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A round four-strand braid is often called a spiral or diamond braid. Use a four-strand braid to weave a rope for utility purposes, to make a craft cord for jewelry, a ribbon for a floral bouquet, or even for your own hair How to braid with four strand the wires are arranged in a circle, and we will assume held firmly at one end (i generally solder them all to the proper places on the plug and hold it between my knees) if you label the wires 1,2,3, and 4 going around the circle the braid goes like this: 1&3 go across the middle and CROSS

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- Wire braiding - Winding technology Overview. Discover the possibilities Braids are textile constructions which yarns cross each other in diagonal direction. We distinguish between round braids and flat braids. Round braids: Round braids have a round or oval cross section. The product Photograph 1: Close-up of Six Wire Braid. Photograph 2: Close-up of DIY Braided Speaker Cable. It is easy to keep resistance low as that is simply a function of conductor size. What you do have to pay attention to with DIY audio cables is inductance and capacitance. For speaker cables high inductance will affect the frequency response, while.

Once I was able to make 3 sets of 3 wires (9 strands in total) it was simply a matter of braiding the wires. You can get as creative as you want with this step. I opted for a simple braid. One thing I learned for next time is to make the braid TIGHT. Make sharp, tight, and intentional bends in the wire Pinch the 2 middle strands together and bring the leftmost strand of yarn over them. Be sure to keep the tension tight as you braid! Keep braiding until you're about 1 inch from the end. Finally, pinch the strands of yarn together and tie them in knot to complete the bracelet. For tips on making a round 4-strand braided bracelet, read on the contact area of the braid and the wire barrel interface. • Wire braid is flush to the end of the wire crimp barrel. • The braid end does not extend into the mating area of the terminal. • Less than 6% of the braid strands are cut, broken, or damaged. (See IPC/WHMA-A-620, Table 13-1). • The wire crimp and the insulation crimp are. When I had inefficient speakers I did a braid of a braid of a braid so 27 wires braided 3x3x3 worked quite well. You can get a slight improvement if you mix thicknesses of wire, say .25, .4, .6 and so on. I do like braided cables and can vouch that a copper solid core cat6 makes a bargain cable of a very high quality

A round braid can be used to make jewelry, slings, straps, and more. The most common round braids use 4 or 8 strands. To start your braid, pick your colors and tie your strands together at the end in a simple overhand knot. Secure the end of your material to a flat work surface with a piece of tape So for braiding, we should have a number of wires in multiples of 4. The reason is because this is what you'll need to make a balanced cable. When you see cables that only have 2 wires and are balanced, it's because the wires have multiple enamelled cores that they are splitting out, so essentially the wires are still working in multiples of 4

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Braiding of 4 core cable for DIY Earbuds and I 4. Heat Shrink Tubing. Last but not least, we have the heat shrink tubing.It is by far the neatest way to accomplish end termination of braided sleeving. A bit more time consuming because of the shrinking process with a heat gun, it is ideal for applications that require a high continuous operating temperature and weather-proofing, such as the ones in the aviation and automotive industries 1. Cut the wire two times longer than the distance between the picture frame's D hooks. 2. Fold the wire in half. 3. Use pliers to bend a 4d finishing nail into a hook. 4. Attach the bent nail to a power drill, with the bent end facing outward. 5. Hook the wire onto the bent nail. 6. Grab the other end of the wire with a pair of pliers. 7 A three-strand braid is a very common way to braid, perhaps most associated with a classic schoolgirl hair braid. You can use this technique to make a strong braided rope. Braided ropes are appropriate for use in high-friction situations

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needed: 24 gauge round dead soft wire(this is what I am using in my demonstration, but feel free to use other gauges)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Oxana.. Braided wire ropes are available in a wide range of configurations which may include 6, 8 or 9 part braided wire rope slings. Steps 1. Know how many strands of wire you'll be braiding. The complexity of the braiding process will depend on the number of strands of the wire..

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As a starting point, use 24-26AWG wire for these braids. 1.Hold the 4 wires in your hand. 2.Move the outer left wires over two wires to the right. 3.Move the outer right wire over one wire to the left. 4.Continue repeating this process until you reach the end of the cable How to do a 4 strand braid or 4 strand plait. This is a quick and easy guide to making four strand braids - it can be used with braided hair, 4 strand paper. Lubricating the Wires . Pulling wires can be difficult enough through straight runs of conduit, but throwing a few bends and turns in the run increases friction, making pulling much more difficult.That's when you use a lubricant. Wire-pulling compound is a non-conductive lubricant in either a gel or a slimy, soapy form that makes both the conduit and wires slick by coating the wiring, allowing. Braided wire coil's aren't the same as twisted wire coils but you can include twisted wires into your braid As well as how many strand's you want to do in you braid you can also combine dif wire types together or even braid strand/s of silica etc into your coil, i'd guess there are a lot of possibilitie Once coverage drops below 90%, there is insufficient braid to ensure that it is evenly distributed over the dielectric. This cable is probably representative of better budget cables, and it can be seen that the Belden 8262 is a better product (more wire, tighter helix, gives better coverage) it is nearly ten times the price in Australia

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  1. Twist the wire until it reaches the desired tightness, but be careful not to overtwist and break the wire. When finished, slide the wire off the doorknob; cut the loop off one end and the bent wire on the other before using in the braid. Put Christina's expertise in braided wire jewelry at your fingertips with Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy. It.
  2. um Crimping Loop, Braided Wire Cable for String Lights, Clothesline 4.5 out of 5 stars 95 $14.98 $ 14 . 9
  3. This 4 strand braid is perfect for T-shirt yarn - turn it into Friendship Bracelets, hair bands or as bag straps. How to make a 4 Strand Braid or Plait. It really is easiest to watch the video!! YAY! But will also explain the process below! How to make a plait with four strands - step by step instructions
  4. e the wires underneath, or even remove individual wires. It's also as flexible as you need it to be, confor
  5. al. • Less than 6% of the braid strands are cut, broken, or damaged. (See IPC/WHMA-A-620, Table 13-1). • The wire crimp and the insulation crimp are.

A braid is a woven mesh of bare or tinned copper wires. The braid provides a low-resistance path to ground and is much easier to termination by crimping or soldering when attaching a connector. But braided shields do not provide 100% coverage. They allow small gaps in coverage. Depending on the tightness of the weave, braids typically provide. Braiding Eight Cords Into a Flat Braid: Everyone can braid things, right? Can you braid more than 3 things? Here is how to braid 8 strands of cord, string, yarn, leather strips or you name it

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The ProBuckers are a 4 wire pickup, plus a braided ground. The Alnico Classics are a 2 wire (1 wire plus a braided ground.) At this time, I only want to use the ProbBuckers as a Hum Bucker replacements for the Epi Alnico Classics. I will NOT be changing out the wire harness. or use coil tapping on this modification Part Number : Braid AWG Size: Circular Mil Area: Wire AWG Size: No. of Wires: Constr. Nominal Width Inches: Nominal Thickness Inches: Feet Per Pound: Pounds Per MF Product Details. By adjusting the physical characteristics of the polyethylene terephthalate filaments, the Techflex engineers have produced a product with the same specifications as our PET sleeving with the unique advantage of being able to cut the material with ordinary scissors and still maintain an extraordinarily fray-resistant end without the addition of chemical binders or adhesives

  1. An extra length of extra poly wire (in case you need to completely replace a portion) How to Splice PolyWire. If you want a strong, permanent splice, then a crimping sleeve splice is a must. To do this splice you should: Turn off the power to the fence. Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off
  2. How To: Splice Wires Whether you're swapping in a new light fixture or adding an outlet in the garage, you'll probably need to reconnect wires, connect a new wire to an old one, or extend a few wires
  3. Photograph 4: Twisted Wires for One Speaker Cable. Next, the Techflex cable sleeving is pulled over the twisted wire. Heat shrink tubing is used to hold everything in place. The ends are separated and then twisted together following the previously noted geometry. Photograph 5: TechFlex Cable Sleeving, Heat Shrink and Cable Separatio
  4. imum and maximum volume of wires: The larger the wire gauge, the fewer it can hold. Check the list on the wire nut connector packaging to make sure your combination of wires is safe
  5. Wire is the conductor with which we are all most familiar. Of the three types of conductors described on this page, wire is the easiest to install and the easiest to connect. Wire is readily available. Bare copper wire that is solid (as opposed to stranded) in the sizes of 4 awg and 6 awg is commonly used as safety grounds for home electrical.
  6. It works for me although I should mention that you should ask your significant other to help straighten the wire before attempting to braid it. The stepper motor manufacturer did a poor job of preparing the wire for shipment. It looks like someone twirled it around their fingers a few times and then stuffed it in the box
  7. Tubular Expandable Wire Protection Braid, Kevlar® 102-071: fire resistant, abrasion-resistant yarn construction—our strongest non-metallic braid Yarn, duPont™ Kevlar® tubular braid -73°to +160°C temperature range 400,000 PSI yield tensile strength 3.6% elongation Excellent chemical resistance Good abrasion resistanc

Attach the wires to a work surface to maintain even tension as you braid. 4. Turn the disc so #32 is at the top and #16 is at the bottom. 5. Adjust the wires so there is one wire on each side of a dotted number. (A) 6. Braid the wires together according to one of the patterns below. Finishing the Ends 1. Place a piece of adhesive tape around. braided wire coat hangers. You use Phentex or Nylotex material strips. Now these are almost impossible to find, though you can pay a small fortune for some on Ebay. I've still got a stash of some in limited colours and amounts. Good places to find this are in thrift stores and by asking of Freecycle groups or on Kijiji Jul 14, 2020 - How To Braid Using 4 Strands - How to Wiki 8 Use a 1/4-in. (6.5mm) wooden dowel as the base around which to braid 24-gauge (0.5mm) fine-silver wire. Measure and coil the wire. Measure the wire into five 2-yd. (1.8m) lengths. Wrap each length into an individual coil. Use twist ties to keep each coil neatly wrapped. The coils keep the wires manageable while braiding. Apply furniture wax to.

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Square the corners using the Pythagorean theorem (3, 4, 5 method). Measure 3-feet from where the lines intersect and make a mark on the string line. Measure 4-feet along the line that runs perpendicular to that line and make a mark. Measure between the 3-feet and 4-feet marks and adjust the line until the marks are exactly 5-feet apart XMRISE Braided Copper Wire Drain Cable Electric Stranded Round Bare Spiral Flexible Grounding Lead Conductive Conductors 10m,4#Diameter:2.8mm/0.11inch $33.27 $ 33 . 27 $5.00 shippin Take the negative (-) line, which is silver in this wire set, and the positive (+) line, which is gold colored and tear them apart. If you make a cut in between the two lines you can just peel them apart making 2 wires. Do this with both wires and you will end up with 4 total wires. 2 (-) and 2 (+) lines

I've used the Samson splicing kit, which comes with 4 or 5 fids and and a pusher. Number one don't use the directions that come with the kit. There are a number of videos on YouTube that explain how to make the splice. I use the one from West Marine. Number two: before you start milk the cover back then pull it back into place Go get some desoldering braid and unwind a few inches from the packaging. Place the exposed desoldering braid over the solder joint on the circuit board that you want to desolder. Press down on top of the desoldering braid with your soldering iron until you see and/or feel the solder beneath the braid start to liquify and flow Classic Cutter 002 - Braided Cable (Wire Rope) Cutter (Up to 3/16) Brand: BBTools, Inc. 4.7 out of 5 stars 15 ratings. Price: $27.99: Enhance your purchase This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Cuts Stranded Wire up to 3/16 in. dia

Basic Braids - 4 Strand. Now we'll go onto the 4 strand braid - of these two basic braids this one is only a little more complex, but again it would make a lovely effective purse handle as you can see by this picture.. The measuring part is the same as the 3 strand braid instructions. You still need to fold your lengths in half and separate your colors, or divide your lengths so that each. A benefit of using wire rope clips instead of swaged sleeves for making a termination is their ability to be reused, but there are some precautions you should take to ensure your wire rope clip is still fit for service. The first thing to check is to make sure the u-bolt fits into the saddle with no force required. If it is difficult to mate. With standard wire nuts, some electricians prefer to twist the wires together first with pliers, then screw the wire nuts over the ends of the wires. However, some wire nut manufacturers instruct to simply hold the two parallel wires together, then twist the wire nut over the bare ends of the wires in a clockwise direction Cables, Wires - Management - Grounding Braid, Straps are in stock at Digikey. Order Now! Cables, Wires - Management ship same da The core wire is like standard wire, while the shield is a braided exterior wire. The core wire replaces the stock wire when converting to the insulated wire and each end of the outer wire gets soldered to the nearest ground. Grounding the braided wire creates a shield that protects the core from electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF.

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  1. Make it tight, we don't want the paracord slipping off the wire while we're braiding. Braiding the Cable. 24. It's time to start the most annoying part of this: the braid. I used my dresser to hold the connector in place while straightening out all of the wires. To do our braid, I followed a text walkthrough I found on head-fi by user.
  2. The Alex Tech PET Expandable braided sleeving fully protects and prolongs the life of wires. Our wire sleeve is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and It's flexible and high stretch.Our braided expandable sleeving is used in wire wrap wire protection of a wide assortment of wires and cables in many applications.Our braided cable sleeve is simple cable management solution and easy to.
  3. Install this wire in conduit and cable trays in commercial and industrial buildings. It's also known as branch circuit wire.. Stranded wire is flexible, so it's pliable enough to be pulled around corners. Wire with a nylon outer insulation resists oil and water. Wire with a polyethylene outer insulation resists abrasion and chemicals. It's more flexible than nylon insulated wire
  4. DOUBLE WIRE BRAID HOSES. When the single wire braid hose cannot provide a measure of safety then a second layer of wire braiding is added. And there are two reasons to consider for this: the extra wire provides for higher working pressure, and the interior braid is still protected if the hose cover has been damaged and the exterior braid may rust and fail
  5. AA59569R30T1125 Tubular Braided 4 Gauge Wire - Mil-Spec AA59569. Our AA59569R30T1125 wire is part of our Mil-Spec Wire & Cable line. AA59569R30T1125 is a 4 gauge wire with a tinned copper conductor and a 48-9-30 construction. These cables are rated for an amperage of 135 amps. Tinned copper braid is in a completely round configuration

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  1. Braided Cord Protector Split Wire Loom Braided Cable Sleeve, Management and Organizer, Protectors for Television- Black (1/2 25ft Kit Accessories) 4.8 out of 5 stars 18 $13.99 $ 13 . 9
  2. al. If your dryer has a pre-attached white wire, both wires will be connected the neutral ter
  3. My Grand-Maman wrapped wire coat hangers with this braid. The term Sennit is almost equivalent to braid in the sense of a braid of fibre to make a cord or line. It is not used as a braid for hair unless you are making cordage out of the hair. You need to start with 4 strands. Memorize the formula, over 2, back under 1
  4. #B9917-xxx, 7mm Cotton Braid Spark Plug Wire (Has Copper Conductor & PVC Insulation with 1 Layer of Cotton Braid & Lacquer, Our Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow 2-Cross Tracer Color Variations are Ford Authentic Colors for Correct Restoration Manufactured In The USA By The Brillman Company Select Color & Length below to see sample picture. For Suppression Core, use #B993
  5. Braided rope is extremely durable and strong, and has been used for both domestic and industrial purposes for hundreds of years. Although braided rope can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store, long ago it was not commercially produced. Instead, people made braided rope by hand
  6. ating, so its good for applications that require the braid to be looped from ground point to ground point with no breaks
  7. The fiberglass and silica composition used in the high-temperature options will keep your cables, wires, and hoses cool, calm, and collected at temperatures approaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Specialty Sleeving. Specialty Sleeving options can accommodate the most specific braided sleeving needs

RaNDoMLeiGH has a super copper braided wire bracelet tutorial on Instructables. The wire came from the hardware store. What's lovely about this design is the twisted wire edging. The simpler 5 lead braided copper bracelet tutorial on the Bajabum site uses 14G copper wire.There are two ways to finish the ends, one is by simply looping each wire end and the other is to use sections of copper tubing Braided wire sleeving can drain water effectively, so it's perfect for protecting cables and wiring in marine settings. Also, depending on the material it's made from, is also highly resistant to oils, fuels, chemicals and even heat, making it the go-to wire covering for automotive, military and a variety of other applications

Choose from our selection of wire rope, small-diameter braided wire, wire rope lanyards, and more. In stock and ready to ship Highly abrasion-resistant braided fiberglass sleeving insulates wire harness assemblies against high temps while resisting solvents and engine fluids. Expandable Kevlar® Braided Sleeving. Price . With up to 20 times the tensile strength of steel, Kevlar® braided sleeving will not melt or support combustion, it making the perfect hose. You have to go really slow, and on the last section, as you are getting through the braid, slowly roll the hose into the saw blade so that you don't get any frayed wires. Cutting hoses with a cut-off wheel is a good way to get the job done without too much issue

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  1. It consists of 5 simple braids of 3 pairs of Cat5 wires each, which are then braided together. Some data on the cable to use. The cable to use (Cat5, Cat5e etc.) is a cable intended for computer communication. It consists of 4 pairs of wires, each pair twisted together
  2. Braided Wire . Hamilton Products - New York: 607-674-2030 . Call us today - see why our customers come back! An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company . Tinned Copper Tubular Braids. Specifications. Braided with a specific number of ends of tinned copper wire per ASTM-B-33, to the construction below, then mill-rolled to the specified width and thickness
  3. Braided picture wire is made from braided (interwoven) strands of thin galvanized steel wire. This process makes the finished product strong, in terms of its breaking strength, yet flexible. With braided picture wire, the diameter of the thin wire used for the individual strands is the same regardless of the size of the finished wire
  4. New England Wire produces braids for diverse applications such as ground strap, motor brush leads, circuit breaker shunts and for mechanical and electrical protection of single or multi-conductor cables as well as flat-wire braids, braid-reinforced tubing, scope braids and insulated braids
  5. Start to braid number 1 strand over number 2 strand; Similarly braid Number 3 strand over number 4 strand and finally strand 4 over number 1 strand. Follow the pattern in this manner till your reach almost ends of your hair. Once done, tie your hair with a elastic band. 3. Flatten The Braid Out. Adjust the braid to the side you want hair to be

Tinned copper tubular braid. Very flexible multi-strand braid. Excellent way to shield spark plug wires to reduce radio frequency interference (RFI). Fits over standard spark plug wire. Use 1/2 heat shrink to secure the ends Alpha Wire Wire Braid, Flat, 14AWG, Tinned Copper, 1/4Wx0.03H, 32A, FIT Braid Serie More flexible than wire and ribbon, this braid is suitable for use in tight spaces. It provides low electrical resistance equivalent to the wire gauge listed.. Braid with eyelets can be cut to length and mounted without terminating, so its good for applications that require the braid to be looped from ground point to ground point with no breaks This 1/4 ClassicBraid from Painless Performance has a smooth new look that will transform your engine and give you that factory installed look. Its woven construction gives you excellent blockage against mud and dirt while giving you adequate drainage for optimum wiring protection.Made in the USAContinuous Temperature Rating -94° to 257°FMelting Point 482°FResistant to Automotive Chemicals.

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A Single Rope Braid: Braiding (plaiting) several strands is often learned in childhood as a way of controlling long hair. This animation demonstrates how to make a Single Rope Braid using a single piece of rope. Methods: The animation shows the Single Rope Braid being tied with the rope's end being threaded through the loop. In practice braiding is made in the usual way How to find the braid angle and braid coverage, for carrier of rectangular cross-section? a= tan-1 [2 (D+2d)(P/C)] (Number of individual wires in each carrier) is absent in equation. For the. 4 How to Braid Bread Use an egg turner to loosen the bread from the pan and transfer the loaf to a wire rack to cool. www.preparedpantry.com 7 Mini Challah Loaves This recipe is different—the dough is made in two stages: a sponge and then the final dough Cable wire rope consists of thousands of strands of wire. Each individual wire adds to the strength of the cable. To utilize this strength, you need to add cable eyelets or eyes to the length of the cable. A proper eye needs to have a support structure and a securely clamped dead end of cable

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Part Number : Braid AWG Size: Circ. Mil Area: Wire AWG Size: No. of Wires: Constr. Nom. Inside Diam. Nom. Flat Width: Feet Per Pound: Pounds Per MFT: NES 48163 Slip the crimped end of the wire into the braided core. Use a torch or lighter to melt the paracord so it beads into a ring. Now that the paracord is melted you can pull the wire crimp back to the end without it slipping out. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 3: Feed It Through Twist the wire in your fingers to braid it. Once braided, make each bare wire piece into a hook. 4. Hook the hooks together, then twist the open ends of the hooks closed. While twisting the hooks. Likewise, say you're making an eight strand braided tube and have run out of wire all round the tube: if you want to continue with the eight strand braid, you would need to add (4) folded new wire strands (which equals 8 new wires), equadistant around the top of the braid

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4. Two-Tone Braids. This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site QuickCable Corporation 3700 Quick Drive Franksville WI, 53126-0509 U.S.A. P 800-558-8667 F 800-733-8611 General Inquiries: sales@quickcable.com QuickCable Canada Limited 6395 Kestrel Road Mississauga Ontario, L5T 1Z5 Canada P 800-728-1742 F 905-362-161 A braid (also referred to as a plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing two or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire, or hair. Historically, the materials used have depended on the indigenous plants and animals available in the local area. Braids have been made for thousands of years, in many different cultures around the world, for a variety of uses

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at the end where you will be soldering both, make sure the braid/ground does not touch the main wire as it may short this out (I just found this out the hard way) Feedback. Share Apr 12, 2010 at 4:15 PM Post #12 of 20 nikongod DIY-ku. Joined Jan 24, 2005 Posts 8,882 Likes 123 However, the result of such a 4 piece braid can differ, all depends on the way you interweave the strands during the braiding process. For example, you can make a transverse four strand braid, a chain-like or a slide braid. The second main type of 4 section braided hairstyles is called a rope plait. It is also surprisingly easy and, compared to. Start braiding the wires as you would braid your (or someone's hair :)) after about an inch(or so) of braiding add your bead to the middle wire. wrap the other two around it and carry on braiding. Again after about an inch stop braiding and get your 'something round' :) and wrap your ring around it

How to wire a 1/4 Jack Plug (unblanced) The tip of the jack is 'hot' and carries the positive going signal, whilst the sleeve is 'cold' and carries the ground. To wire to an unbalanced twin core cable, connect the blue or 'cold' wire to the sleeve as well The braided fabric wire insulation was found on a 1960's fluorescent light ballast, while the plastic wire was used in the branch circuit wiring for the light where that ballast was employed. The old style ballast and its wire could have dated from the 1950's. Aluminum Electrical Wiring Type Generally braiding wires doesn't increase their ability to withstand forces. Assuming the net diameter of the braided wire is equal to the diameter of a solid one, the cross-sectional area of the solid cable will be larger, suggesting that it can withstand more force

Braided wire is easy to cut and tie. It is sold in a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the wire, the heavier the picture it can support—up to a maximum of 36 pounds. Stainless steel: Made from strands of steel that have been twisted together under tension, this picture wire is stronger than braided wire but less flexible. It's best for. For another look, section the hair into five sections and braid each part all the way down to the ends, using a flexible wire on some sections to help create a free-standing circle with the plaits Easy to install and comes in diameters and expansion ranges to accommodate almost any hose or wire application. Great for outdoor applications: government agencies have used our metal braided sleeving to protect fiber optics, RG-6 coaxial cable and Category 5E cables from biting rodents & other pests in the wilderness 0.3mm Silver Copper Wire Silver Aluminum Wire Iron Jump Rings Clear Plastic Stick Needle Nose Plier Diagonal Plier Iron Scissor Lighter . Instructions on how to make the four strand bracelet: Step 1: Braid a green bracelet. 1st, cut a piece of white nylon thread and a piece of green cord. Then, tie the two cords into a knot at one end Shop Flat Braid Conductor, Wire, 4 AWG, Tinned Copper By Harger Lightning Protection (CUFB58062) At Graybar, Your Trusted Resource For Bare Wire And Other Harger Lightning Protection Products

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3. Braid Your Hair Dry Braid your hair when it's dry, not when it's wet. Wet hair is really heavy and expands at least 15 times more than when it's dry. This can weaken or even break your hair, and it will also give you a different look than a dry braid. 4. Don't Use Too Much Product Using too much product will make your hair stiff Step 2: Weave the braided wire bracelet. 1st, use the way to plaiting 3-strand braid to weave this DIY wire bangle bracelet; 2nd, continue to weave the braided wire bracelet 7cm; 3rd, slide an acrylic bead onto the middle wire, then continue to weave the aluminum wires; 4th, do another 4 acrylic beads in the same method Use this braided copper sleeving to protect wire and cable from signal distortion caused by nearby equipment and devices. It stretches to fit over items for easy installation, then tightens around its contents for a secure fit Braided coat hangers are a colorful, attractive way to protect your clothes from metal stains and help them hang straight without getting creases from the sharp edges of metal coat hangers. In addition, this craft is ideal for cold winter nights and these hangers often sell at craft fairs for several dollars a piece

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