super-quiet 108 dB with subsonic ammunition, according to the company. Their current .22LR suppressor, the Osprey Micro, reduces shot report to 112.4 dB in its longest configuration

How quiet is .300 AAC Blackout suppressed with subsonic ..

Introducing the CA-22LRTI suppressor. One of lightest yet quietest suppressors on the market, weighing in at a mere 3.4 oz this suppressor reduces an impressive 20+DB. The CA-22LRAL was designed with simplicity, durability, and user serviceability at its core. Designed with an all Titanium internal k baffle system and simplistic entrance and exit caps this suppressor was designed to ensure. The thought behind this is to run the full-size configuration (5.28 inches long, 6.1 ounces) with subsonic .22 LR ammo in a pistol to obtain decibel readings just over 110 dB. Then to cut down on suppressor length on a rifle, you can run the short version (3.41 inches long, 4.5 ounces) and using subsonic rounds to get decibel readings just.

22 subsonic for Sale Sportsman's Outdoor Superstor

Sound: The Inland suppressor keeps the decibel level in the low to mid-80s using subsonic ammunition and when shot dry.When combined with Inland's patent pending sound suppressing dB Foam, the sound is reduced another 3-5 decibels (a 4-ounce can of dB Foam is included with each suppressor) Sound: The Inland suppressor keeps the decibel level in the low to mid-80s using subsonic ammunition and when shot dry. When combined with Inland's patent pending sound suppressing dB Foam, the sound is reduced another 3-5 decibels (a 4-ounce can of dB Foam is included with each suppressor) 22 Suppressor 22 LR Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury

CCI 22 Suppressor Rimfire Ammuntion .22 LR 45 gr JHP 970 fps 50/ct optimized for use in suppressed firearms. Its subsonic velocity further reduces noise, yet the hollow-point bullet expands reliably for excellent terminal performance. Clean-burning powders minimize blow-back and ease firearm cleaning Subsonic 5.7 is the most quiet combo I have ever run period. With the Dead Air Mask it has a lower and deeper tone than subsonic .22lr. Man it's fun to shoot! You can miss me with your Ballistic lecture btw. These monolithic Copper hollowpoints open up nicely and get 10-14 of penetration on average The CCI Quiet-22 Lead Round Nose offers low-noise plinking, even without a suppressor. This one may or may not cycle your particular semiauto. The safe bet is to count on this for bolt guns.

The 5.56 Ultra Stealth Match Subsonic is the most quiet and accurate 5.56 x 45mm NATO Subsonic round on the market. Testing backs up this claim, with a mil spec MIL-STD-1474D reading of 117dB when used in conjunction with the Gemtech M4-QD suppressor and an M4 Carbine. A reading of 114 db was obtained with the SRT Hurricane on an identical weapon A suppressed 556 is still much quieter than an unsuppressed rifle. I agree with your comments about the sonic crack in the video. The quietest suppressed firearms are 22LR, 9mm, 45 ACP, and 300 blackout (all coupled with subsonic ammo of course) The .22 Long Rifle is a variety of the .22 rimfire ammo cartridge. The low cost, low noise and minimal recoil has long established the .22LR rimfire round to be the most common and widely sold ammunition in the world today. The .22 Long Rifle is one of the few cartridges that are widely accepted by a variety of rifles, as well as pistols SubSonic 22 This suppressor is intended for .22LR, it has a diameter of 3.5 cm and a length of only 13.5 cm. It will be mounted directly on the end of the gun barrel

Subsonic Ammo: Bang Without The (Sonic) Boom - AmmoMan

Our Outback short barrel rifle (SBR) and detachable suppressor system (scope and rings optional) is composed of a Ruger 10/22 takedown carbine with a shortened 12 barrel, threaded to accept both a removable backup front sight/thread protector and lightweight STEALTH-D suppressor. Quietest performance is achieved with match, subsonic, or. I bought 300 rounds worth. They say normal decibal rating for standard .22LR is between 80-110 dB. I want to share this video on youtube which shows a gentleman testing decibal rating on some CCI ammo. In the beginning he is just talking and the device reads at 64.9 dB (this is @2:14). Standard velocity CCI was around 84.4 dB (this is in an. Lr Subsonic found in: Remington Subsonic Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 40gr HP 1050 fps 100/ct, Remington .22 Subsonic Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 38 gr HP 50/box, Remington .22 Subsonic Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 38 gr HP 100/box,. Atomic Ammunition's 223 Remington Subsonic is unlike any .223 Rem ammunition. It is quieter than most .22 Long Rifle ammo, has virtually no felt recoil, produces the same energy and power as most 380 ACP ammunition and delivers excellent accuracy out to 100 yards from rifles with barrel twist rates of 1 in 7'' or faster

Sorry forgotten: My subsonic loads for real life are entirely base on Samereier case - fully lathe turned, with reduced inner volume. about 1/3 propellant saved - this means the can has to handle uch less pressure and gas, higher lading density, no different velocities when shooting straightly up or down and so on In addition, the M-22 Subsonic utilizes non-corrosive priming and clean burning powder for reduced muzzle flash. M-22 Subsonic is ideal for use in both suppressed and unsuppressed firearms. In Winchester testing, M-22 Subsonic measured at 129 dB from an unsuppressed rifle, which is significantly quieter than a full velocity .22 LR fired from a. According to a fact sheet from SilencerCo, a Utah-based silencer manufacturer, a 12-gauge shotgun equipped with a silencer registers 137 decibels and a silenced. 22 rifle is muffled to 116 decibels, slightly louder than an ambulance siren. Still loud, just not eardrum-busting loud ELEY .22 LR 38 Gr. Subsonic HP - 956 fps; Note: The fps of the above .22 LR fired with the suppressed Ruger 19001 Ruger Silent SR ISB, were virtually the same as stated above. Suppressed Sound in Decibels at Ten Feet. ELEY Subsonic Hollow Point - 79; Winchester Subsonic - 78; Winchester .22 LR Varmint HE 37 Gr. - 9

The Quietest Shooting Combination- Bolt Action Rimfire

22LR suppressor with a titanium tube and stainless steel baffles. View Product. Compare. SRD762TI-QD . Grade 5 titanium, 300 WIN MAG rated suppressor with Taper-Lok Fast-Attach muzzle device. View Product. Compare. SRD9 . Titanium and Stainless Steel, 9mm Suppressor. The suppressor lightens the DB rating down to an average of 136 DBs. It can also handle 300 Blackout rounds, but only from barrels longer than 7.5 inches. The Centurion 9 is a take apart suppressor that has a very easy to remove the core for easy cleaning. This makes it great if you want to run the can on rimfire guns, especially the filthy .22 LR. Rated for 22LR, 22 WMR, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, and 5.7x28mm the Oculus 22 provides unbelievable suppression in both it's short (3.25) and long (5.25) configurations. With cleaning and durability in mind the entire suppressor is machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel bar stock Whether it's plinking or small game hunting, shooters can get the most from suppressed 22-caliber firearms with CCI Suppressor ammunition. The specialized load produces a subsonic velocity that further reduces noise, yet the hollow-point bullet design expands reliably for excellent terminal performance

Everything You Need to Know About Subsonic Amm

With a 1-inch O.D., the suppressor is 4.8″ long and weighs 3.3 ounces and reduces sound by approximately 35-41 dB with Remington subsonic ammunition. (This depends on the host gun's barrel length. 116-117 average dB absolute readings were recorded on a 5″ barrel pistol). Color is black GunKote

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